United Way Goes Local With CEO Chris Rosson

The search for a successor to Brent Stewart as CEO for the United Way of Greater Kansas City has produced a hometown selection: Chris Rosson will be the next  president and CEO for one of the region's most influential non-profit… more

Barkley Joins Ranks of B Corporations

Since the first of what are known as Benefit Corporations were certified in 2007, that new way of looking at business has gained a foothold in American capitalism, one that places equal value on the good a business can do… more

BKD report shows majority of nonprofits saw dip in revenue

A 2021 State of the Nonprofit Sector Report from Missouri-based BKD CPAs & Advisors shows how nonprofit organizations have managed operations during COVID-19. The findings show a majority of nonprofits have increased their services, yet reduced staffing. It also highlights… more

MCC Receives $5 Million from Sunderland Foundation for Three Expansion Projects

The Sunderland Foundation, the region's third-largest, has approved a $5 million grant to support three key expansion projects at Metropolitan Community College. It's the first time the MCC Foundation has received a gift of at least $1 million, and the… more

Hall Family Foundation, BioNexus award $200K

BioNexus KC is awarding $200,000 in regional grants to promote the One Health initiative, which aims to foster animal and human health innovation. Four researchers each will receive a $50,000 grant. The funding is part of a $750,000 grant that… more

Veterans Community Project raising money for new campus

An increase in those seeking services through local nonprofit Veterans Community Project has further fueled the organization's $10 million capital campaign for a Veterans Navigation Campus facility. Funds acquired through the campaign are said to be used to expand and… more

2020 Philanthropist of the Year: John Sherman

Swinging for the Fences Long before he led the effort to keep the Royals an amenity to benefit all of Kansas City, John Sherman was focused on using philanthropy to help the truly disadvantaged level their own playing fields. Many… more

2020 Corporate Champions: Business at Its Best

The World Giving Index ranks Americans as by far the most generous givers in the world. But it’s not all from the individual; American business is uniquely charitable, as well. And you’ll see that attribute o display each year with… more

2020 Philanthropy Industry Outlook

A world in turmoil. A major recovery. But an uneven application of that reprieve. That may be the most positive spin one could put on the events of 2020, which have assaulted the entire planet, the nation and the KC… more

Transitions 2020: Philanthropic Strategies

In the Hare and the Tortoise world of business ownership, there are darn few spring chickens. The average age of an entrepreneur at start-up is generally pegged at 42, so even if the venture generates strong growth within five or… more