The 2020 Ingram’s 250

Time for some Ingram’s 250 math: What’s i250 x 5? If you came up with 1,250, hats off to your grade-school math teachers—their lessons clearly took hold. But with this being the fifth year of our recognition of the 250… more

Kansas City Southern rejects bid

Class I railway operator Kansas City Southern has rejected a bid from private equity investors Blackstone Group Inc and Global Infrastructure Partners, according to a Wednesday report from The Wall Street Journal. With a market capitalization estimated to be over… more

Two investors make bid for Kansas City Southern

In late July, reports were released that two investors, Blackstone Group Inc. and Global Infrastructure Partners, were interesting in an offer to buy Kansas City Southern. This week, The Wall Street Journal reported that a private equity bid was placed… more

Two Kansas City area airports to receive millions in grants

The Department of Transportation is making a big investment nationwide, an investment that will impact two local Kansas City area airports. On Tuesday, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao revealed a list of airports in the U.S. that are to… more

Kansas City streetcar expansion project receives federal funding

On Wednesday, the Kansas City Streetcar Main Street Extension Project received big news that big funding is on the way. The U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Transit Administration announced today that of $400 million being spread to different infrastructure projects… more

Amtrak’s Southwest Chief to reduce service through Kansas

NEWTON, Kan. (AP) — Amtrak riders in Kansas will encounter reduced service starting in October as part of the rail passenger service’s nationwide cutback in routes because of the coronavirus pandemic. The Southwest Chief, which runs through Kansas from Chicago… more

Local frequent flyers anticipate personal travel to recover faster than business travel

The airline industry has been no exception to the list of industries impacted by COVID-19, a local survey of 1,006 Kansas City residents finding that most respondents believe personal air travel will experience a quicker return to normal than business… more

Kansas City Southern application for second international bridge approved by White House

Railway Track & Structures (RT&S) – About five months ago, Kansas City Southern applied to the White House for a second international railroad bridge to cross from Laredo, Texas into Mexico to improve traffic flow between the two countries. According… more

Blackstone Group Inc. and Global Infrastructure Partners consider buying Kansas City Southern

In a continuously changing business landscape, many companies and operations in the U.S. and abroad were hit hard by the coronavirus’ impact on business, including the local, long-standing Kansas City Southern. Reports have spread that two private equity firms, Blackstone… more

Coping with COVID: Chicago adds Kansas to quarantine list and New York, New Jersey add Missouri

On Tuesday, the city of Chicago added Kansas to its quarantine list. The same day, New York and New Jersey state added Missouri to their list of travelers being asked to quarantine upon arrival. A COVID-19 quarantine list, a method… more