A Foundation Better Known in Mideast Than Midwest

Dec 20, 2019
The family commitment carried on by Kansas City’s Bill Quatman is touching lives, and souls, from across the globe. In Selçuk, Turkey, Kansas Citian Bill Quatman is something of a rock star. He meets with the governor, dines with the… more

Faces of Inspiration

Dec 20, 2019
Will Kansas City follow their example? Always one of our most favorite editions, December again returns to a theme that defines Kansas City: Philanthropy.  One would need a heart of stone to read the stories of our Philanthropist of the… more

Excuse Me While I Jump in Here . . .

Nov 26, 2019
The female half of Ingram’s ownership has a few words about gender roles in business I am happy to highlight and bring to you the November 2019 issue of Ingram's, our first Women’s Leadership edition. The publisher and editorial director… more

Is There Hope for Small Towns Anywhere?

Nov 26, 2019
Inevitable change wrought by technology, demographics and consumer preferences is reshaping small communities globally. I recently found myself in the town of Selcuk, population 36,000. Upon arriving, I took a walk and noticed without trying that a high percentage of… more

What’s Wrong With the KC School District? This.

Nov 26, 2019
Taxpayers, like students, deserve consideration. Taxpayers, like students, deserve consideration. With aftershocks still rumbling from the Great Jackson County Appraisal Quake of ’19, we should pause to compile a damage report. The bungled attempt by the assessor’s office to correct… more

The Power and Importance of Relationships

Oct 18, 2019
Let’s connect a few dots, shall we? This issue of Ingram’s contains two seemingly disparate reports: One on the state of the region’s banking system, with our Banking Industry Outlook assembly coverage; one on high-achieving Millennials in this region, with… more

Are There Enough Millennials to Go Around?

Oct 18, 2019
The luxury apartment buildings keep going up, but who is going to fill those units at the  rent levels we’re seeing today? I first arrived In Kansas City some time ago, happily just a few years after the native hunter-gatherers… more

Dinner Companions for the Ingram’s 250

Sep 25, 2019
What do influential executives’ choices of dinner companions say about them? Lots. “If you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would it be, and why?” We asked that of the 250 good souls chosen to be among this… more

The Future of Kansas City as We See It

Sep 25, 2019
20 years ago at the millennium, Ingram’s published a very futuristic edition. We took our best shot to predict what the region could look like in the year 2050. Thirty years out, we still believe much of this plan can… more

Assessing Baltimore: Lessons From the Rat Race

Aug 20, 2019
Quality of life and growth aren’t the same thing. The American’s media’s descent into pettiness and irrelevancy seemed to have reached terminal velocity in January 2017. Remarkably, though, it picked up a little extra speed in July, after the president… more