Why Missouri?


That’s not just an empty question: It’s the gateway to a host of answers that reveal attributes most states could only wish for. From a business and employee cost perspective to outdoor activities to world-class health care to outstanding educational institutions, Missouri has it all. Doubt us? Well, the Show-Me State is about to show you with this year’s Destination Missouri. Just read on.


Johnny Morris
Founder and CEO, Bass Pro Shops 

“In Missouri, and particularly in the Ozarks, people have a tremendous amount of pride in what they do. In our case, that means taking care of customers. This is the Show-Me State, and I think people have pride in showing that they are not afraid to work. The integrity, the honesty, is pretty high here.”



Darcy Nothnagle
Director of Community and Economic Development, Meta

“Meta is excited to call Kansas City our new home. It stands out with so much to offer—good access to infrastructure and fiber, a strong pool of talent for both construction and operations, and, more than anything, great community partners. Meta is committed to being a good neighbor and investing in the long-term vitality of the region for years to come.”



Elizabeth Kennedy
President, Missouri Western State University

“If we don’t have education, you won’t have workforce development. (At Missouri Western,) we provide infrastructure for that to occur and lead to economic prosperity. For our students, we provide opportunities here for individual career growth and economic development.”



Mark D. Grimm
Partner, Gilmore Bell
Chair, Hawthorn Foundation

“We think Missouri has a lot to offer from the standpoint of quality jobs, great tourism places like the lake and Branson, and low taxes, so it’s a great place to live. The governor has emphasized, I think rightly so, in the past four years workforce development and infrastructure because any company planning to choose a location needs an educated workforce and an ability to reach their customers. Missouri is centrally located and has a quality workforce that meets all those needs.”



Wendy Doyle
President & CEO, United WE

“It’s certainly a great place to raise a family; from an economic perspective, the cost of living is a little lower than in other states. From a business perspective, what is attractive is the work force. Also, the interest we’ve heard from women is with companies that are relocating and are offering a paid family and medical leave policy. Over 90 percent of women, through anonymity, said that paid family and medical leave was essential to having them stay in the work force and retaining their employment with their employer. That’s a key thing for companies that are relocating here.”



Darren Farnan
General Manager, United Fiber

“Missouri, from what I’ve experienced, is very friendly from a regulatory standpoint, especially on the broadband front. The state broadband office has been fantastic to work with and make sure it gets out to more rural markets. Missouri invests in companies like ours that are dedicated to rural areas long-term. So, I think they have done a very good job facilitating that growth.”



Jody Carlson
VP-Engineering/Business Development, Missouri American Water

“I would say, as one who is invested in infrastructure in the state of Missouri, we want to bring businesses here. There are significantly lower costs in Missouri when you look at the rest of the nation. We have people here that have a good work ethic, as well. The employment rate is good, and we are all looking for employees across the country. Even in northwest Missouri, I will say we’ve got a lot of employees here, and we are able to pull them from the rural areas and bring them into the urban areas.”



Mike Poore
CEO, Mosaic Life Care

“What’s not to like? It’s the heart of the Midwest, and the people here are hard-working. We employ 4,100 caregivers in my organization and in many instances, those caregivers’ whole family works for our organization. … The cost of living here is incredibly low; I was honestly surprised when compared to other parts of the country. And we’ve got the Chiefs. I tell people who want to relocate here to just jump in. Dive in and get involved in the community—there are so many opportunities and great things happening here.”



Sam Fiorello
President/CEO, Cortex Innovation Center, St. Louis (former COO, Danforth Center)

“Over the next 35 years, we have to create as much food as we’ve produced in the past 8,000 years of agriculture, with fewer inputs, less water, and fertile soil. It’s a daunting task, and the only way to get there is to excel in plant research that translates into innovating plants, products, services, and technologies. It’s as simple as that. We have to get there, and the way to get there is with places like the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center (in St. Louis) and the Animal-Health Corridor that starts in Columbia.”