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Mid-America economy in June shows an advance above growth neutral

June survey highlights from the Mid-America Business Conditions Index show that for a ninth straight month, the overall index rose above growth neutral. On average, bankers estimated that farmland prices declined by 4.0 percent over the past 12 months and… more

Q&A with Paul Holewinski

Q: With nearly a full quarter to assess the implementation of PPP, what’s your take on the overall administration of the program, including protections built in for banks by Treasury and the SBA? A: The first couple of weeks of… more

In a Nutshell by Ken Herman

One of the most controversial ideas I have ever heard is to defund, dismantle and/or do away with our police forces throughout the country.  Could there be a worse time to even bring this suggestion up (given the riots and… more

Missouri governor signs extension on broadband, water tests for schools

On Thursday morning, Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed HB 1768, a piece of legislation that will extend the current Missouri Broadband Grant Program, set to expire in August 2021, through 2027, according to a news release from the Missouri Governor… more

Coping with COVID: New mandates across the metro as cases increase

Over the last week, several cities and counties in the Kansas City region have begun implementing mask mandates when visiting businesses and other public spaces. Mask requirements continue to spread, this week the city of North Kansas City, Mo. and… more

A Sad Day in KC: A Hollow Gesture from KC Park Board

It’s been an interesting era in Kansas City and it’s felt more like the 1960s than nearly 60 years after. I like the message I read Wednesday from the Miller Nichols Charitable Foundation, but—respectfully—wouldn’t agree with its characterization of Miller… more

Lawsuit filed in Missouri against Monsanto

The St. Louis law firm Gray, Ritter & Graham - a firm experienced in successful class-action lawsuits - has filed one in Missouri against Monsanto Co., claiming illegal and misleading advertising of its Roundup weed killer, according to the St.… more

Coping with COVID: Numbers on the rise as Missouri surpasses 1,000

As of Tuesday, updated numbers from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services show that the state now sits at 1,015 deaths since the start of the pandemic and 21,551 confirmed cases. New numbers show that the death toll… more

Large U.S. franchisee faces bankruptcy

Months of speculation that NPC International was in untenable financial peril proved correct this morning, as the largest Pizza Hut franchisee in the world filed for bankruptcy protection in federal court. One of the Kansas City region’s biggest private companies,… more

Midland affordable housing plan unveiled

The Cordish Companies, responsible for the development of One Light and Two Light, have laid out the plan moving forward on development of affordable housing in the former Midland office building, according to a news release from Baltimore-based developer. Estimated… more