Ingram's Magazine: November 2023

Ingram’s November 2023 Digital Edition

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WeKC 2023: On the Path to a New Normal

PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2023 Here’s an exercise to test your KC Executive Class IQ: Close your eyes for a moment and take about 30 seconds to create a mental image of a senior business executive in any of these fields: construction,…more

Industrial at Scale

PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2023 Kansas City is home to some massive logistics facilities, highlighted by Logistics Park Kansas City, with more than 17 million square feet of warehouse and distribution space in the southwest quarter of Johnson County on the Kansas…more

Next-Level Logistics

PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2023 The history of seismic shifts in Kansas City’s business infrastructure is dotted with one-offs that could have gone bust but developed global reach: Hallmark is one, dating to 1910. H&R Block is another, dating to 1955. Cerner…more

Q&A . . . With Ed Elder

PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2023 Q: We’ve seen some indicators of things tapering off with activity in the industrial space; what’s your take on where the sector is headed? A: It has (tapered) and for three, maybe four reasons. Interest rates being…more

New Measures to Protect Pregnant Workers

PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2023 Last December, President Biden signed into law a measure that has significant effects on companies with at least 15 employees. The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act requires covered employers to provide reasonable accommodations to applicants’ and employees’ known…more

The Stars Align for Kansas City

PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2023 The pressures on the middle-class American lifestyle—a long-term trend that has been building over the past few decades—accelerated dramatically since 2020 and escalated further in 2022 as inflation skyrocketed. Steep increases in residential real-estate prices, coupled with…more

Take Control of Payments Processes and Curb Fraud Vulnerabilities

PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2023 Despite growing attacks and attempts on digital payments —ACH debits and credits, wires, virtual cards, mobile wallets, and cryptocurrency—the payments most vulnerable to fraud continue to be a more traditional method of payment: checks.  The Association for…more

Has the Fed Orchestrated a Soft Landing?

PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2023 The capital markets head into a post-FOMC meeting period with increasing confidence that the Fed has reached its terminal policy rate. Market developments painted a picture of a much cooler economy, slightly less-alarming Treasury borrowing needs, and…more