Ingram's Magazine: May 2017

A Smidgeon of Churn, but Plenty of Stability

Lists have a rhythm. Did you know that? Here at Ingram’s, we produce a lot of lists for the business reader: Lists of key companies in more than 60 sectors, lists of key contacts who help prime the pump of…more

The Value of Higher Education

In assessing the value of a college degree in 2017, two fundamental truths must be taken into account: One, the costs of attending a four-year college for one year have indeed risen sharply. In constant dollars, they are roughly twice…more

Much Weighs on Minds of Campus Executives

When two dozen top executives from public and private universities in the bi-state region gathered recently for the 2017 Higher Education Industry Outlook assembly, each was asked to respond to a single opening question: What keeps you awake at night?…more

Modern Learners: How Do They Affect Small Business?

What is the biggest struggle for a business owner when it comes to training employees? According to Janine Akers, founder and CEO of DataFile Technologies, it is “finding enough variety to appeal to different preferences for learning style while still…more

ADA Presents New Standards for Campus Officials

Technology has changed the landscape for the way college and university students are educated. The days of professors’ handing out paper copies of a class syllabus, students taking tests in blue books and handwriting notes are essentially extinct. Receiving and…more

50 Kansans You Should Know 2017

When we talk about the inappropriate mental imagery conjured by gross generalizations, can any descriptor be less accurate than lumping every resident of a single state into a label like “Kansans”? , Think about it: 3 million individuals live in the…more

Playing It Safer

Five years ago, JE Dunn Construction—one of the nation’s largest general contractors, and the biggest to call Kansas City home-— was riding high with its reputation for job-site safety. It had invested heavily over the years to drive the safety…more


Get Ready for the Higher Costs of Higher Education

Like all parents, you have hopes and dreams for your sons and daughters. But many of these aspirations depend on the ability of your children to earn a college degree. To help prepare your kids, you can encourage them to…more

Municipal Bonds: Unique Opportunity for Investors?

In today’s low interest rate environment, investors are constantly searching for opportunities to obtain income without exposing their portfolio to a high level of credit risk. Investment advisers who analyze U.S. credit often target high-quality credit investment areas. These not…more