Ingram's Magazine: October 2015

2015 Class of Top Doctors

Nearly a generation ago, Ingram’s launched the Top Doctors recognition program to spotlight the best of the hands-on physicians who made up what was then—and still is today—regarded as a highly sophisticated medical community for a metropolis of this size.…more

A Triumph of Achievement Over Hope

“The day we are not talking about gender as a role in success,” says Wendy Hills, “will be the day we’ve achieved true gender equality in the workplace.” Hills, the senior vice president and general counsel for Waddell & Reed…more

The Drive to Revive ’85

As the Royals press to repeat the glory of 1985, their winning ways are shining a bright light on the Kansas City region itself. It’s not exactly parallel to the description that “It’s a Wonderful Life” provided about the provenance…more

Pressure Points

When it comes to executive health, few challenges are as pervasive as hypertension. It needn’t be that way. Willie Lawrence lays it all out there for the small business owner and the corporate executive alike: “Executives and leaders with highly…more


I vividly remember the Royals’ 1985 American League Championship Series with the Toronto Blue Jays and the World Series against the Cardinals. The playoffs were electrifying and the finale was epic. The come-from-behind win against the Cardinals in Game 6…more

The Pieces Come Together

Higher interest rates would lift the spirits of area bankers, but they haven’t exactly given up on lending in a near-zero-rate environment. In the 6½ years since the Federal Funds Rate hit its historic low of zero to 0.25 percent…more

Rockin’ the Crossroads

Rock stars of business flocked to the Crossroads neighborhood of Downtown on Oct. 8 for Ingram’s annual Best of Business Kansas City and Corporate Report 100 celebration. To the tunes of the Patrick Lentz Band, they connected with business associates,…more

Who Really Cares (and Why They Can Afford To)

With all due respect to the pope, no other economic system has ever produced the blessings that flow from capitalism. In Congress, during his historic visit, Pope Francis spoke eloquently about fighting “poverty and hunger” and creating and distributing wealth.…more

The Science of the Sale. The Art of Lunch.

A great meeting starts with a detailed plan. Let’s do lunch! Well, OK, but let’s do lunch the right way. Too often, salespeople think that getting a lunch appointment is the victory, and don’t concentrate on building rapport and the…more

ACA Burdens: A Break for Small Business and Cadillacs

It’s time to pay serious attention to health-care insurance reporting requirements. The Affordable Care Act continues to impose costs and complexity on employers. All but the smallest businesses are bracing for the first round of complex tax reporting required by…more

Do You Know How Your Business Measures Up?

KPIs aren't just for big businesses; using them can improve profitability anywhere. Key Performance Indicators are measurements that can help you monitor the financial health of your business. When tracked consistently, KPIs help you make important decisions that affect your…more