Ingram's Magazine: January 2024

Ingram’s January 2024 Digital Edition

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2024 Executive of the Year: Peter Mallouk

PUBLISHED JANUARY 2024 “Your values become your destiny.” —Mahatma Gandhi In the 20 years since he bought Creative Planning, Peter Mallouk has spearheaded a series of strategic, calculated enhancements to the wealth management firm’s service line, all designed to drive the…more

President: Brent Blake

PUBLISHED JANUARY 2024 Brent Blake fell in love with the travel industry early in his career, so much so that he partnered up to found an agency and build it into the biggest of its kind in the Kansas City…more

Chief Financial Officer: Doug Gaston

PUBLISHED JANUARY 2024 When you grow up in small-town Kansas, cushy retail jobs are few when compared to farm-related tasks and manual labor. And the latter, Doug Gaston wryly notes, offer a unique learning opportunity: “It teaches you that you…more

Chief Operating Officer: Joe Massman

PUBLISHED JANUARY 2024 He came from a large Kansas City family and grew up around a lot of other big families, so Joe Massman’s introduction to complex organizations came early in life. “A focal point for me,” he says, “was…more

Chief People/HR Officer: Renee Gartelos

PUBLISHED JANUARY 2024 Finding talent. Recruiting it. Scheduling interviews, travel, hotels. Offer letters. Terms of employment. Benefits selections. Employment-law compliance. Data analytics. Evaluations and training.  Think about all that goes into onboarding a single employee. Now think about orchestrating all…more

Chief Information/Technology Officer: Brad Rein

PUBLISHED JANUARY 2024 Brad Rein can tell you all about a special challenge that tech executives confront daily, especially in large organizations: How to effectively translate the arcana of TechSpeak into something the non-tech exec can absorb. “I’ve known many…more

Chief Marketing Officer: Nancy Lewis

PUBLISHED JANUARY 2024 Ask Nancy Lewis about what makes her tick—what really went into her leadership tool kit from an early age—and her thoughts drift back to Palmyra, Mo., a few miles west of the Mississippi River, to a wall…more

Done Deals, 2023

PUBLISHED JANUARY 2024 Deals north of a billion dollars don’t come along very often, but the Kansas City region saw a few of them in 2023—including one merger marking a transformative merger in health care and one done through outright…more

2024 Milestones: Corporate Anniversaries

PUBLISHED JANUARY 2024 Vision, Determination Make All the Difference The onset of the 2020 pandemic signaled the death knell for more than 200,000 U.S. businesses in the first year alone, and many tens of thousands more since. This isn’t about them.…more

Best Practices 2024: Controlling Costs

PUBLISHED JANUARY 2024 After a big run-up in salaries during the inflation spike of 2022-23, the curve is flattening on payroll costs in many industries. The same can’t be said for benefits costs, irrespective of sector. What should be top…more

History in the Making?

PUBLISHED JANUARY 2024 Last January, as is the annual custom at Ingram’s, we polled a small group of economists about what the U.S. economy might have in store in 2023. If their collective insight could be considered in terms of…more

Heartland Momentum

PUBLISHED JANUARY 2024 It’s January 1974. Ingram’s magazine doesn’t yet exist. The seeds of intellectual capital for it, however, are about to be sown.  Over the coming decades, and into this, the 50th year of this enterprise, the story of…more

Who Will Build Kansas City’s Tomorrow?

PUBLISHED JANUARY 2024 Kansas City is gaining development traction with more construction projects entering the pipeline—even as construction firms continue to address a longstanding labor shortage striking the industry. One of the main factors contributing to the labor shortage is…more

Why Portfolio Rebalancing Makes Sense

PUBLISHED JANUARY 2024 Imagine driving on a straight highway with your eyes closed. No matter how precisely you grip the steering wheel, you need to open your eyes every so often as the car naturally drifts, making occasional adjustments to…more

Construction Financing in 2024: Are Banks Lending?

PUBLISHED JANUARY 2024 As a banker and career commercial lender, I can tell you bankers want to figure out a way to lend. The bottom line is that is how we make money! However, we have to weigh the risks…more

Q&A … With Lynn Newkirk

PUBLISHED JANUARY 2024 Q: Heading into the new year, can you give us your thoughts on where construction, broadly, is positioned for 2024? A: I would say confidence is pretty high in construction right now. People are generally busy. The…more