Ingram's Magazine: January 2022

Ingram’s Magazine: January 2022 Digital Edition

Executive of the Year | Economic Forecast | Milestones | Biggest Business Deals | Energy and Utilities Industry Outlook Click here or on the cover below to view the January 2022 digital edition.more

Executive of the Year 2022: Patrick Ottensmeyer

Always on Track By engineering the nation’s biggest transportation M&A deal in 2021, Pat Ottensmeyer positions the new Canadian Pacific Kansas City for the next era in rail. Patrick Ottensmeyer tells the story of an early fling with entrepreneurship when he…more

Milestones: Corporate Anniversaries in 2022

Small-business owners navigating their own personal asteroid fields could always relate to Han Solo’s pithy retort to R2D2 in “The Empire Strikes Back”: “Never tell me the odds.”  For many business owners, the odds were never good to begin with. …more

Industry Outlook Report: Energy and Utilities

Regional Utilities Regroup, Focus Forward After the Big Freeze of 2021 America’s energy vulnerability has been on display at various times over the years, but perhaps never to the extent we saw during the February 2021 cold wave that swept…more

No Shortage of Work

Construction executives say their project backlogs are healthy for 2022 and well into 2023.   The construction-sector outlook for 2022—and perhaps well into 2023—is presenting itself as a case of Good News/Bad News. The good? Executives say their pipeline of…more

Big Wheels and Big Deals: The region’s power plays of 2021

In a year of major moves, these pillars of business in the Kansas City area orchestrated some of the most profound change.   David Feinberg and Cerner Well, that didn’t take long: A scant 80 days passed between David Feinberg’s…more

Q&A with KC Mathews | Thought Leader Insights: Inflation and Investing in 2022

The chief investment officer for the region’s biggest hometown bank offers his economic forecast for a new year.   Q: Not many folks predicted that we’d be looking at such a sharply higher inflationary cycle this year; did 2021 pan…more

Financial Adviser: Small-Business Financing: The 2022 Outlook

Owners can expect more access to capital and increased financing options in the new year.   As we enter the third calendar year of the Covid-19 pandemic, expect 2022 to be the year where businesses regain their footing, shift out…more

In A Nutshell: From Inflation Doves to Hawks

For Wall Street, the most-anticipated Federal Open Mar-ket Committee meeting in years occurred in December. Chairman Jerome Powell did not let Wall Street down in his testimony concerning the state of the economy and what plans the Fed has regarding…more