Ingram's Magazine: March 2022

Science Comes to Life in Kansas

One can’t fully appreciate where Kansas sits at the center of life sciences excellence in 2022 and think about where that might take the state going forward without looking backward. So do a little time traveling here: • In 2004,…more

Destination Kansas/March 2022 Digital Edition

Click here for the digital version of Ingram’s March 2022/Destination Kansas/The Kansas Edition  more

Welcome to Kansas: 82,000 Square Miles of ‘Thrive’

To be sure, it has a rich agricultural heritage, and its modern farm output is a key driver of the state’s economy. Kansas today, however, is much, much more: It’s a hotbed of entrepreneurial thought and practice, a manufacturing powerhouse,…more

Why Kansas?

Lenora Payne Founder, Technology Group Solutions, Lenexa  "One great attribute of this region is the willingness of people to collaborate. When we were first building TGS, we had to rely on professional networking groups and local organizations to assist us…more

Leading Logistics From the Middle

Let’s connect some U.S. logistics dots, and we’ll make the first one the tiny burg of Lebanon, Kansas. From there . . .  • Los Angeles to Kansas City spans 1,617 miles. • Seattle to Kansas City covers 1,836 miles.…more

Kansas Sports: Let the Games Begin!

No doubt about it: Kansans love their sports. And they have a lot to choose from. From NFL excellence to a menu of Division I and small-college athletics, from NASCAR racing to pro soccer, from high school competitions to pro baseball,…more

Must Dos in Kansas

Far more than farms and cattle, Kansas beckons you with opportunities for large living and lifetime learning. We’ve already introduced you to a universe of sports events in Kansas, but if your free-time interests are geared more toward participation than…more

Leading Industries

With all due respect to the late, great George Bernard Shaw, he missed the mark just a tad in declaring that “if all the economists were laid end to end, they wouldn’t reach a conclusion.” In point of fact, they…more

Business Climate and Economic Conditions

But consider this when you ponder business conditions here: Kansans work. According to various federal statistical measures, 66.9 percent of the Kansas population is employed—an impressive 5 full percentage points more than the national average.  It’s part and parcel of…more

A Productive Workforce

The quality of the state’s workforce may be the best-kept secret in Kansas. From the highly educated population of Johnson County to the “knowledge corridor” of I-70 through Lawrence and Manhattan to the skilled aviation workers in Wichita, the state…more

Cost of Living

Two key cost considerations drive business success in Kansas. As one of the most affordable states to live in, residents here can live better on their take-home pay than can their counterparts in many areas of the country, and they…more

Centrality and Prime Location

That diversity makes it impossible to provide simple definitions for life in Kansas, as its prime locations demonstrate. But let’s start with Johnson County, the most populous in Kansas. It is one of the top counties in the country in…more

Healthcare and Community Services

From Kansas City in the northeast to Topeka and southwest to Wichita, Kansas is served by an axis of top-tier health care delivery systems that put the vast majority of the state’s 2.9 million residents less than an hour from…more

Education and the Workforce

The fates of Kansas’ business economy and its educational system are intertwined. That has long been the governing principle that underpins public funding of education in the state; arguments in policy circles have tended to be framed by differences in…more

Real Estate Values

As one of the nation’s most affordable states—ranked as high as No. 2 in various objective measures—Kansans can live better on their take-home pay than their counterparts in many areas of the country, and they have more disposable income after…more

Hospitality and Tourism

If you look at a color-coded map of counties in Kansas, you’d be forgiven if the thought occurred that it looks like . . . a game board. Covering 82,000 square miles and generally running seven counties north to south…more

Entertainment and Culture

A great deal of American history was written in Kansas, and that confluence of settlement, conflict, and city-building, along with the rise of agriculture and aviation, and the construction of renowned research universities and small liberal-arts colleges, has produced a…more

50 Kansans You Should Know 2022

Typical Kansans? There’s no such creature. Kansans are small-business owners, CEOs of global companies, college presidents, non-profit leaders, athletes, authors, film makers, entrepreneurs and entertainers. Among other things. That’s why we launched 50 Kansans You Should Know in 2011, to…more

Top 25 Brands in Kansas

What’s the mark of a top brand? For one thing, consistency. You’ll see that—in spades—with the 2022 installment of Ingram’s Top 25 Brands in Kansas. But if we’ve learned anything since we first launched this Kansas-specific feature in 2016, it’s…more