Ingram's Magazine: July 2022

Ingram’s July 2022 Digital Edition

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The 37th Annual Corporate Report 100

Growth Like This Is Almost . . . Poetic Some companies are on the revenue rebound after 2020; some made it through the virus asymptomatically. Here are 100 who finished 2021 in the pink of health. That saying about how…more

Corporate Report 100 1-10

1. Hawaiian Bros 1st Year Growth: 2,612.583% Average Annual Growth Rate: 870.86%  Gross Revenue 2021: $55,342,152 2018: $2,040,201      Full-time employees: 1,675  Hailing from a family business that included jobs inspired by Hawaiian culture, Cameron and Tyler McNie developed a…more

Corporate Report 100 11-100

11. Vincue/Dealercue 1st Year Growth: 349.69% Average Annual Growth Rate: 116.56% Gross Revenue 2021: $4,564,628 2018: $1,015,052 Full-time employees: 55 Founded in 2015, VINCUE provides auto dealers access to real-time market pricing, sales data and operational tools in one single,…more

Q&A … With Jeff Auslander

Q: Things have cooled a bit for you all in percentage terms since your No. 1 finish in the Corporate Report 100 in 2019, but “cooled” is a relative term, considering that you were up nearly 180 percent from 2018-2021.…more

Where Are the Angels?

If you could put a face on the challenges the Kansas City region confronts in attracting start-up capital—especially in the life-sciences realm—it would look a lot like … the muzzle of a cow. That’s an image Shekhar Gupta has been…more

Succession Planning: Preparing for the Expected or Unexpected

With a swelling number of baby boomers in ownership roles contemplating retirement, succession planning has become an ongoing priority. Although pandemic uncertainties led to many owners hitting pause on some planning activities, the ideas have been brought back to the…more

Sarbanes-Oxley at 20: What Hath It Wrought?

This month marks the 20th anniversary of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Anniversaries provide for remembrance and reflection and future perspective.  The financial and corporate scandals surrounding Enron and Arthur Andersen in 2002 resulted in a nadir of investor confidence. Such failures…more

In A Nutshell: Is This a Bear Market Rally? Uncertainty Continues …

Investors are proceeding into the second half of 2022 with caution after the capital markets realized their worst first six months in decades, The S&P 500 has plunged 21 percent since January, losing more than $9 trillion in market capitalization…more

Uncharted Waters

An economic tea-leaf reading in mid-2022 is starting to take on the precision of a late-night dart game at an Irish pub. On the one hand, you have experts predicting that the Fed will have to jack interest rates well…more