When Things Are Free, You Get What You Pay For

Aug 3, 2022
Reading about the chaos at KCATA—Kansas City Area Transportation Authority—I am reminded of my own brief career as a public servant. Having fallen through a wormhole some years back, I woke to discover myself the director of management at the… more

Once Again, It’s About Leadership. And Character.

Aug 3, 2022
Well, another election season is on our doorstep. It’s this time of the election cycle when politics becomes a bit personal for me. My Dad was an elected official—the last elected Jackson County Assessor, back in 1968. Though an effective… more

If Capitalism Is to Work, It Must Value . . . Capital

Jul 19, 2022
Of all the nutty propositions belched up by “experts” in matters of social/economic policy, one of the nuttiest holds that part of America’s challenge with its housing stock is that it is . . . too durable. Yeah, you read… more

What We Need to Know About the Average Joe

Jul 19, 2022
We are lucky to live where we do. As of this writing I have yet to pay $4 a gallon for gas, a price that already seems a distant memory to Californians and may seem quaint to Ingram’s readers by… more

World Cup Kansas City

Jul 19, 2022
The opportunity is here. Kansas City has been selected as one of 16 North American cities to host the World Cup. This is a big deal. The Economic Impact for a host city for the World Cup is absolutely massive.… more

Life After a Pandemic? Not Just Yet . . .

Apr 19, 2022
If you’re old enough to recall the name Leon Lett, you understand the risk of celebrating your touchdown before you cross the goal line. He was the Dallas Cowboy who was about to rub it in on the Buffalo Bills… more

A Textbook Lesson in Perseverance and Leadership

Apr 19, 2022
My aunt Nancy Sweeney was Miller Nichols’ executive assistant for more than 30 years, and despite a bit of an age gap, Miller was my buddy. Though I might not have realized it at the time, he was also an… more

Everything I Learned About Leadership, I Learned at Camp

Apr 19, 2022
A camp director must manage not only his youthful subalterns, the counselors, but he must also assume responsibility for their charges, the campers. Gen. George Patton never had to counsel a whiny 8-year-old bedwetter or pull a rutting young couple… more

When the Destination Really Was Kansas

Mar 24, 2022
When I speak to Kansans of Millennial age, I am continually impressed by how little they know about the history of their state (about the history of anything, for that matter). When I tell them that Kansas has a more… more

Hats Off to the Heroes

Feb 16, 2022
I’ve said it before and will again, how much I genuinely love the Heroes in Healthcare program and its mission to recognize excellence and extraordinary commitment to health, wellness and safety.  We enjoy these awards so much, we’ve built an… more