Ingram's Magazine: March 2024

Ingram’s March 2024 Digital Edition

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Ingram’s 2024 Best Companies To Work For

PUBLISHED MARCH 2024 Banks, construction companies and suppliers, medical centers, bioanalytic companies, IT specialists and animal pharmaceuticals, or firms specializing in law, energy or bioanalytics—if you tried, you’d have a hard time populating a full roster of companies that reflect…more

The 2024 Ingram’s 100: Kansas City’s Top Private-Sector Companies

PUBLISHED MARCH 2024 In a time of economic uncertainty, it’s tough to know whose numbers you can trust—especially in the supercharged political environment of a presidential election year. From one side, the message is “all is well,” and there are…more

Workforce Training: Driven by Demand

PUBLISHED MARCH 2024 It’s been said for years that many of the jobs that will exist five years from now don’t exist today. Five years ago, that might have been said for the types of data-scientist roles companies are seeking…more

Q&A . . . With Jeff Risinger

PUBLISHED MARCH 2024 Q: The health system has been one of the region’s fastest-growing in terms of hiring for several years—and one of those hires was you. What drew you there? A: I’ve spent 10-12 years of my career in…more

You Can’t Spell Pain Without ‘AI’

PUBLISHED MARCH 2024 Imagine this: A new tech tool promises to help your business improve the customer experience, bolster security, increase staff efficiency, lower your costs, and reduce compliance burdens. What’s not to like? If those don’t sound like things…more

Kansas City Unites to Answer the Call

PUBLISHED MARCH 2024 Nearly one month following the mass shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade that resulted in 22 injuries and one death, leaders and organizations met to discuss the root cause of rising gun violence in…more

Your Business-Success Check List

PUBLISHED MARCH 2024 As the end of the year’s first quarter bears down on us, this is a good time for business owners to reflect on the state of their business and the factors that matter most to their success.…more

Keeping it Clean

PUBLISHED MARCH 2024 Construction executives don’t like to speak about it—publicly, anyway—but they know they have a serious problem. It goes beyond materials costs, a tight labor market, and supply chain disruptions. It’s substance abuse. And they are right to…more

Considering ESOPs as a Business Succession Strategy

PUBLISHED MARCH 2024 Most business owners eventually face the need to plan for succession of ownership of the business. Planning for that deserves time and effort, and often the chosen path takes time to implement. The basic alternatives are: sell…more

Not All Owners Off the Hook on Transparency

PUBLISHED MARCH 2024 On March 1, a federal judge issued a final judgment ruling in favor of the National Small Business United’s motion for summary judgment, and against the U.S. Treasury Dept. over the Corporate Transparency Act. U.S. District Judge…more

A New World of Investors

PUBLISHED MARCH 2024 The investment landscape is evolving rapidly, influenced by a new generation of investors whose outlook on retirement, homeownership, and financial security differs distinctly from previous ones. This shift demands a re-evaluation of traditional wealth management practices.  Recent…more