South K.C. Getting $68 Million Niagra Water Plant

Bottled-water company Niagra Bottling is building a $68 million, 420,000-square-foot production facility in CenterPoint Intermodal Center, at the corner of Highway 71 and Missouri Route 150, which is expected to create about 50 jobs. CenterPoint Intermodal is owned by Oak… more

Langenkamp Out at EDCKC

Robert Langenkamp is stepping down as president and chief executive officer of the Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City, effective July 8. His interim replacement is Greg Flisram, senior vice president of business and real estate development, who has been… more

Flooded Missouri Small Businesses Eligible for Fed Funds

The damaging floods in the region seem never ending this year, and property owners have certainly felt the pain.  For some small-business owners in the Kansas City, Mo., region, though, some of that might be abated. Non-farm and non-agricultural small… more

Metropolitan Community College Feeds Manufacturing Workforce

It's a tough environment to find employees no matter what industry you're in. But manufacturing is faced with a major skilled-labor shortage. Metropolitan Community College has worked to change that, and a new grant from the U.S. Department of Labor… more

Probiotic Holdings Grows Industrial, Consumer Business, Raises $9M

Kansas City-based Probiotic Holdings, which manufactures probiotic materials used in agricultural, consumer and industrial products is growing, and investors have put $9.3 million toward its operations so far this year. The company has 44,000 square feet of offices, laboratories and… more

The 2019 Ingram’s 100: Food for Thought

Agribusiness-heavy at the top, the Ingram’s 100 list is remade after some of Kansas City’s largest private companies are acquired by national and global enterprises.        As if anyone needed evidence of Kansas City’s role in the worldwide… more

Compass Minerals’ Fran Malecha Steps Down as CEO

Compass Minerals, one of the largest public companies headquartered in the Kansas City region, announced today CEO Fran Malecha was leaving the company after five years at the helm, effective immediately. The company's board appointed lead independent director Dick Grant… more

Garmin Celebrates Growth Milestones

Garmin is commemorating the fact it has simultaneously sold more than 200 million of its GPS navigation/wearable technology products and also opened the first phase of its headquarter expansion in Olathe. According to a release from the company, the 750,000-square-foot… more

August Report: Manufacturing Employment Down in Missouri, Up Nationally

Missouri manufacturing jobs fell by 1,500 in August. That is according to a new analysis by the Center for Economic and Policy Research. And according to the analysis, employment in blue collar sectors actually grew by 26,000 nationally. Although manufacturing… more

The 2018 Ingram’s 250

Before you can compile a roster of the most influential business executives in a market of nearly 3 million people, you first must define what it means to have influence as an executive, what it means to wield that power,… more