Here’s to the Big Deal-Makers and the Grinders

Jan 21, 2022
Outstanding executive achievement puts Kansas City in the headlines nationally in 2021. But many smaller companies stand out, as well. Each new year always seems to get off to a slow start, and colleagues in media typically tend to dread… more

Missouri Treasurer Makes a Banking Deposit

Dec 20, 2021
It didn’t make a lot of headlines last month when financial officers of 16 states, including Missouri, fired a warning shot over the bow of the nation’s biggest banks. But it should have been very big news, for they delivered… more

Miracles Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Dec 20, 2021
Olivia Connealy was a happy, secure six-year old when a not-so-ordinary nightmare turned real. A violent seizure shook Olivia from her sleep. Complications followed that caused a perilous swelling of the brain and led to a three-month in-patient sojourn at… more

Here’s to the Givers

Dec 20, 2021
Our small but talented and passionate team produces and manages a large portfolio of projects each year, as well as a variety of competitions, events and special projects and publications we research, write and publish (see Page 63). There is… more

Next Time, Defend the Health-Care Workers

Nov 23, 2021
Ever hear of Katelyn Jetelina? I expect not, but if you have, you’re pretty well-read. Hats off to you. And if so, perhaps you saw the Texas physician’s on-line commentary last month, marking the 18-month anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic… more

The Little School District That Could . . .

Nov 23, 2021
The Show-Me-Institute, a free-market think tank, has recently published a comprehensive ranking of all Missouri school districts that will come as unwelcome news to the educators from at least half of those districts. In the way of positive local news,… more

In This Time of Thanksgiving

Nov 22, 2021
The past 20 months have been the most unusual I’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s no wonder so many business executives and support staff have retired or moved on. We employ a small but effective team of journalists here at Ingram’s… more

Increased Federal Outlays Are Not the Answer

Oct 18, 2021
While doing some research on employment trends for an article in Ingram’s, I chanced upon a set of statistics that would have elicited an “I tried to tell you!” from Ernest Hemingway. In The Sun Also Rises, he penned the… more

Why Don’t Doctors Have a Hall of Fame?

Oct 18, 2021
Today, most everyone could name a legendary president or actor or baseball player or artist or even a race horse. Most could name a famous lawyer or architect or nurse, but a legendary physician? Does Marcus Welby count? Or Doogie… more

Honoring the Best of Care

Oct 18, 2021
Michelle and I bought Ingram’s in mid-February of 1997 and we quickly assessed the content and developed an overall mission and strategy for the publication. We then began to build programs we believed appropriate and necessary for an effective, impactful… more