Ingram's Magazine: May 2024

Ingram’s May 2024 and 50th Anniversary Digital Edition

Read all about the history of Kansas City business over the past half-century here.    more

The Big Five-O … and Counting

Fifty years ago, Ludwell Gaines put his vision into ink on paper, and it became the mission for what Kansas City knows today as Ingram’s: “I believe that Kansas City is entering an exciting and promising new era, an era…more

What a Journey It’s Been

The 2024 version of Kansas City emerged from half a century of highs and lows in the corporate world. Ingram’s has been part of the trip the whole way in this, our 50th year, with a mission grounded in meaning.…more

Kansas City’s 50 Most Impactful Companies

AMC Entertainment   Year Founded: 1920 Headquarters: Leawood, Kan. Sector: Entertainment Number of Employees: 33,812 The Dubinsky brothers—Maurice, Edward and Barney—were traveling tent-show performers who tired of the road and bought a fixed-up theater in Kansas City in 1920. By…more

50 Who Shaped Kansas City, 1974-2024

The dictionary definition of “melee” reads thusly: “A struggle. Especially: a hand-to-hand fight among several people.” That’s about as close as we’ll come to describing the process that produced this half-century take on the most influential business figures in Kansas…more

Dining and Opining

Some business lunches are soon forgotten, sometimes within hours of paying the bill. Some will stick in the memory, always. Falling into the latter category was a gathering that took place a generation ago—on the first business day of 2004,…more

The Legends Live On

“Perfection,” it’s been written, “consists not of doing extraordinary things, but doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.” With that in mind, Ingram’s Living Legends series debuted in 1999 to showcase truly legendary figures of Kansas City business in the latter half…more

Lessons from the Past; Visions for the Future

When people from Kansas City say they hail from a place with entrepreneurship in its DNA, they’re not blowing smoke: The very first non-native entrepreneur here was a fellow by the name of Francois Chouteau, a fur trader and explorer…more

These Are the Good Old Days

Imagine an NFL franchise that wins two games and loses 14 in a season. Then repeats that sorry performance four seasons later. Who would we be talking about? The Cleveland Browns? Detroit Lions? Tampa Bay? Nope. That would be none…more

America’s Heavy Lifting Is Done Here

Fifty years ago, the Kansas City region was one of the nation’s Top 10 markets for logistics facilities, ranked ninth nationally with 95.65 million square feet of system capacity.  A lot has changed in the decades since to reshuffle the…more