Ingram's Magazine: January 2017

2017 Economic Forecast

It’s almost enough to make one question whether the prospects for business growth are truly grounded in economic fundamentals, rather than something much harder to gauge—like the concept of optimism itself. After a recession of historic proportions that ended in…more

Construction Industry Outlook Assembly

(Front row seated, left to right) Gordon Lansford | JE Dunn Construction (host, sponsor and co-chair); Bill Fagan | Design Mechanical, Inc. (sponsor and co-chair); Tom Buchanan | McDowell, Rice, Smith & Buchanan (sponsor and co-chair); Paul Rodriguez | Rodriguez…more

Construction Industry Outlook Retrospective

More Than Shop Talk It Started With a Simple Goal: If We All Sit Down and Chat for a Spell, It Might Be Good for Business As things turned out, a seat at the table for the annual Construction Industry…more

Milestones: Corporate Anniversaries 2017

One day at a time. Isn’t that what the Little League coach used to preach? One play at a time, one game at a time—just focus on the very next step. But what if that’s a recipe for incremental disaster?…more

50 Missourians You Should Know 2017

The Heart of a Nation, Beating Proudly Meet 50 Missourians whose achievements set them apart. What makes the Show-Me State the centerpiece of America? We can give you 350 reasons why Missouri is both a state of mind and a…more

The Biggest Deals of 2016

“If you’re going to be thinking, you may as well think big.”— Donald Trump Fitting, perhaps, that we cite the nation’s designated deal-maker-in-chief—who closed on the biggest deal of his own career last Nov. 8—as we survey the top-dollar transactions around …more

On the Business Cycle, Interest Rates and Inflation

With the economic recovery now into latter stages, how are the fundamentals poised?  We live in a world of change. In fact, we see significant signs of acceleration of change no matter where we look. There is an acceleration of…more

This Much is Certain: Tax Rates Will Be Changing

With a new president, many are expecting major tax changes.  Looking through the Trump tax plan, it appears to mirror the Reagan tax cuts (the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981 and the Tax Reform Act of 1986), with some…more