A City Comes Alive

Mar 2, 2023
As you can imagine, we have quite a library here at Ingram’s and on our shelves resides an archive of nearly every notable business deal, transaction or development in the KC region, and much more.  To my surprise, there is… more

Once Again, It’s All About Opportunity, Not Outcome

Mar 2, 2023
Let’s start with something positive here, and a big hats-off to Lia McIntosh, director of the civic effort known as KC Rising. As Black History Month dawned, she issued a brief commentary celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. and his “I… more

Patients Beware, Meritocracy Is Now on Life Support

Mar 2, 2023
I had the privilege this past year of editing Dr. Stanley Goldfarb’s book, “Take Two Aspirins and Call Me by My Pronouns.” Before getting involved in this project, I had been a staunch defender of American medicine. Afterward, not so… more

There Is Nothing More Powerful Than a Volunteer

Dec 15, 2022
Being the youngest child, I was also a candidate to suit up as Santa for nieces, nephews and others over the years, and thankfully, I’ve never outgrown the suit. Metaphorically, of course. I’ve had the pleasure of wearing the suit… more

And a Cup of Christmas Jeer …

Dec 15, 2022
I don’t make a habit of releasing personal correspondence to anyone, let alone the most influential readership in the Kansas City region. Besides, the folks at Google and Microsoft are conducting most of that disclosure. But Christmas is the season… more

God Works in Strange and Mysterious Ways

Dec 15, 2022
The most tangible blessing of growing up Catholic was getting off from school the day after Halloween. Hung over from our candy bacchanal, we treasured Nov. 1, All Saints Day, even if we did have to go to Mass. Although… more

Leaders, Where Art Thou?

Oct 24, 2022
Each spring in the April edition along with our 40 Under Forty honors,  Ingram’s dedicates that edition to the theme of leadership. This tradition was established in 1998 and it’s fair to say that to some degree, every monthly edition… more

What a Long, Strange Odyssey This Has Been …

Oct 24, 2022
Well, well: The declaration finally came last month, when President Biden acknowledged during a televised interview that “the pandemic is over.” I have to salute his best efforts to try and catch up, but I could have told him that… more

A Tragic Motivation to Rethink Public Safety in KC

Oct 24, 2022
As crime in the Kansas City area continues to flourish, will the murder of two scientists change the mayor’s view on crime and policing in the community?  In the early morning hours of Oct. 1, firefighters were called to the… more

The Ingram’s 250: Then and Now

Sep 20, 2022
Seven years is a milestone marked by … well, almost no one. The seventh iteration of the Ingram’s 250 in 2022, however, is notable for one reason in particular: According to the C-suite demographers at Korn Ferry, that’s just about… more