A Textbook Lesson in Perseverance and Leadership

Apr 19, 2022
My aunt Nancy Sweeney was Miller Nichols’ executive assistant for more than 30 years, and despite a bit of an age gap, Miller was my buddy. Though I might not have realized it at the time, he was also an… more

Everything I Learned About Leadership, I Learned at Camp

Apr 19, 2022
A camp director must manage not only his youthful subalterns, the counselors, but he must also assume responsibility for their charges, the campers. Gen. George Patton never had to counsel a whiny 8-year-old bedwetter or pull a rutting young couple… more

When the Destination Really Was Kansas

Mar 24, 2022
When I speak to Kansans of Millennial age, I am continually impressed by how little they know about the history of their state (about the history of anything, for that matter). When I tell them that Kansas has a more… more

Hats Off to the Heroes

Feb 16, 2022
I’ve said it before and will again, how much I genuinely love the Heroes in Healthcare program and its mission to recognize excellence and extraordinary commitment to health, wellness and safety.  We enjoy these awards so much, we’ve built an… more

The Unbearable Lightness of Being a Leawoodian

Feb 16, 2022
At the foot of the French village where I lived some years back, was a pissoir. Yes, Virginia, it is what it sounds like—an only partially enclosed escape valve for the gentlemen of the neighborhood. One day, I chanced to… more

Signs of the Coming Apocalypse

Feb 16, 2022
Herewith, signs of the coming Apocalypse, brought to you by the elites, the blue-check Twitter crowd and others who skipped Critical Thinking 101 back in college:  • Does anyone in their right mind think that the non-fungible token craze has… more

Forrest Gump Was Right: Stupid Is as Stupid Does

Jan 25, 2022
There’s nonsense, and there’s common sense. Let’s hope for a revival of the latter in 2022.   Submitted for your consideration: In August 2020, the Chicago Tribune offered this headline: “University of Chicago students call for defunding, abolishing school police… more

College Campuses: Where The Boys Aren’t

Jan 25, 2022
Recent enrollment declines across the region don’t have to be demographic destiny.   Sixty-some years ago, long before entering the convent as Sister Judith, Dolores Hart joined a trio of other young starlets in the cult classic, “Where the Boys… more

Here’s to the Big Deal-Makers and the Grinders

Jan 21, 2022
Outstanding executive achievement puts Kansas City in the headlines nationally in 2021. But many smaller companies stand out, as well. Each new year always seems to get off to a slow start, and colleagues in media typically tend to dread… more

Missouri Treasurer Makes a Banking Deposit

Dec 20, 2021
It didn’t make a lot of headlines last month when financial officers of 16 states, including Missouri, fired a warning shot over the bow of the nation’s biggest banks. But it should have been very big news, for they delivered… more