Ingram's Magazine: April 2021

April 2021 Digital Edition

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40 Under Forty Intro: Generating New Interest

Not that we’re prepared to buy into certain social scientists’ parsing of generational differences, but if you go by some measures—including the ones bent on compressing designations of a “generation” to as few as 15 years—then this year would mark…more

After COVID: A Soft Landing?

Insurance executives say the expected higher costs of a pandemic, and the feared run-up in demand for treatments, has been muted . . . so far.   A year ago, America’s health-care system shuddered with expectations of crushing demand from…more

40 Under Forty: The Class of 2021

JOSH ALLISON  Team Driveaway had a problem: A Fortune 100 client with 5,000 locations in its network—representing one-fourth of the logistics company’s annual revenues at the time—was threatening to walk. So the leadership turned to Josh Allison to make things…more

Forty Under Forty 2021 Alumnus of the Year

Alumnus of the Year: Kevin Barth, Commerce Bank   A former boss once called Kevin Barth “the role model for aspiring executives.” So the funny thing about Barth’s path to the top of Commerce Bank Kansas City is that he…more

Still the Root of Regional Business

Despite change, agribusiness retains its unique position in Kansas City’s economy.   On the surface, it might appear that agribusiness has been easing its grip on the broader economy of the Kansas City region in recent years. There are good…more

Wealth Management: Farmland Offers Legacy, Stable Asset in Any Period

There's more to ownership of farmland than the potential for financial gain; it's an asset with a history and a legacy.   Having grown up on a farm in western Kansas, I was privileged to experience what most farm kids…more

Small Business Adviser: Master Your Sense of Urgency to Control the Crises

In business, it helps to get others to match your sense of what’s most important.   Picture a rabbit on fire running at you. What would you do?   My Kansas wheat-farming parents did a controlled burn on their farmland…more

In a Nutshell: Getting Back to the Fundamentals

Most February economic data, released in March, was weaker than expected, probably because economists were more focused on stimulus checks than the weather. But considering how much of the country was affected by extreme cold and storms in February there’s…more