Leaders, Where Art Thou?

Oct 24, 2022
Each spring in the April edition along with our 40 Under Forty honors,  Ingram’s dedicates that edition to the theme of leadership. This tradition was established in 1998 and it’s fair to say that to some degree, every monthly edition… more

What a Long, Strange Odyssey This Has Been …

Oct 24, 2022
Well, well: The declaration finally came last month, when President Biden acknowledged during a televised interview that “the pandemic is over.” I have to salute his best efforts to try and catch up, but I could have told him that… more

A Tragic Motivation to Rethink Public Safety in KC

Oct 24, 2022
As crime in the Kansas City area continues to flourish, will the murder of two scientists change the mayor’s view on crime and policing in the community?  In the early morning hours of Oct. 1, firefighters were called to the… more

The Ingram’s 250: Then and Now

Sep 20, 2022
Seven years is a milestone marked by … well, almost no one. The seventh iteration of the Ingram’s 250 in 2022, however, is notable for one reason in particular: According to the C-suite demographers at Korn Ferry, that’s just about… more

Time for Kansas City to Take Off

Sep 20, 2022
While watching movies made in the 1930s and 1940s—too many actually, what with COVID and all—I came to a realization almost impossible to confirm, but that is surely correct: other than New York City, and maybe Chicago and Los Angeles,… more

Recession Prevention: What Are You Waiting For?

Sep 20, 2022
Smart business owners aren’t waiting to see if the economy will falter—they’re acting now. The long-term future of a truly successful company isn’t determined by survival strategies, but by the ability to leverage an economic downturn to its own advantage.… more

Conference Calls: Here We Go Again . . .

Aug 3, 2022
For nearly 90 years after their 2007 alliance, an association of collegiate athletic programs known as the Big 8 Conference called Kansas City their home. In February 1994, following the implosion of the old Southwest Athletic Conference, the Big 8… more

When Things Are Free, You Get What You Pay For

Aug 3, 2022
Reading about the chaos at KCATA—Kansas City Area Transportation Authority—I am reminded of my own brief career as a public servant. Having fallen through a wormhole some years back, I woke to discover myself the director of management at the… more

Once Again, It’s About Leadership. And Character.

Aug 3, 2022
Well, another election season is on our doorstep. It’s this time of the election cycle when politics becomes a bit personal for me. My Dad was an elected official—the last elected Jackson County Assessor, back in 1968. Though an effective… more

If Capitalism Is to Work, It Must Value . . . Capital

Jul 19, 2022
Of all the nutty propositions belched up by “experts” in matters of social/economic policy, one of the nuttiest holds that part of America’s challenge with its housing stock is that it is . . . too durable. Yeah, you read… more