Ingram's Magazine: February 2024

Ingram’s February 2024 Digital Issue

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Filling the Talent Pipeline

PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 2024 The January jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics caught economists nationwide off-guard: Nonfarm payrolls soared 353,000 for the month, nearly double the Dow Jones estimate of 185,000. The unemployment rate, projected to tick up a…more

2024 Icons of Education

PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 2024 What does it take to be recognized as an Icon of Education? It starts with an intense passion to teach. It requires a steadfast commitment to improving the lives of students. And it implies exceptional achievement regardless…more

This Is What Makes Them Heroes

PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 2024 The reality is, any hospital or medical center already has a game plan for dealing with a mass-casualty event, whether it’s natural or man-made—tornadoes, for example, or plane crashes.  There are times, however, when dealing with those…more

As the Medical World Turns …

PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 2024 Even before the ink was dry on Deloitte’s assessment of health-care trends to watch in 2024—wherein it heralded the return of mergers and acquisitions, consolidation and convergence—the Kansas City marketplace was proving the consultancy prophetic: • Last…more

Heroes in Healthcare 2024

PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 2024 You do something long enough, and you begin to form new perspectives. Take our Heroes in Healthcare, for instance. Ingram’s introduced this feature 21 years ago this month as part of its commitment to covering health care…more

We Did It Again!

PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 2024 It wasn’t just the Super Bowl LVIII score—it was a statement. And that statement was, in effect: “You can kick us when we’re down. But we’re gonna get back up.” Led by the iron will of quarterback…more

The 1970s: Building Kansas City

PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 2024 By late 1974, as the first edition of Outlook magazine was coming together, one could forgive the construction, development and civic players in the region if they paused to take their collective breath. After all, over a…more

Q&A … With Brian Klaas

PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 2024 Q: We’ve heard for years that a large percentage of the jobs that will exist in five years don’t exist today. How does that pressure the process of creating or adjusting academic programming? A: It does require…more

A Healthier Work Force Pays Dividends

As we navigate the ever-evolving changes within our society, health is a topic that remains constant amongst organizations when it comes to their employees. Even so, organizations that review their past achievements and strategize for future success tend to succeed…more

Investing for Health-Care Professionals

PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 2024 After a long stretch of relative stability, the U.S. economy hit a rough patch in 2022-2023. Inflation and interest rates reached levels not seen in decades, and even though both have started to subside, many Americans feel…more

Non-Competes in 2024: What to Expect

PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 2024 Non-compete agreements have always been a staple in employers’ efforts to protect their competitive information and relationships, but in recent years, non-competes have come under attack from all angles at the state and federal levels. Employers should…more