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Recent News

KC Leaders Announce Board for World Cup 2026

Leaders from Kansas and Missouri gathered to make a major announcement at Arrowhead Stadium on Thursday concerning the upcoming 2026 World Cup. The announcement was presented by Kansas City Sports Commission's Kathy Nelson in the formation of a new non-profit…

Recent News

Region Leaders Join on Rock Island Bridge

Dozens of local leaders, developers and media from both Kansas and Missouri gathered on the Rock Island Bridge Tuesday to celebrate its progress and the idea of binding the two states together. With little ground under their feet, the groundbreaking…

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Saint Luke's, BJC HealthCare Announce Plans For Integrated Health System

Saint Luke's Health System and St. Louis-based BJC HealthCare collaborate to form an integrated Missouri-based health system according to the hospitals on Wednesday. As part…

Where KS and MO Rank In Cancer Death Rates

The Kaiser Family Foundation compiled data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention information and the cause of death files in the year 2021, here…

Study Finds 12 Symptoms For Long COVID

Long COVID is a post-infection set of conditions an individual could feel after contracting COVID-19 and a new study could help identify symptoms past patients…

KCI Passenger Numbers Soar to Pre-Pandemic Numbers

The City of Kansas City, MO., Aviation Department reported passenger data for April 2023 on Wednesday and shows a sizable increase. The total number of…

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The Racialist’s Divide

I grew up near the Troost divide and attended St. Elizabeth’s grade school at 75th and Main, and the block we…

Skinny Jeans Crowd to Skin Us Once Again

Perhaps no predilection better sums up the essence of today’s young “thought leaders” than their affection for so-called “skinny jeans.”…

Let Them Eat Cake . . . But NO Ice Cream!

Last month in this space, we teed off on consumer choices that contribute to the current once-in-two-generations inflationary spike. Now…