Ingram's Magazine: July 2020

Transitions 2020: Documentation—The Paper Chase

For business owners planning to sell their companies in the near term, a storm may be brewing. In broad terms, say professional-services executives, buyers will be looking for historical and current documenta-tion in categories that can be broken down into…more

Ingram’s 2020 Corporate Report 100

Hitting 35, or so we’ve been told, portends the onset of a mid-life crisis. But as the Corporate Report 100 hits that milestone, there’s plenty of youth reflected in a roster of the region’s fastest-growing companies. More than 40 percent…more

Q&A With … Mark Dohnalek

    Q: A lot of the news about your company lately has been about acquisitions, but there’s more going on here, isn’t there? A: A lot of people think our growth has been largely acquisition-oriented. But that just complemented…more

PPP: Did It Hit the Mark?

The second quarter of 2020 is in the books, and it will go down as a historic three months for American business, American banking—and eventually, the American taxpayer. The latter will be on the hook for trillions in money borrowed…more

A Two-Way Street

Chief Rick Smith was on the front lines during the unrest on the Plaza and consulted with a police commissioner as protests morphed in rioting and assaults on his officers. The nation is at a crossroads with its approach to…more


Now, More Than Ever, Think Talent Retention

The pandemic has definitely changed the workplace and most likely for years to come. Every company is doing its best to sail these uncharted waters. But for fast-growth companies, where hiring and often takes place at accelerated rates and where…more

Investing in a Black-Swan Environment

These are certainly challenging times in which we live. Over the many decades we have been serving clients, it feels like we have seen everything. There have been wars, oil price spikes and crashes, mild recessions, deep recessions, computer driven…more

Cash-Strapped? It Might Be Convertible Weather

As a business attorney, I am often asked by our clients, “how should I fund my business.” My first response is always “with money.” I say that tongue and cheek, knowing what my client is really asking is, “where do…more

COVID Discussion in the Workplace: Know the Limits

The COVID-19 pandemic presents challenges to our economy and our very way of life. With infection numbers growing, businesses will be dramatically impacted for the foreseeable future. Much has been written about what we can and should do to best…more