Gov. Kelly Faces Lawsuit Bill

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly has a bill in front of her driven by the state's chamber of commerce that would restrict lawsuits against businesses due to COVID-19 concerns. A bill was passed by the Kansas Legislature on Friday, and the… more

Oil Prices Start to Come Back

Oil prices are gaining some ground after weeks of near-all-time-lows since the outbreak of COVID-19, due to the reduction of travel and the transportation of goods. It comes as Wall Street is set for a big uptick, and the New… more

Projections See Worse May Unemployment

The forecasts coming in for May unemployment are grim, with economists saying that an additional 10.3 million jobs could be lost in May, on top of the 20.3 million in April. "It is looking like May is shaping up to… more

Fed Voices Extreme Economic Uncertainty

Federal Reserve leaders are worried about a continued spike in COVID-19 cases that could impact the economy longer term, even though locales are reopening for business. The Fed, which has cut interest rates near zero, sees potential major economic further than… more

In A Nutshell: CPI Inflation Lower in April – But Who Cares If Economy Fails?

People working from home don’t purchase fancy clothes, new cars, hotel rooms, airline tickets, or even very much gasoline, However, they are spending money at grocery stores and purchases on line for an endless supply of munchies (and also on… more

Mayor Lucas Requests Accelerated Jackson County Funding

A few days after meeting with the Jackson County Legislature requesting $54.5 million in CARES Act funding, Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas wants to see about half of those funds expedited. In a letter to the legislature, he asked for… more

Jobless Claims Dip, but Picture Far From Pretty

Just more than 2.4 million filed unemployment claims during the week ended May 16, which was an improvement of 249,000 from the prior week, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. However, with that addition there have been about 39… more

Back to Business: The Very First Steps

The numbers suggest COVID-19 is easing its pandemic grip on the U.S., and with states lifting restrictions on business activity, tens of thousands of business owners will be trying to come up with their own answers to a shared question:… more

Hopeful Metrics on COVID-19 as of May 20

Health-care executives across the nation, like their counterparts in elective office, are anxiously studying metrics on the COVID-19 pandemic as states lift restrictions on business activity. They might take some measure of comfort from the latest statistics on the spread… more

Construction Industry Lost 975,000K Jobs Last Month

April's unemployment rate hit a dismal 14.7 percent, and the construction industry was no different. It lost 975,000 jobs over the month, in an industry that was having trouble finding workers before COVID-19 hit. Though other industries faced a tougher… more