Ingram's Magazine: October 2017

20 in Their Twenties 2017 Assembly

High Achievers Set Record Straight on Millennials in Kansas City In 2008, when Ingram’s identified its first class of 20 in Their Twenties, the oldest Millennials were in their mid-20s, just getting started on their careers. The youngest were still…more

Kansas City’s Medical Marvels

     Sometimes, it’s worth looking back to see how far you’ve come.      So it is with this, the 19th annual installment of Ingram’s Top Doctors. We introduced these awards in 1999 to recognize the exceptional levels of…more

20 in Their Twenties

A decade ago, Ingram’s introduced 20 in Their Twenties, spotlighting young entrepreneurs and executives who were setting standards of excellence for their organizations. With this, the 10th year of the program, we are prepared to draw one significant conclusion: As…more

Major Moves in Minority Ownership

No matter what one thinks about the current state of race relations in the United States as a social construct, when it comes to business, the numbers show that America is, indeed, the land of opportunity.  According to the Minority…more

Freedom Via the Captive Model

For Eric Mettemeyer, it was the same head-spinning question that small-business executives had faced for years when they would sit down to assess the premiums they pay to provide health insurance for workers. “You’re staring it the face of large…more

The Secrets of Enthusiastic Emotional Engagement

What is engagement? Better stated, how can you engage other people to become interested in you and your product or service? Dale Carnegie (How to Win Friends and Influence People) says it’s by becoming genuinely interested in them. And he’s…more

STEM: Taking Root Across KC

Last spring, when the nation’s high schools awarded diplomas, they saved a chunk on printing costs: 81,000 fewer students came out of their ranks than in 2016—the fifth straight year of decline. Academic business officers warn that we’re only halfway…more

Money and the Millennials

Asset values are surging into record territories at an interesting time in American demographics: The heart of the Millennial generation, the youngest group working today, has seen a stock-market boom that’s going into its 10th year. At the older end…more

The Robotics Revolution

When a work-force development professional talks about game-changing trends in that field, this should give you an idea of what’s really going on:  Ten years ago, Sprint was the largest private employer in the Kansas City area, with 13,500 jobs…more

It’s Time to Forge New Higher Education Paths

  Perhaps more than any dynamic of American life, access to affordable postsecondary education has embodied the promise of the American dream. But, with total college debt surpassing credit-card debt at the level of $1.3 trillion, and the annual cost to attend a four-year…more

Using Your Legacy to Position Your Children For Success

Over the next 30 years, the greatest transfer of wealth from one generation to the next, in history, will occur. With that in mind, here is a sobering statistic: 70 percent of all inter-generational wealth transfers fail, meaning that the…more