Milestones: Corporate Anniversaries in 2022

January 2022

By Dennis Boone

Small-business owners navigating their own personal asteroid fields could always relate to Han Solo’s pithy retort to R2D2 in “The Empire Strikes Back”: “Never tell me the odds.” 

For many business owners, the odds were never good to begin with. 

History tells us that only about half celebrate a fifth year in business, and just a third will make it to a 10th anniversary. Throw in a worldwide health crisis and ensuing economic slowdown of 2020, and a spotty recovery in 2021, and the odds just kept getting longer. 

And not just for small business. Five years ago, companies celebrating milestone anniversaries included such prominent regional business brands as NPC International (sold in bankruptcy early last year), Waddell & Reed (acquired in 2021 by an Australian conglomerate), and Kansas City Power & Light (the lead entity in the merger
with Westar Energy). 

In the first two months of the crisis, Census bureau data show, the numbers of U.S. small businesses fell an astonishing 22 percent. Then a funny thing happened on the way to capitalism’s Armageddon. In the second half of 2020 and into mid-2021, applications for new businesses set a Census bureau record. In 2072, our Milestones feature may spotlight some of those companies on their golden anniversaries. In the meantime, here are the ones that have taken the full measure of everything thrown at them for 50, or 75, or 100 years and more, all celebrating key anniversaries in 2022. Congratulations, all.


180 years (founded 1842)

Heaton-Bowman-Smith Funeral Home

Founded before there even was a city of St. Joseph, there was Heaton-
Bowman-Smith Funeral home. At least, that’s what it’s known as today, after various mergers through the years. It’s the oldest funeral home in Missouri and the oldest business in the city that grew up around it. Operating today in both St. Joseph and in Savannah, it has roots that go back to a cabinet-maker named David Heaton, who would go on to be recognized as the nation’s first licensed undertaker. Judy Smith, president, represents the fourth generation of the family ownership.


165 years (founded 1857)

Weaver’s Department Store

Bucking just about every trend that has gone against the traditional model of department stores, Weaver’s is an institution in Lawrence, and its endurance is testament to the power of brick and mortar in the on-line shopping age.
Lawrence itself is known as a college town, but the cash register was ringing at Weaver’s for eight years before a University of Kansas even existed—and four years before Kansas itself was admitted to the union. Part of the secret to its
staying power: amenities like free gift-wrapping, free in-town delivery, gift cards with zero fees and no expiration—here, success and service go hand in hand.


135 years (founded 1887)

Armed Forces Insurance

Fort Leavenworth, the oldest military installation west of the Mississippi, was already 60 years old when Armed Forces Insurance was founded, but it gave the fledgling association a ready market. Specifically, AFI was formed by military officers who wanted to protect their families against the frequent threat of home fires. Spurred on by Gen. Arthur MacArthur (whose son earned considerable notoriety in World War II), the officers closed financial ranks, creating an organization that today provides military homeowner and renter insurance, auto insurance and other risk-management tools to its members.


130 years (founded 1892)

Security Benefit Corp.

Much like AFI five years earlier, Security Benefit Corp. grew from a seed planted by a handful of people who pooled limited resources to create a blan-ket of protection for members. None of those 11 people who joined forces—with $1 each—could have foreseen what was to come. Today, Security Benefit is among the biggest employers in Topeka, and a key civic pillar, but on a national stage, it is a major player in retirement-planning and financial services, with more than $60 billion in assets under management.


115 years (founded 1907)


Newton Hillyard wasn’t just an innovator, he was a Show-Me State innovator. There’s a difference. He set out to create products to treat basketball courts a century ago, and built the largest gym floor west of the Mississippi in St. Joseph to demonstrate the effectiveness of his products. And since, what the heck, the floor was there anyway, is company fielded an AAU team that won a pair of national championships. That rigor underpins a company that today sells commercial and industrial cleaning products nationwide.


110 years (founded 1912)

Notre Dame de Sion

This year marks a pair of milestones for one of this region’s elite private schools: Sion was founded in 1912, and half a century later, opened its south Kansas City campus, in 1962. Along the way, it has created a premier all-girls secondary school with sterling academic performance; the average composite ACT score there last year was an impressive 26.0. Founded by the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Sion, it boasts a refreshingly low 6:1 student-teacher ratio, with nearly 300 students in the high school ranks. 


105 years (founded 1917)

Stern Brothers Valuation Advisors

For more than a century, Stern Brothers Valuation Advisors has been providing critical guidance for business owners seeking to sell their companies, and buyers on the other end of thousands of transactions—more than 6,000 since 1984 alone. The modern iteration of the firm specializes not just in valuation services, but investment banking, ESOP analytics, fairness/solvency opinions, financial reporting and litigation services. Sigmund and Morris Stern founded the enterprise after immigrating from Germany, using capital wrung from agricultural land sales to start their investment-banking firm. 


100 years (founded 1922)


Spanning a six-state area that runs from the Great Plains to the foothills of Appalachia, Carter-Waters distributes the products that help workers in the vital construction industry do what they do best—build things. For this Overland Park company with 16 locations in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky, that means everything from adhesives, anchors and asphalt to concrete products, tools, pipes and—always No. 1 in that sector—safety products, representing more than 300 brands in tools, supplies and accessories. 


Copaken Brooks

Russian immigrant Herman Copaken started a small Kansas City real-estate firm in 1922, and three decades later, his son Paul brought on board two brothers-in-law to create Copaken White & Blitt. For the next half-century, CW&B was the name behind some of the region’s most prominent office developments, and its holdings include the million-square-foot Town Pavilion, a building that redefined the city’s skyline when it was completed in 1986. A 2010 merger with First Scout Realty Advisors brought Bucky Brooks into the leadership ranks with Keith and Jon Copaken, creating the brand still known today as one of the region’s biggest names in commercial real estate.


Fidelity State Bank and Trust

The oldest bank on this list is century-old Fidelity, Topeka’s sixth-largest bank, with total assets of more than $163 million. It’s yet another legacy of the Chandler family, a clan that has become synonymous with bank ownership and executive leadership going back more than 150 years. A member of the Chandler family, in fact, sits on Fidelity’s board of directors—Charlie, the longtime CEO of what is now INTRUST Bank in Wichita, the state’s second-largest.


Sosland Companies

David, Sanders and Samuel Sosland, the three Sosland brothers who launched a grain-milling specialty magazine 100 years ago, set in motion a B2B publishing empire that has grown to serve the needs of a wide range of food-sector production and manufacturing. Basically, if you eat it, the Sosland family has a publication dedicated to its producers: bakers and millers, beef and poultry production, plus industry information for marketing, food trends, commodity sales and food safety—including companies turning out food for pets. 


John Rohrer Contracting Co.

John Rohrer Contracting has for 100 years developed an expertise in the concrete work that underpins large-scale construction projects. On a national scale, Rohrer specialists have worked on everything from Dodgers Stadium to Denver International Airport, and locally, at Crown Center, Lake Olathe’s spillway and parking for the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kan., among many others with repair and restoration services, site and structural concrete, foundations, flooring and more. 



95 years (founded 1927)

Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal

Children’s Mercy Hospital, Hallmark, UMKC: Some of the biggest names in Kansas City business turn to Cornell Roofing & Sheet Metal for their construction, upkeep and repair needs. The company, under the ownership of Mary McNamara since 2007, prides itself on superior workmanship and integrity, applying those qualities to any commercial project you can think of—from office and residential high-rises to manufacturing plants, schools and more.


Overhead Door Co. of Kansas City/D.H. Pace

The parent company started a year earlier in St. Louis, but Overhead Door of Kansas City—the red ribbon is a brand familiar to many—became a local institution in 1927, and is barreling toward a centennial on a solid growth footing. Even in a year with business overall reeling amid a pandemic, parent D.H. Pace notched 5.2 percent growth in revenues in 2020, pushing past $711 million overall. The company is all about doors—garage and entry doors—but also deals with gates, screens, floor coatings and even smartphone apps. 



90 years (founded 1932)

MMC Corp.

This holding company, parent of four operating divisions in construction disciplines, has a national footprint in general contracting, mechanical contracting and specialty contracting. Headquartered in Overland Park, it has 14 offices from Los Angeles to Jacksonville, Fla., with 350 in KC and 1,750 overall. Its brands are MW Builders, MMC Contractors, Countywide Mechanical Systems and BCS, Building Control Services. Tim Chadwick is the chief executive.


Missouri Sewing Machine Co.

Hard times often trigger entrepreneurial urges, and that was no different for Walter and Ann Catenhauser in the throes of the Great Depression. After taking their first tentative steps with door-to-door sewing-machine sales and repair services, they formalized it by launching Missouri Sewing Machine Co., which today marks its third and fourth generations of either ownership, leadership or family employment. It offers machines for sale, repair services, financing, sewing lessons and more from four area locations. 



85 years (founded 1937)

Velvet Creme Popcorn Co.

Now three and four generations deep in ownership and management, Velvet Crème Popcorn is another Depression-era success story born of need: Pop and Grammie White began producing batches and sealing them—with just a hot iron and wax paper—then selling them to put other food on the table for their three kids. Today, Velvet Crème is a local fixture known for its five distinct tastes in popcorn—buttered, cinnamon, caramel, cheese and chili cheese. 



80 years (founded 1942)

Sturgis Materials

It started out as the State Coal Company, helping keep the stoves lit and the homes heated in the  Armourdale neighborhood of Kansas City, Kan. But after Marvin Sturgis purchased land along Kansas Avenue and the Seventh Street Trafficway, the product line expanded. Oh, it still specialized in things that come out of the ground—sand, gravel and other construction building materials. But now, Sturgis stands for custom stone fabrication, filtering media, sandblasting and landscaping supplies. Endurance, the company says, comes with its greatest strength—“the ability to bring the highest quality materials available to the area”—combined with deep knowledge of stone and its uses.



75 years (founded 1947)

McDowell Rice Smith & Buchanan

A long-time fixture in business legal services and litigation, McDowell Rice understands business innovation just as much as its clients do. Proof of that came last year with the roll-out of the firm’s new Intellectual Property Center, reinforcing the range of services available to clients from the Plaza-based firm. The firm’s lawyers boast deep legal expertise in banking, construction, health-care and HR law, tax law, bankruptcies, transactions, real estate and much more. It’s also a powerhouse in philanthropy, having supported nearly 80 non-profits over the years with pro bono work, direct donations, volunteer service and board leadership.


Kelly’s Westport Inn

Kelly’s! Be honest, now: Who among us hasn’t answered that call to action with a boisterous gathering of friends, family and co-workers at this Westport institution? It’s celebrating a diamond anniversary since County Clare native Randal Kelly poured his first pint in the historic building at 500 Westport Road—reputedly, Kansas City’s oldest structure. Over the next 25 years, sons Randy, Pat and Kyle came aboard (Randy leaving to found Kelly’s Port at the Lake of the Ozarks), and eventually, Kyle’s children Colleen and Mitch assumed ownership as a third generation. It’s as much a part of Kansas City lore as the Cheers bar is for Boston—more, actually, since that Beantown bar operates in real life as the Bull & Finch Pub.



Welton Ideker knew a thing or two about moving dirt when he founded his construction company, but five years into that gig, he applied it on a new scale. After the flooding of the early 1950s, he added a service line building and repairing levees along the Missouri and Kansas rivers. The company scaled enough by the end of that decade to tackle part of the interstate highway initiative with a stretch of I-29 in Buchanan County. Since then, it has branched into concrete paving, asphalt paving, and other heavy construction work, with family members still at the top of the leadership ranks.


PBI-Gordon Companies

Those who know PBI-Gordon as specialists in lawn and landscape ornamentals don’t really know PBI-Gordon. It’s a diversified company that, yes, specializes in things that grow (on residential and outdoor-recreational venue scales). PBI-Gordon and Gordon’s address the lawn and ornamental markets, a separate commercial sales group deals with larger clients like golf courses and parks systems, PetAg is an animal-health products company, PRN produces veterinary products, and Pegasus Labs is a full-service contract manufacturing and development company. 


McCray Lumber & Millwork

Lumber does the heavy lifting, but trim is where the “oooh” factor kicks in with building construction, and face it: McCray Lumber has a lot of “oooh” going for it. In addition to the traditional and engineered wood in trusses, beams and subflooring, the Overland Park company offers a robust line of high-end trim and mouldings, as well as columns, mantels, stairway parts and balusters. For starters. And, of course, windows, doors and hardware. A reputation for quality helped drive 2020 sales of $134 million and earn McCray a spot on last  year’s Ingram’s 100.


ROM Corp.

ROM has a reputation for making things like roll-up doors, cargo covers and trays, and durable lighting products for first-responder vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances. But what they really produce at the Belton factory is a whole lot of safety—those products help improve responder safety by making their vehicles more functional and efficient as they operate in crisis conditions. The company’s products, including loading ramps and ladders, also serve trailer fleets. 


Kryger Glass

The story of Kryger Glass, is one of small, family-owned business evolution. It operated a specialty glass shop in Lincoln, Neb., before the founders’ son—Bob Kryger Sr.—opened a Kansas City branch in 1970, commuting from Lincoln, Neb., for 18 months and living in the glass warehouse here. He moved his family here, ushered in Generation 3, then expanded into Iowa and Overland Park. His two sons, Kyle and Bill Jr., continue to run the company, offering windshield  and vehicle glass replacement and repair as well as residential and commercial glass.



70 years (founded 1952)

Porters Building Centers

Mack Porter started Kearney Lumber Co. in 1952, trading one low-income grind for another—but, unlike his career as a teacher, this time, he’d own the enterprise. He and his bride, Mary Helen, eventually turned that fledgling venture into a series of small-town hardware stores, rebranded with the family name, north of the Kansas City area. Their success, the company says, came from the hard work of generating one satisfied customer at a time. The company is an Ace Hardware affiliate with stores in Kearney, Laurie and Smithville, plus another in Elwood, Kan.



65 years (founded 1957)

Bob D. Campbell and Co.

It’s not the biggest structural engineering firm in town, but Bob D. Campbell & Co. has leveraged the power of creative, practical design solutions and responsiveness to construction difficulties to carve out a reputation as one of the region’s best design enterprises. A look at the past client list should tell you plenty about what the Campbell team brings to the task: Cerner Corp., Teva. AdventHealth Shawnee Mission and Children’s Mercy have all turned to this Plaza-area company for important projects, as have others in the office, retail, educational and health-care spaces.



55 years (founded 1967)

Tompkins Industries

In a dozen locations from Portland to Charlotte, N.C., (and even one in Canada) Tomkins Industries today is a far cry from the one-man operation that J.L. Tompkins started in his garage in 1967. The company’s mission today, however, hasn’t wavered from its founding principles: quality products, delivered with superior service. Those products include all things related to hydraulic adapters and fluid-power delivery: ball valves, clamps, fitting, flanges and a lot more. 



50 years (founded 1972)

Polsinelli PC

On the day he first opened his own law firm 50 years ago, Jim Polsinelli could only have dreamed of it becoming an AmLaw 100 firm, one of the nation’s biggest. By the time he retired at the start of 2019, the full-service law firm had 900 lawyers in 21 locations. It went though multiple brand iterations with various mergers and acquisitions before settling on the founder’s name in 2013. Polsinelli himself, now retired, has been a longtime champion of philanthropic causes, especially involving education.


Pivot International

Pivot International celebrates a golden anniversary in 2022, but the last 10 years, in particular, have seen it expand its global reach as a manufacturing design-consulting powerhouse. Mark Dohnalek acquired the company in 2012, and through a steady application of organic growth and strategic acquisitions, has turned this Lenexa-based company into one of the region’s 100 largest private companies. Among a long list of services, it specializes in electrical and mechanical engineering, software and industrial design, project management, contract manufacturing, supply-chain management, data management, business development, and regulatory compliance.


Higdon & Hale

Half a century in business has reaffirmed the value of relationships for the Overland Park accounting/consulting firm Higdon & Hale. Those relationships are built on close, personal attention to clients with deep understanding of business finance. The firm’s services include income-tax preparation and IRS/state audit representation, payroll reporting, start-up services and monthly bookkeeping, and production of timely, accurate financial statements.



45 years (founded 1977)

Crossland Construction

Ivan Crossland Sr. started a construction company, operating out of his garage in Columbus, Kan., in 1977, and today, it’s a billion-dollar powerhouse with four divisions—general contracting, heavy construction, real estate and prefab construction. It has 10 offices operating in the central and lower Midwest, from KC to Texas, and counts five Crosslands among its leadership: CEO Ivan Jr., Chairman Bennie, Midwest region, president Curt, retired Texas region president Mike, and Patrick, chief development officer.


Meara Welch Browne

This boutique accounting firm and new organization to Prairie Village was founded with the belief that its own success was inextricably tied to helping its clients earn theirs. Today, Julie Welch, Steve Browne and the MWB team deliver on that commitment with financial guidance that helps those clients improve their operations, while also serving as the financial early-warning system for tax policy changes at all levels that could pose either threat or opportunity. In addition to tax, audit and litigation services, the firm assists with business valuation and consulting, and has a hard-earned reputation for its expertise in fraud and forensics investigation.



Among the companies celebrating milestones in 2022, Ingram’s has identified the following organizations from our historical archive and from limited state records. 

180 years (Founded 1842)

Heaton-Bowman-Smith Funeral Home


165 years (Founded 1857)


McCaffree-Short Title Co.

Weaver’s Department Store


160 years (Founded 1862)

St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce


155 years (Founded 1867)

The Blair Milling & Elevator Co.


140 years (Founded 1882)

Ash Grove Cement, a CRH Company

The Lawrence Paper Co.


135 years (Founded 1887)

Armed Forces Insurance (AFI)

Browne’s Irish Marketplace

Faultless Starch/Bon Ami Co.

Greater KC Chamber Of Commerce

Lind, Merrill & Honn

Reeves-Wiedeman Co.

The Kansas City Southern Railway Co.

Universal Construction

Wells Bank

130 years (Founded 1892)

Baldwin State Bank

Cameron Mutual Insurance Co.

Lamb-Roberts Funeral Homes

Security Benefit

125 years (Founded 1897)

A. Zahner Co.

Children’s Mercy Kansas City

Kenton Brothers Systems for Security


120 years (Founded 1902)

Porter Funeral Homes & Crematory

Siegrist Engraving Co.


115 years (Founded 1907)


Kaaz Holding Co.

The Steel Fixture Manufacturing Co.


110 years  (Founded 1912)

Blue Hills Country Club

E. W. Carlberg Co.

Gerry Optical

K.C. Spring Works

Koss Construction Co. 

Leibowitz Menswear

Northwood Farms

Notre Dame De Sion

Pacific Mutual Door

Rental City

Thatcher’s Funeral Home

Wing Printing Co.


105 years (Founded 1917)

Fogel-Anderson Construction Co.

Kansas State Bank

Milburn Country Club

Peoples Insurance Group

Schock Truck Leasing

Stern Brothers Valuation Advisors

Strasser Hardware


The Reuter Organ Co.


100 years (Founded 1922)



Copaken Brooks

Farrand Farms

Fidelity State Bank and Trust Co.

Finney and Turnipseed
Transportation & Civil Engineering

Hohenschild Welders Supply Co.

John Rohrer Contracting Co.

Manley Popcorn Machines

Memorial Park Cemetery Association of Mo.

Ottawa Kansas Area Chamber of Commerce

Sosland Companies

The Judy Co.

Thurman Funeral Home


95 years (Founded 1927)

Brunson Instrument Co.

Builders Steel Co.

Cornell Roofing & Sheet Metal Co.

Fambrough & Associates

Fritz’s Meat & Superior Sausage

Kansas City Electrical Supply

Kansas City Eye Clinic

Milbank Manufacturing Co.

North America Savings Bank

Overhead Door Co. Of Kansas City

Renner’s Fine Boots & Shoes

S&S Meat Co.

State Bank of Spring Hill

Topeka Blueprint Co.

Van Liew’s Home & Garden

Wichers Photography

Zephyr Manufacturing Co.


90 years (Founded 1932)

Ace ImageWear

Clancey Co.

Central States Beverage

Columbia Windows & Doors

Concordia Bank

HarenLaughlin Construction

Kansas City Steak Co.

KC Home Trailer Co.

Livers Bronze Co.

MMC Corp.

Missouri Sewing Machine Co.

Turner Uni-Drive Co.


85 years (Founded 1937)

Armourdale Furniture Co.

Kopp’s Carpet and Decorating

Sportsman Cap & Bag

The Klotz Agency

Town-Topic Hamburgers

Velvet Creme Popcorn Co.

Weaver Overhead Door


80 years (Founded 1942)

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas

Brancato’s Catering

Carver Baptist Bible College, Institute
& Theological Seminary

Cates Real Estate Auction

Gasket Engineering Co.

Johnson County Insurance Agency

KC Abrasive Co.

Miami Lumber

Sturgis Materials


75 years (Founded 1947)

Aileen Quirk & Sons

Anderson Metals Corp.

Cookbook Publishers

County Beverage Co.

Diamond Manufacturing

Douglas J. Thompson Orthodontics

Electronics Supply Co.


Jorban-Riscoe Associates

Kelly’s Westport Inn

Kirk & Cobb, Realtors

Kryger Glass

Lundmark Advertising

Luyben Music

McCray Lumber & Millwork

McDowell Rice Smith & Buchanan

NCM Associates

PBI-Gordon Corp.

Polo Custom Products

Reed Oven Co.

ROM Corp.

Schendel Pest Services

Shaw & Sons Equipment Rental

Shaw & Sons Excavating & Hauling

Tierney Office Products

Triangle Sales


70 years (Founded 1952)

Allen Armature & Electric

Artco Casket Co.

Brandt’s Fuel Savers

C.F. Bender Co.

Curls Jude Joseph Property Group

Donegan Optical Co.

Florock Polymer Flooring

Hodgdon Powder Co.

J. F. Denney Plumbing & HVAC

KC Booth

Midwest Mobile Radio Service

Neighbors Construction Co.

Porters Building Centers

Rylie Equipment & Contracting

The Bratton Corp.

Topeka Police Credit Union

UPCO Animal Supplies

Vahrenberg Implement


65 years (Founded 1957)

AAA Court Reporting

Amino Bros. Co.

Arthur Fels Co.

Black Top Tools

Bob D. Campbell and Co.

Calkins Electric Supply Co.

Cam-Dex Security Corp.

Capital Electric Construction Co.

Clark’s Appliances

Country Club Tree Service

Cox Roofing Co.

Crown Mobile Home Park

Emmert Welding and Manufacturing Co.

Envista Credit Union

Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue

Hand Lumber Co.

Hereford House

Jack Miller Auto Plaza

Kansas City Ballet

Kiddi Kollege

Mott Signs

Plumbing by Carlson

Reintjes & Hiter Co.

Ruf Construction Co.

Schmidt Vending

Shaw Supply Co.

Spring Hill Oil Co.

The Groves Senior Living Community

Willey Refuse Disposal


60 years (Founded 1962)

Access Sales Associates

Blue Springs Chamber Of Commerce

Blue Springs Truck Line

Bruce Funeral Home

Capitol City Pawn & Jewelry

Centennial Management Co.

Century Building Solutions

Colony House Furniture & Bedding

Gowing Funeral Home

Harlan Global Manufacturing

Jet Delivery Service

Kansas City Calibration Laboratory

Ludwikoski & Associates

Mathews & Co.

Meyers Companies

Miller Marley School Of Dance & Voice

O’Brien Pharmacy

Pener’s Men’s Wear

Pioneer Supply Co.

Rand Construction Co.

Schiffelbein Concrete Construction

Stern-Williams Co.

The Floor Trader Outlet

The Moore Rubber Co.

Tompkins & Furman

Wally’s Pastry Shop

We-Mac Manufacturing Co.


55 years (Founded 1967)

Ace Pallet Service

Adco Litho Plate

Advanced Industries

Bailey Design Group

Billy Goat Industries


Chinnery Evans & Nail

Cold Storage  Technologies


Creative Printing Co.

De Elliote Co.

Direct Messenger Service

Dodson Aviation

Dyer and Smith Orthodontics


Grandview Area Chamber of Commerce

Grayling, Inc.

Holmes Drywall Supply

Industrial Spring Corp.

James E. Taylor Design Group

Larry L. Vaught Roofing

Layton Real Estate

Leawood Country Club

Liberty Hills Golf Club

Mental Health Partners

Merriam Signs

Oliver Insurance Agency

Overland Park Chamber of Commerce

Pizza Shoppe

Pour Boy Oil Co.

Precise Forms

Precision Electrical Sales

Pryor Appraisal Services

Sante Fe Auto Sound

Shay Grain Co.

Southwest Body Shop

Tompkins Industries

Walz Tetrick Advertising

Winter’s Meat Processing Plant


50 years (Founded 1972)

A-Bill Glass Service Co

Anesthesia Associates of Kansas City


Asphalt Sales Co.

Blake & Uhlig

Bonner Springs-Edwardsville Area Chamber of Commerce

Center for Developmentally Disabled

Ci-Lor Manufacturing Co.

D.L. Smith Electric

Edwards McDowell

Higdon & Hale

IMKO Staffing

Kansas City Smiles & Co.

Lacy & Co.

Leavcon II

Letzig Group

Lewis Veterinary Clinic

Logan Business Machines

Lone Pine Acres

Louis S. Wexler, P.A.

MCC Electronics Co.

MCP Group

Odessa Diesel Repair

Patio Pool and Fireside

Pivot International

Platte City Area Chamber of Commerce


Rockhill Manor

Ronan’s Roofing

Sunshine Electronic Display

Taikan Co.

Tandem Paving Co.

TelCon Associates

Timber Trails

Troutt, Beeman & Co.

Woodside Health and Tennis Club


45 years (Founded 1977)


Advantage Metals Recycling

Al’s Overhead Door Service

American Dance Center

Aspen Products

Building Erection Services Co.

Copilevitz, Lam & Raney

Crawford Architects

Credit Motors

Crossland Construction Co.

Custom Control

Diggs Construction Co.

Dobbins & Letourneau Eye Care

Energy Management and Control Corp.

Ferguson Drywall Co.

Fluid Systems and Components

Fry Orthodontics Specialists

Gage Center Dental Group

The Granfalloon Restaurant & Bar

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Imperial PFS Corp.

J&M Industries

J.W. Franklin Co.

Joel Leibsohn, M.D.

JRMA Architects

Konza Valley Capital

Key Realty Co.

Kincaid Coach Lines / Kincaid Group

Louisburg Cider Mill

Lynn Electric & Communications

Maher Oil Co.

Maranatha Christian Academy

McCann Plumbing & Heating

McCracken’s Gymnastics & Swim School

McQuain Dehardt & Rosenbloom

Meara Welch Browne

Meyer Brothers Motor Freight

Mid Cities Transport Services

Nielson Family Dentistry

Novak Birks

Olathe Glass Co.

Old Town Veterinary Clinic

Port KC Authority

R.C. Neuer Co.

Robstan Group

Safelink Security

Sagasu Family Martial Arts

Stephen A. Hodes Enterprises

Strawberry Hill Christmas Tree Farm

Sunshine Lighting Co.

The Leslie Co.

The Tennis Set

Westerhouse Heating and Cooling

Wholesale Batteries

Wyandot Barbeque




Ingram’s 2022 edition of Milestones-Corporate Anniversaries is a data dive that requires deep and intensive research by our team. But we can only work with data as it exists, and frankly, the states of Missouri and Kansas have business databases shot through with inaccuracies. Even after years of refinement, there’s still a chance we’ve missed some companies celebrating a milestone anniversary this year. If yours is one of them, please let us know by emailing Editorial@Ingrams.com, calling us at 816.842.9994, and registering your firm on www.Ingrams.com. 

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