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In a Nutshell: Washington’s Insane Spending Spree

Federal Fiscal Year 2021 ended September 30th with our government facing many challenges.  For starters our country may default on its debt within weeks if the “debt ceiling” isn’t lifted.  While progressive politicians worry over sea levels rising an inch… more

Truman Med Centers Is Now University Health

Truman Medical Centers, a legacy health-care system with roots that go back more than 150 years, opened a new chapter in that history this morning by announcing that it would rebrand as University Health. In a video presentation that included health-care… more

Destination Missouri 2021 Digital Edition

Each year, Ingram's publishes a special edition specifically on Missouri - it's people, companies and key brands, and its place in the nation's economy. Welcome to The Missouri Edition.                      … more

September 2021 Digital Edition

Ingram’s 250 September 2021 Digital Edition    more

In a Nutshell: Extreme Incompetence

Taliban fighters easily took over the presidential palace in Kabul recently, after a stunning blitz across Afghanistan that saw them seize most of the country in just over a month.  Afghan President Ashraf Ghani also fled abroad with what has been… more

In a Nutshell: Here We Go Again!

The Delta variant’s rapid rise in new cases and hospitalizations is stoking concerns about ever getting back to normal.  How is this new surge in cases possible, considering that so many people have been vaccinated?  Over 70% of US adults… more

In a Nutshell: Are We Seeing The First Signs Of A Slowing Economy?

GDP rose 6.5% in the still recovering second quarter, below the 8.4% consensus, but above its pre-pandemic peak in Q4 2019.  Notably, declining inventories shaved 1.13 percentage points off GDP growth. This was not as much as the 2.62 inventory… more

In a Nutshell: Consumer Price Index – A Big Surprise

June statistics provided another huge jump in (CPI) inflation numbers!  While June may also have been another month where excluding this and that might make inflation look transitory, the Fed’s patience will likely be tested.  Headline CPI rose 0.9% in… more

In a Nutshell: Market Volatility Could Continue For Quite Some Time

The primary takeaway from the latest FOMC meeting is that it expects booming Q2 consumption as well as GDP growth. However, concerning economic growth during the remaining six months of this year, Wall Street expects growth and inflation to moderate. … more

In a Nutshell: Our Newest Big Threat

The majority of stocks in the S&P 500 have announced their first-quarter results and, so far, the average sales and earnings surprises are running at 3.7% and 23.2% (respectively above consensus analyst estimates).  This is why analysts are so busy… more