Destination Missouri

Ingram’s Hosts Missouri Economic Developmemt Assembly. Prepares to Launch 2016 edition of Destination Missouri.

Ultimately, it came down to this: What kind of state does Missouri want to be? Attendees at the Missouri Economic Development Assembly held at St. Louis Union Station on Sept. 3 addressed that from the perspectives of employers, educators, policy…more

Hunt Midwest Finds Partner to Drive Expansion of Business Park

Hunt Midwest Real Estate Development announced today that it had formed a strategic partnership with Chicago-based HSA Commercial Real Estate to bring new industrial tenants to Hunt Midwest Business Center's newly expanded 126-acre surface business park. Ora Reynolds, president and…more

Business Culture

Productive Workforce

Missouri’s workers consistently rank as among the most productive in a  number of industries, driving bottom-line successes for employers in the state. In general, many Missouri communities have a national advantage in terms of labor, especially for industries such as…more

Missouri Business Climate

Missouri boasts economic conditions that are healthy and beginning to open some significant new pathways to success for the Show-Me State. With an agricultural base so solid it is often taken for granted, Missouri surprisingly thrives in tourism, life sciences…more

Leading Industries

Missouri’s economy is highly diversified, which makes for a healthy business climate—but one that can be challenging to classify. As with other locales, Missouri’s service industry provides far more jobs than any other field. This area also includes a growing…more


Welcome to Missouri: The Show-Me State

The phrase “best of both worlds” may be an overused expression, but in Missouri’s case, it’s an accurate one. The state mixes an outstanding quality of life with a vibrant business economy and low cost of living to produce an…more


Quality of Life

Multiple factors—all of which augur in the state’s favor—come together to make the case for living in Missouri. Although Missourians sometimes share a Midwestern penchant for looking enviously at the east and west coasts as leaders, the state offers several…more

Culture and Entertainment

Missouri’s cultural and arts environment is rich and diverse. [caption id="attachment_8424" align="alignleft" width="283"] The St. Louis Symphony.[/caption] Many of the high-end activities, of course, can be found in the state’s major cities. The oldest and largest, St. Louis, takes the…more

Market Overview

Market Tidbits

  The name Missouri comes from a Sioux tribe whose Illinois name, ouemessourita, means “those who have dugout canoes.” Saint Louis University, chartered in 1832, is the oldest university west of the Mississippi River. Missouri has 114 counties and one…more

Reasons to Choose

Cost of Living

This is affordability in action: In Kansas City, a household earning the median family income of $54,372 is more than $5,000 above the threshold needed to purchase a median-value home of $252,000. Across the state, housing affordability is even greater;…more

Transportation and Infrastructure

Although Missouri has long been recognized as a transportation hub, recent developments in that sector have allowed the state to leverage its central location into an even more competitive advantage. This comes on top of a strong transportation and infrastructure…more

Real-Estate Values

One easy yardstick for measuring Missouri’s real-estate values is the price of a single-family home, which allows ready—and highly favorable—comparisons with markets nationally. In Kansas City, nearly 90 percent of homes on the market are within financial reach of the…more


Education in Missouri includes outstanding services focused in the major metropolitan areas and a surprisingly rich network distributed throughout the state’s more rural areas. Not surprisingly, the eastern part of the state, includes a high concentration of excellent programs—the area…more

Prime Location/Key Communities

 Missouri’s seven major economic development regions have traits unique to each area, but all share some key aspects. The regions include the northwest, northeast, southwest, southeast and central sections of the state, along with the areas surrounding Missouri’s two major…more

Health Care and Community Services

For a state that continues to contain vast rural areas, Missouri has developed a sophisticated health-care and community-services infrastructure that benefits all of its 6 million-plus residents. The major metropolitan areas of St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield have multiple…more