Corporate Report 100 11-100

11. Vincue/Dealercue
1st Year
Growth: 349.69%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 116.56%
Gross Revenue 2021: $4,564,628
2018: $1,015,052
Full-time employees: 55

Founded in 2015, VINCUE provides auto dealers access to real-time market pricing, sales data and operational tools in one single, cohesive system. That innovation, says CEO Chris Hoke, leveraged the talents of the VINCUE team and the culture they’ve built. The COVID pandemic, he said, also accelerated the industry’s evolution toward a more digital experience, and exposed weakness in larger competitors.


12. HeartLand Company
2nd Year
Growth: 339.85%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 113.28%
Gross Revenue 2021: $226,865,526
2018: $51,577,711
Full-time employees: 3,800

Edward Schatz, Jr. had a vision for a different kind of commercial landscaping enterprise when HeartLand launched in 2016, and an acquisition-based strategy jump-started the company’s growth nationwide. With 16 affiliates operating in 20 states from Idaho to the Atlantic, HeartLand boasts a suite of landscape enhancements that include irrigation and turf maintenance, seasonal services, tree and shrub care and turf maintenance. 


13. Rx Savings Solutions
2nd Year
Growth: 327.69%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 109.23%
Gross Revenue 2021: $40,160,000
2018: $9,390,000
Full-time employees: 125

It was a tall task from the outset back in 2008: helping consumers, Fortune 500 companies and health-plan clients navigate the complex world of prescription drugs, and in doing so, cut their drug costs and improve prescription adherence. Under Michael Rea’s leadership, the Overland Park company’s consistent triple-digit revenue growth is likely to earn a fourth straight Inc. 5000 spot this year.


14. Selectquote
1st Year
Growth: 301.31%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 100.44%
Gross Revenue 2021: $937,815,000
2018: $233,688,000
Full-time employees: DD

SelectQuote has been around since 1985, but things really took off on the revenue side after it went public in the spring of 2020 and raised $360 million with that initial stock offering. The company’s digital platform helps consumers price shop for the best deals on risk management tools that include home and health insurance, college-savings strategies and financial planning.


15. ProcureIT Network
1st Year
Growth: 286.96%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 95.65%
Gross Revenue 2021: $8,630,858
2018: $2,230,429
Full-time employees: 3

Helping corporate clients optimize their own cloud environment—and cut their spend on those services by half—is what ProcureIT Network is all about. Based in Grain Valley, and led by CEO Chris Martin, the company has grown by expanding its services beyond on-premises software sales and service, allowing legacy and new clients to purchase monthly AWS, Azure, and Google cloud usage through ProcureIT.


16. Complete Technology Services
2nd Year
Growth: 285.39%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 95.13%
Gross Revenue 2021: $4,973,843
2018: $1,290,591
Full-time employees: 41

This full-service Kansas City tech company provides business clients with fully outsourced infrastructure services and help desk support to cloud computing, data backups, security, and more. Recent growth came through changing technology and the way businesses use it to reach their goals. Remote work during the pandemic has played a large part in that, as has demand for cybersecurity services and protection from ransomware.


17. Safe Haven Security
4th Year
Growth: 277.21%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 92.40%
Gross Revenue 2021: $332,548,559
2018: $88,160,282
Full-time employees: 2,164

North Kansas City-based Safe Haven Security is the nation’s largest Authorized ADT dealer, serving homeowners across most of the U.S. with more than 80 office locations in 43 states. It offers smart home and security services, partnering with large tech powers that include Google, Alarm.com and Qolsys, and it’s the exclusive smart home integrator for D.R. Horton, the nation’s largest home builder. 


18. Playfair Data
1st Year
Growth: 264.04%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 88. 01%
Gross Revenue 2021: $2,121,164
2018: $582,671
Full-time employees: 12

When the global pandemic hit in 2020, the leadership at Playfair Data turned the ship quickly. What had been a visual analytics training firm quickly expanded its consulting services. Its existing online learning platform and in-house studio allowed it to shift all training to virtual delivery, increasing the audience base, says Amy Leonard, operations director. Added firepower in marketing also drove client growth.


19. Rhycom Strategic Advertising
1st Year
Growth: 260.99%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 87.00%
Gross Revenue 2021: $14,893,487
2018: $4,125,788
Full-time employees: 18

The revenue-growth dam has cracked in a big way for Rick Rhyner and his full-service digital marketing agency based in Overland Park. Rhycom offers services in advertising, PR, web development, social media, content and CRM marketing, design branding and media planning and buying. Rhyner cites strong organic growth with current clients and successful new business-development efforts with new clients.


20. AFI
2nd Year
Growth: 259.01%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 86.34%
Gross Revenue 2021: $5,242,129
2018: $1,460,179
Full-time employees: 21

Do not, says director Lanny Wagoner, let the name fool you: Alt Fuel Innovations does a lot more than install alternative fuel systems on commercial vehicles, which is how it became one of the largest equipment providers for commercial vehicles in the Midwest. It also offers complete vehicle solutions, including shelving, ladder racks, flatbeds and more for pickup trucks, vans and service trucks. 


21. Elevate Design + Build
1st Year
Growth: 244.44%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 81.48%
Gross Revenue 2021: $19,977,633
2018: $5,800,000
Full-time employees: 13

A commitment to quality home construction in both suburban and urban settings paid off almost immediately as multiple industry awards began to roll in for Elevate Design + Build, which launched in 2017. With nearly two dozen floor plans, the company offers home buyers a diverse choice of styles including those that mesh with the historic nature of homes in the city and help improve the stability of those neighborhoods.


22. Southwind
1st Year
Growth: 241.10%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 80.37%
Gross Revenue 2021: $69,162,843
2018: $20,276,184
Full-time employees: 900

By rethinking home services, the leadership at Southwind has spawned high-growth companies across the country that go well beyond its initial mission as a bulk-item collection service. Today, it offers moving services as well as heating, plumbing and electric work from 20 locations across 12 states. One of the success drivers, says Jeff Scott, director of people and culture, is a commitment to an employee-first mindset to cultivate the team.


23. Kendall Bank
1st Year
Growth: 236.66%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 78.89%
Gross Revenue 2021: $6,346,000
2018: $1,885,000
Full-time employees: 44

New ownership of a small community bank, wedded with an understanding of how financial tech can turbocharge growth even at that level, have propelled Kendall Bank into the upper echelon of fast-growth companies in the region. The former Kendall State Bank of Valley Falls, Kan., rebranded and expanded its footprint into the Kansas City market on each side of the state line.


24. InnovaPrep
1st Year
Growth: 233.62%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 77.87%
Gross Revenue 2021: $5,006,000
2018: $1,500,532
Full-time employees: 30

Tiny Drexel, Mo., population 885, is an unlikely center of biotechnology excellence, but the townsfolk have a shining life-sciences star with Dave Alburty and InnovaPrep, the company he founded in 2009. After a fund-raising effort in 2018, he began scaling the production of tools for use in a variety of biomonitoring applications, measuring concentrations of particulates in the air, in liquids, and on surfaces.


25 Nutrition Partners
1st Year
Growth: 210.57%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 70.19%
Gross Revenue 2021: $6,391,418
2018: $2,057,980
Full-time employees: 28

From a single location in 2014, Carl Hughes and Dan McKay had expanded Nutrition Partners into a 15-store chain of GNC Stores, with franchises in seven states by the end of 2021. In combination with strategic acquisitions and new store locations in underserved markets, says marketing director Katie McKay, the company continues to see incremental growth in existing sites with improvided marketing and networking.


26. Crux KC
1st Year
Growth: 196.79%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 65.60%
Gross Revenue 2021: $2,079,715
2018: $700,735
Full-time employees: 29

Crux KC serves companies looking for extra marketing oomph with its marketing-department-as-a-service model, addressing a widening market gap with emerging businesses, in particular—companies often ignored by established marketing and advertising players. Investments in leadership and staff, a focus on culture, a bigger office location and a focus on benefits and training have all helped drive growth.


27. Bash & Co
1st Year
Growth: 189.39%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 63.13%
Gross Revenue 2021: $7,367,060
2018: $2,545,757
Full-time employees: DD

Capitalizing on a red-hot real-estate market, Bash & Co. more than doubled the number of homes it sold between 2018 and 2021, saw its aggregate home-value volume rise by a corresponding amount, and realized the gains with commissions that rose just shy of three-fold. Based in Mission Woods, it leverages an affiliation with Sotheby’s International Realty network to provide full-service real estate brokerage services.


28. Friend That Cooks
3rd Year
Growth: 189.00%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 63.00%
Gross Revenue 2021: $4,988,947
2018: $1,726,258
Full-time employees: 87

Friend That Cooks offers in-home weekly meal preparation for working families and couples, sending personal chefs into client homes each week to plan menus, shop, cook, clean up and stock their refrigerator with a week’s worth of meals ready to reheat. Outside of 2020, the company has grown more than 60 percent year over year since its inception in 2007, with growth resuming as the pandemic has ebbed.


29. Empowered Electric
2nd Year
Growth: 187.82%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 62.61%
Gross Revenue 2021: $10,285,935
2018: $3,573,767
Full-time employees: 50

A lot of people might be surprised to hear that an electric company even has an Instagram account, let alone one with more than 14,000 followers. But that’s just one measure of the marketing savvy that Josh Levin and Paul Shoemaker have employed to keep connected with existing customers and demonstrate the company’s chops to prospective clients. Clients are from offices to restaurants to retail venues and more.


30. Dynamic Logistix
4th Year
Growth: 179.06%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 59.69%
Gross Revenue 2021: $151,681,683
2018: $54,353,748
Full-time employees: 92

It’s hard to say growth has “cooled” at this former CR 100 No. 1 company when in fact, this cycle’s performance produced a revenue bump twice as large as the one that took them to the top of the list in 2019. The right people, the right culture, the right tech tools—even a new headquarters building—have all contributed to monster growth for this Overland Park firm specializing in shipping solutions within the logistics sector. 


31. RE/MAX Infinity
2nd Year
Growth: 178.76%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 59.59%
Gross Revenue 2021: $5,725,005
2018: $2,053,770
Full-time employees: DD

It’s the Real Estate Corollary to the Willie Sutton Rule (Google it): Go where the money is. In the case of RE/MAX Infinity and the Kansas City market, that means southern Overland Park. That’s the heart of Johnson County, by almost any statistical measure the chief driver of the Kansas economy. A wider geographic footprint for its agents, though, has helped drive growth with sales across both sides of the state line.


32. Summit Heating & Cooling 
2nd Year
Growth: 178.17%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 59.39%
Gross Revenue 2021: $6,481,462
2018: $2,330,000
Full-time employees: 34

In a four-season climate where winter and summer seem to cover 10 months of the year, homeowners and businesses are never far removed from a heating or cooling emergency. Summit addresses both eventualities with its maintenance service, but has hit a growth stretch as a full-service company doing much more, including installation of HVAC systems and components, air-quality services, water-heater replacement and more.


33. Central Bank of Kansas City
1st Year
Growth: 177.08%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 59.03%
Gross Revenue 2021: $65,566,000
2018: $23,663,000
Full-time employees: 98

Since 1950, Central Bank of Kansas City has staked its claim among family-owned community banks in the city. With deposits nearly doubling between 2018 and 2021 and a loan portfolio up nearly 50 percent over that same span, the bank has flexed its growth muscles. It serves the banking needs of urban clients as Treasury-designated Community Development Financial Institution, focused on distressed communities.


34. WLX | Western Logistics Express 
1st Year
Growth: 176.20%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 58.73%
Gross Revenue 2021: $42,977,584
2018: $15,560,528
Full-time employees: 63

For many, 2020 was no picnic, and that held true for WLX, Western Logistics Express. But as that pandemic year drew to a close, new ownership rode in, making new investments in the work force, updating resources, upgrading work spaces, and delivering better professional tools for all. Building out a brokerage division, as well, has been a growth driver for growth with its in-house brokerage services and dedicated drivers and equipment.


35. Re/Max Heritage
5th Year
Growth: 175.66%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 58.55%
Gross Revenue 2021: $20,291,584
2018: $7,361,119
Full-time employees: DD

RE/MAX Heritage, founded in 2008, has found success operating in the fastest-growing residential areas mainly on the Missouri side of the state line. The business model is a simple one: Sell homes by making each client feel as if they’re working with a friend, not a stranger chasing a commission. That paid off with a massive 67 percent bump in year-over-year value of homes sold in 2021.


36. Native Digital
3rd Year
Growth: 172.79%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 57.60%
Gross Revenue 2021: $5,501,647
2018: $2,016,782
Full-time employees: 25

“It turns out that if you do what you say you’ll do, clients notice,” says Lisa Anderson, vice president of finance for Native Digital. “Our clients are looking for name recognition and customer acquisition. We can deliver both, and have the data to prove it.” Native Digital, a Midtown enterprise that bills itself as a marketing firm for modern brands, specializes in messaging, strategy and customer acquisition. 


37. Apollo Insurance Group
6th Year
Growth: 170.79%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 56.93%
Gross Revenue 2021: $8,954,579
2018: $3,306,885
Full-time employees: 62

Chalk this up as a sixth straight appearance for Scott Eckley and his team since they first crashed the CR100 party in 2017. Why? “We have it within our DNA to rush toward chaos and uncertainty within the health insurance industry,” Eckley declares. His insurance brokerage now serves clients in 35 states, both individuals on and off exchange products, plus group health clients, and seniors with Medicare products. 


38. Max Motors Dealerships
1st Year
Growth: 168.35%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 56.12%
Gross Revenue 2021: $343,927,218
2018: $128,162,797
Full-time employees: 239

From a one-dealership location in Butler, Mo., in 2006, Max Motors Dealerships has blossomed into an enterprise with eight franchises, five locations and a collision center, driving its way into the rarified territory of both fastest-growing and largest companies in the region. With locations in Harrisonville, Butler and Nevada, the company sells new and used cars, trucks, vans and heavy construction equipment.


39. Propio Language Services
10th Year
Growth: 165.47%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 55.16%
Gross Revenue 2021: $33,136,058
2018: $12,481,911
Full-time employees: 115

Propio Language Services ignited its booster-phase rockets after Marco Assis became CEO in 2019. He doubled the company’s size within two years, then restructured it in 2020 and has seen record revenues every month since that September. Founded in 1998, the company specializes in over-the-phone interpretation, video remote interpretation, in-person interpretation, and document-translation services.


40. Seastnan Medical
2nd Year
Growth: 162.28%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 54.09%
Gross Revenue 2021: $2,629,041
2018: $1,002,372
Full-time employees: 10

Seastnan Medical specializes in neurodiagnostic care for spine, brain and vascular surgeries, providing real-time information to help improve patient outcomes. Olivia Fisher, president and CEO, says “we have always focused on a slow-growth model to establish a solid base to build off of with the intent focus on our local providers first.” If this is her idea of slow growth, watch out when Seastnan hits the afterburners. 


41. Brain Group
2nd Year
Growth: 157.16%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 52.39%
Gross Revenue 2021: $6,141,000
2018: $2,388,000
Full-time employees: 10

With a growing staff and new properties in the pipeline, the Brain Group is carving out a reputation within the commercial real-estate world. After a Top 10 CR100 finish a year ago, the company has repositioned itself for another surge with what co-founder Andrew Brain calls a “voracious” property-acquisition strategy. The signature piece of is portfolio is Phase II of the Westport Plexpod Commons project.


42. LotPop, Inc.
4th Year
Growth: 156.65%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 52.22%
Gross Revenue 2021: $2,421,432
2018: $943,491
Full-time employees: 18

With more consumers armed with on-line shopping tools, dealers and salesmen need tech tools that help put them back in the driver’s seat for those engagements. That’s where LotPop succeeds as a tech-oriented marketing company working with dealers around the U.S. to improve sales volumes. The latest iteration of growth followed after the addition of new products and services.


43. Custom Tree Care
4th Year
Growth: 150.44%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 50.15%
Gross Revenue 2021: $13,565,711
2018: $5,416,722
Full-time employees: 30

One man’s disaster is another man’s growth opportunity. In this case, the second fellow is Greg Gathers, owner of Custom Tree Care. In this CR100 cycle, his Topeka company has kicked revenues into a higher gear through its Disaster Response Division. Creation of that unit allowed Custom Tree to provide responses to hurricanes, ice storms, tornadoes, windstorms, and wildfires across the nation.


44. Platinum Realty
11th Year
Growth: 141.62%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 47.21%
Gross Revenue 2021: $81,956,181
2018: $33,919,228
Full-time employees: 22

Save for one near miss, Scott DeNeve has had Platinum Realty in the CR100—topping out at No. 7—every year since it first became eligible in 2011. That impressive run ends after this year’s merger with United Real Estate Group, and serves as validation of DeNeve’s vision that a real-estate firm can thrive by enabling agents and giving them incentives, in the form of full commission retention.


45. United Real Estate Group
4th Year
Growth: 139.11%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 46.37%
Gross Revenue 2021: $377,546,072
2018: $157,899,246
Full-time employees: 214

It was a one-in-99 shot that United would end up adjacent to the company it recently acquired—Platinum Realty. But it’s a sure sign that Dan Duffy is on the same fast-growth wavelength as the Platinum Team. A hard-charging series of acquisitions has driven spectacular growth at UREG, with more likely to come as he capitalizes on faltering competition with the nation’s home-sales market bracing for a slowdown.


46. Heartland Macs
1st Year
Growth: 136.78%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 45.59%
Gross Revenue 2021: $1,427,744
2018: $602,987
Full-time employees: 8

Heartland Macs handles service, support, repair, monitoring and maintenance for PCs and Macs, providing IT services to businesses, residences and schools. Response to the pandemic-inspired work-from-home wave, plus revised roles for the leadership to handle rapid change, helped drive growth. Other drivers: tapping into the Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program for guidance, and securing a new permanent home office. 


47. Canopy Road Real Estate
1st Year
Growth: 129.87%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 43.29%
Gross Revenue 2021: $1,022,277
2018: $444,711
Full-time employees: 8

This Kansas City brokerage that offers one-stop shopping for real-estate investors, with services such as rental-rate research and other data, and smooth transition to property-management responsibilities. “Our growth throughout the last few years is primarily due to our service and acquisitions,” says Brent Voepel, founder. “Throughout the years we have come to learn what real-estate investors want and need”.


48. D&L Transport
7th Year
Growth: 128.65%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 42.88%
Gross Revenue 2021: $287,462,587
2018: $125,721,105
Full-time employees: 180

Working with more than 50,000 approved carriers, Overland Park-based D&L Transport provides freight brokerage services nationwide, and declaring a mission to serve clients with reliability, competitive pricing, integrity, and by exceeding expectations. Brian DeFrain, president, attributes grow to D&L’s “commitment to recruiting, developing and supporting our talent,” as well as gross-roots recruiting. 


49. NBKC
5th Year
Growth: 127.48%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 42.49%
Gross Revenue 2021: $377,255,000
2018: $165,838,000
Full-time employees: 424

Mortgage lending and an embrace of fintech tools has turned family-owned NBKC bank into a rising star in the financial-services sector. The bank proudly declares an average on-line ranking of 4.9 out of 5 possible stars, based on an impressive 19,000 customer reviews. It says the formula for success comes from a blend of online-friendly services, competitive rates, personal service and innovation. 


50. Hometown Lawn
2nd Year
Growth: 127.21%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 42.40%
Gross Revenue 2021: $2,396,200
2018: $1,054,600
Full-time employees: 9

This company based in Olathe designs, builds and maintains exteriors for residential, commercial and municipal properties. Among its services are lawn care and landscape maintenance, routine sprinkler installation and repair, advanced-engineered drainage solutions and outdoor living-space design and installation. Diversified offerings and expanded services, says chief executive Holly Brucker, lit the growth fuse.


51. Sage Restoration
4th Year
Growth: 123.57%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 41.19%
Gross Revenue 2021: $2,298,124
2018: $1,027,933
Full-time employees: 15

Sage Restoration, in Shawnee, helps homeowners and commercial property owners after destructive events like fire and flooding or with mold remediation. “Sage employees often walk into a family’s life or business owner’s workspace at one of the most stressful and shocking times they have had,” says owner Stephanie Sage, who attributes growth to recognition by insurance carriers and new relationships.


52. Voepel Property Management
4th Year
Growth: 121.59%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 40.53%
Gross Revenue 2021: $4,660,398
2018: $2,103,207
Full-time employees: 37

This full-service, residential property management company is part landlord, part wealth manager, helping property investors with leasing, maintenance, management and cash-flowing of their real-estate investments. Recent acquisitions, and recruitment of new, effective team members, have sparked recent growth, says founder Brent Voepel, as did a leadership restructuring to streamline communication.


53. Vest Professional Placement
3rd Year
Growth: 118.68%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 39.56%
Gross Revenue 2021: $5,393,887
2018: $2,466,573
Full-time employees: 5

In a talent-short work force, companies with diverse, specific staffing needs turn to Vest for access to temporary associates, temporary-to-hire, contract employees, and direct-hire placements. “We also have a service that allows you to observe your new hires before making them a final job offer with our probationary hiring service,” says owner Vicki Vest. Over the past three years, she has added staff of her own.


54. Mission Painting and Home Improvement 
2nd Year
Growth: 117.39%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 39.13%
Gross Revenue 2021: $2,270,173
2018: $1,044,289
Full-time employees: 5

Primarily a residential and commercial painting contractor, Mission Painting and Home Improvements has grown by deepening the trust factor with clients, says founder Eric Regan. “It takes a lot of trust to bring someone into your home for sometimes weeks on end for a large renovation project, and people typically aren’t looking for the cheapest when projects are on that scale,” he says. 


55. JR & Co.
4th Year
Growth: 114.25%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 38.08%
Gross Revenue 2021: $70,889,466
2018: $33,087,517
Full-time employees: 246

This construction company isn’t just about roofing; it does sheet metal, solar installation, tenant finish, federal contracting, disaster relief, rooftop maintenance, and roof restoration. The company has seen explosive growth with an expanded service line and by extending its nationwide footprint in consultation, construction, and project oversight; it most recently expanded into Colorado, Florida and Iowa.


56. UTXL
3rd Year
Growth: 114.04%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 38.01%
Gross Revenue 2021: $163,354,466
2018: $76,319,872
Full-time employees: 33

Yet another logistics company flexes its growth muscle with UTXL, a third-party logistics provider. Shelly Cannon, president of the Kansas City-based company, says the recent growth iteration has come after providing excellent service both to companies with shipping needs, as well as superior service to carriers. “Because we can’t have one without the other, we consider both to be our customers,” Cannon says.


57. Davidson A + E
3rd Year
Growth: 113.36%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 37.79%
Gross Revenue 2021: $11,319,300
2018: $5,305,163
Full-time employees: 24

Established in 1995 by John E. Davidson, this full-service design firm is now a multi-disciplined team specializing in architecture, civil engineering, interior architecture, and master planning services, with an emphasis on retail and industrial development projects. Recent large-scale industrial and retail development projects, along with a stronger foothold within the multi-family project sector, have been key.


58. NASB Financial
2nd Year
Growth: 111.62%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 37.21%
Gross Revenue 2021: $370,525,000
2018: $175,090,000
Full-time employees: DD

Nearly a century after City Building and Loan Association moved to Kansas City from its roots in St. Louis, NASB Financial is something of a rarity on the Corporate Report 100 list as a public company. A loan portfolio that approaches $1.76 billion makes the bank one of the region’s five largest lenders, and it has thrived by offering traditional banking services like savings, checking and CD accounts and more.


59. e2E, LLC
4th Year
Growth: 109.22%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 36.41%
Gross Revenue 2021: $2,891,973
2018: $1,382,237
Full-time employees: 32

e2E assists growing enterprises by providing strategic finance, human resources, marketing and tax expertise. Recent growth says CMO Kerri Lauderdale Olson stems from a talented staff, great client service and a strong partner network.  “To date, 100 percent of e2E’s new clients have come from referrals through network connections with e2E’s CEO or staff, a current or past client or a network partner.” 


60. ECCO Select
11th Year
Growth: 107.50%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 35.83%
Gross Revenue: 2021: $63,010,000
2018: $30,365,993
Full-time employees: 489

A woman-owned, minority-owned company specializing in IT professional services and management consulting, ECCO Select serves a wide array of industries—financial services, transportation, public service and government, non-profit, energy, utilities, communications, health, life science, travel and retail. Meeting client needs, first-class talent and geographic expansion have powered growth.


61. CRB
1st Year
Growth: 100.87%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 33.62%
Gross Revenue 2021: $1,010,000,000
2018: $502,809,441
Full-time employees: 885

Founded in 1984 with a mission to serve clients needing high-tech facilities, CRB has asserted its place in the hierarchy of engineering and design by nailing three Top 20 recognitions from Engineering News-Record: No. 3 among pharmaceutical-industry contractors; No. 9 among industrial-process contractors, and No. 18 among food and beverage contractors. It also serves the biotech and science/technology sectors.  


62. Keller Williams Key Partners
1st Year
Growth: 95.64%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 31.88%
Gross Revenue 2021: $29,273,669
2018: $14,963,185
Full-time employees: DD

It’s not just about selling to prospective homeowners; Keller Williams Key Partners is also dedicated to the agents who make those transactions happen. “Our vision is to create a supportive, energetic, and responsive environment so that our office attracts high-quality real estate professionals, encourages them to reach untapped potential, and inspires them to build a better community,” the company says. 


63. Priority Logistics
1st Year
Growth: 95.56%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 31.85%
Gross Revenue 2021: $44,000,000
2018: $22,500,000
Full-time employees: 32

This full-service logistics company based in Overland Park is just three dozen strong with its workforce, but it casts a big shadow in the transportation space with shipping services that run the gamut: full truckload, less-than-truckload, intermodal, air freight, warehousing, cross-docking, carrier negotiations, and optimization and tech tools for freight accounting and bill payment.


64. Pioneer Music
4th Year
Growth: 94.55%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 31.52%
Gross Revenue 2021: $43,641,641
2018: $22,432,042
Full-time employees: 60

In a world where streaming services are redefining music delivery, Pioneer Music stands tall with traditional tools as a wholesale distributor of audio, video, automation, security, and surveillance gear. The holy trinity of growth—new locations, new acquisitions, and natural organic growth across the industry—propelled the latest surge in sales for the oldest company on the CR100 (founded in 1869).


65. Prime Capital Investment Advisors 
1st Year
Growth: 94.46%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 31.49%
Gross Revenue 2021: $63,912,798
2018: $32,866,929
Full-time employees: 87

With roughly $16.2 billion in assets under management, PCIA bills itself as adviser-led and adviser-governed. “We are positioned to effectively deal with the most pressing issues our advisers and clients face,” says marketing coordinator Caitlin Dimmig. Among them: consolidation, technology, retirement income, convergence of wealth management and retirement and financial wellness.


66. DMC Service
1st Year
Growth: 89.88%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 29.96%
Gross Revenue 2021: $2,710,299
2018: $1,427,379
Full-time employees: 13

DMC specializes in commercial HVAC and plumbing services, including repair, replacement, and maintenance. Organic growth was key since its 2004 founding, says president Karen Crnkovich, but “in 2019, we made the business decision to invest in marketing, specifically Web-site optimization and SEO/PPO,” with results she described in one word: “incredible” and commercial client numbers up 21 percent.


67. City Lifestyle
5th Year
Growth: 87.49%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 29.16%
Gross Revenue 2021: $31,316,517
2018: $16,703,106
Full-time employees: 52

The founders of Lifestyle Publications, now City Lifestyle, knew pretty quickly they were onto something big after launching this laser-focused series of publications in 2009 with “the belief that where you call home matters and that the concept of community is sacred.” Today, it cranks out 125 high-design publications with more than 1 million copies in monthly circulation. 


68. Westlake Hardware
2nd Year
Growth: 87.23%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 29.08%
Gross Revenue 2021: $617,292,235
2018: $329,700,000
Full-time employees: 2,672

Anyone stranded in a big-box home-improvement store, hearing nothing but echoes and crickets calling for assistance, will quickly understand the Westlake Hardware advantage with its stores flying the ACE Hardware flag. They are all about customer service and finding answers to the DIYers questions. That approach, and a series of acquisitions in recent years, keep it among the region’s 100 biggest private companies, too.


69. Koenig Building & Restoration  
1st Year
Growth: 85.59%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 28.53%
Gross Revenue 2021: $21,900,000
2018: $11,800,000
Full-time employees: 5

Given that it built 16 houses in 2018 and an identical number in 2021, it’s both a reflection of what’s happened in the nuclear-hot residential housing market and of a construction company’s move into higher-end homes that Koenig’s revenues have nearly doubled. From $800,000 three years ago, the lower range of work for its luxury homes in 2021 was $1 million, while the top tier hit $4 million. 


70. Rob Washam Homes
1st Year
Growth: 83.91%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 27.97%
Gross Revenue 2021: $16,000,000
2018: $8,700,000
Full-time employees: 7

In a space closer to the middle market for new housing, Rob Washam Homes has been busy in recent years, knocking out an average of nearly one new home each week in 2021. And they’ve been selling: Even as prices within the company’s range have risen to $650,000-$900,000 from the $400k-$650k baseline of 2018, the demand is still there for this Blue Springs builder.


71. Crema
6th Year
Growth: 81.46%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 27.15%
Gross Revenue 2021: $7,585,190
2018: $4,180,000
Full-time employees: 58

A shade more than a decade after they took the entrepreneurial plunge to launch Crema, George Brooks and Daniel Lindhart have kneaded the concept of a software development company into the rising dough of a digital product agency. They succeed by walking clients from product conception to completion: strategizing, iterating, designing, validating, and testing, with a team now 58 strong.


72. Ask Cathy Marketing Group
3rd Year
Growth: 78.05%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 26.02%
Gross Revenue 2021: $2,687,180
2018: $1,509,223
Full-time employees: 22

Yes, the market has grown in appreciation, and that is part of the revenue increase driving numbers at this Keller Williams real-estate affiliate. But, says CEO Cathy Counti, “the largest growth came from creating our New Homes division. And, in 2022, we launched our first expansion partner in Suwannee, Ga.,” an effort akin to franchising in other lines of business,” and one likely to drive revenue growth.


73. Oakes Auto
4th Year
Growth: 77.31%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 25.77%
Gross Revenue 2021: $108,765,851
2018: $61,342,943
Full-time employees: 92

Oakes Auto Group sells new Mitsubishi and Kia models, plus used vehicles, earning DealerRater’s Used Car Dealer of the Year honors in 2018, and added Kia’s President’s Club honors this year. Since 2018 it has added a pair of Mitsubishi and Kia dealerships, but more importantly, it boldly boosted inventory during the pandemic, which paid off as supply-chain kinks crippled deliveries to other dealers.


74. First Option Bank
1st Year
Growth: 72.68%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 24.23%
Gross Revenue 2021: $29,009,000
2018: $16,799,000
Full-time employees: 104

By nearly doubling the value of its loan portfolio between 2018 and 2021 and pulling in new deposits to boost that metric by nearly 55 percent in the same time span, Osawatomie-based First Option Bank has cracked the code on growth at the community banking level. Founded as First National Bank, it is poised to celebrate its centennial in 2023 from a significantly stronger financial foundation.


75. KBP Brands
9th Year
Growth: 72.44%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 24.15%
Gross Revenue 2021: $1,345,000,000
2018: $780,000,000
Full-time employees: 15,000

The legal staff laying the groundwork for acquisitions at KBP has been on red alert for years, helping make one of the region’s biggest private companies one of the fastest-growing at the same time. Under CEO Michael Kulp, the Overland Park owner of more than 800 KFC and Taco Bell units, now has a footprint in 25 states, with more than 15,000 total employees.


76. Cornerstone Bank
1st Year
Growth: 71.78%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 23.93%
Gross Revenue 2021: $13,971,000
2018: $8,133,000
Full-time employees: 28

With an aggressive expansion as a lender, Overland Park-based Cornerstone Bank has added significant volume since 2018—the $120 million increase in its total lending portfolio accounted for nearly 90 percent of the bank’s overall increase in assets, which reached nearly $355 million through 2021. It offers a complete commercial loan service, from business to real estate to lines of credit and more.


77. Small Business Bank
1st Year
Growth: 71.53%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 23.84%
Gross Revenue 2021: $6,249,000
2018: $3,643,000
Full-time employees: 25

Total deposits were up by a robust 33 percent between 2018 and 2021, but non-interest income is where Lenexa-based Small Business Bank came shining through in that period—the value of that part of its assets more than tripled, to better than $2 million from its base of $605,000. A community bank, by definition, it isn’t afraid to leverage its digital reach to recruit clients nationwide.


78. Security Benefit
5th Year
Growth: 70.96%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 23.65%
Gross Revenue 2021: $7,334,549,000
2018: $4,290,209,000
Full-time employees: 2,000

As baselines go, they don’t come any bigger than this Topeka retirement-services company’s $4.3 billion revenue benchmark in 2018. And as he prepares to head into retirement, CEO Mike Kiley will sign off with perhaps his signature leadership achievement in that metric, pushing one of the five biggest private companies into the region onto the fast-growth list with a top-line pop of more than $3 billion.


79. Syler Construction
2nd Year
Growth: 70.66%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 23.55%
Gross Revenue 2021: $17,121,959
2018: $10,032,849
Full-time employees: 13

Founded in 2009, Syler Construction has moved steadily up the ladder in terms of the numbers of homes built and the combined values thereof. In 2018, the average value of the 14 homes it closed on was a shade over $730,000; by last year, the 17 homes closed had an average value of more than $1 million. The Liberty contractor has seen revenues increase by moving up in the luxury building niche.


80. Community Bank
1st Year
Growth: 70.41%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 23.47%
Gross Revenue 2021: $8,914,000
2018: $5,231,000
Full-time employees: 22

Topeka’s appropriately named Community Bank is, comparatively, still a pup, having been chartered in 1995—more than a century after many small banks in the two-state region. But it’s been a go-getter in driving new deposits, from both existing customers and new ones. Since 2018, the lion’s share of Community Bank’s $56 million increase in assets has come from deposits—nearly $42 million worth.


81. Salvus TG
2nd Year
Growth: 70.35%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 23.45%
Gross Revenue 2021: $3,214,754
2018: $1,887,181
Full-time employees: 18

With managed IT services for small businesses, Salvus TG provides support that goes well beyond fixing computers. Performance, security, compliance, data backup, user access, procurement, growth and scalability are just a few of the functions that this Lee’s Summit company can address. The growth formula includes retention of top talent, staying current on technology trends, a continuous investment in cybersecurity.


82. Cable Dahmer Auto Group
7th Year
Growth: 70.04%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 23.35%
Gross Revenue 2021: $736,608,044
2018: $433,204,090
Full-time employees: 730

The region’s biggest minority-owned enterprise is also one of the 100 biggest overall, and now one of the 100 fastest-growing—quite a trifecta for a company coming up on 60 years in business in 2023. Cable Dahmer has multiple area dealerships selling Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Kia and Cadillac models, while also providing maintenance and repair services, parts, and financing.


83. Rodrock Homes
6th Year
Growth: 69.46%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 23.15%
Gross Revenue 2021: $123,300,000
2018: $72,760,000
Full-time employees: 38

Brian Rodrock’s Lenexa-based construction company has capitalized on the hyper-charged demand for single-family residences, tacking on at least $10 million in new growth for each of the past three years. He’s a third-generation builder whose company specializes in custom homes in the $500,000 to $1 million range, mainly in Overland Park, Shawnee, Olathe, and across Johnson County.


84. KW Plaza Realty Partners
1st Year
Growth: 69.22%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 23.07%
Gross Revenue 2021: $9,402,805
2018: $5,556,630
Full-time employees: DD

With nearly 115 agents marshalling almost 1,000 home sales in 2021, Keller Williams Plaza Realty Partners blankets the Kansas City metropolitan area on both sides of the state line, from St. Joseph to Ottawa, and from Leavenworth to Sedalia. Last year, those agents combined to sell more than $321 million in aggregate property value, up more than 27 percent year-over-year. 


85. Spencer Fane
3rd Year
Growth: 68.82%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 22.94%
Gross Revenue: 2021: $188,550,000
2018: $111,684,978
Full-time employees: 663

A full-service law firm that is also one of the region’s oldest—it was established in 1879—Spencer Fane has grown into a national player in legal services, with 22 office locations in 10 states. With a legal team 388 strong (more than 85 in the Kansas City area), it has grown by providing a wide range of work, including the fields of financial services, business, data privacy and cybersecurity, health care and labor.


86. Repairs Unlimited
4th Year
Growth: 68.00%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 22.67%
Gross Revenue 2021: $32,499,000
2018: $19,345,000
Full-time employees: 34

This Merriam-based construction-services company specializes in disaster mitigation and insurance restoration. A frequent flier in the CR100, Repairs Unlimited continues to grow by delivering on its commitment to customer service. “Our employee partners continue to exceed the expectations of our customers,” says Jigger James, who founded the enterprise in 1986.


87. Good Energy Solutions
4th Year
Growth: 67.40%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 22.47%
Gross Revenue 2021: $6,563,921
2018: $3,921,155
Full-time employees: 42

Good Energy Solutions provides solar-power installations and electrical services to homeowners and businesses. Based in Lawrence, it operates throughout Kansas City, Topeka and surrounding areas with a team of 42 full-time employees. Industry-leading warranties help with growth, as does having more certified solar professionals than any regional competitor, and new partnerships on large commercial projects.


88. Custom Truck One Source
3rd Year
Growth: 66.92%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 22.31%
Gross Revenue 2021: $1,433,625,000
2018: $858,867,000
Full-time employees: 1,700

Going public last year did nothing to slow the growth steamroller that is Custom Truck One Source, founded by members of the Ross family in 1996. It provides specialized truck and heavy equipment solutions, rentals, new and used equipment sales, aftermarket parts and tooling supply, service and remanufacturing, as well as in-house financing solutions. New products and acquisitions have fueled growth.


89. MGP Ingredients
2nd Year
Growth: 66.64%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 22.21%
Gross Revenue 2021: $626,720,000
2018: $376,089,000
Full-time employees: 615

Publicly traded and based in Atchison, MGP Ingredients has long been a key producer of distilled beverages. Deep experience with products high in alcohol concentration allowed the company to pivot in early 2020 and begin producing large quantities of sanitizing solution that suddenly came into demand with the onset of the pandemic. In addition to distilled spirits, MGPI also makes food additives.


90. Lutz Plumbing
2nd Year
Growth: 65.78%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 21.93%
Gross Revenue 2021: $3,100,000
2018: $1,870,000
Full-time employees: 16

Third-generation ownership has taken the baton at Lutz Plumbing to keep the family enterprise in growth mode. The team under Amber Lutz-Sewell provides residential and commercial plumbing service, installation, replacement, repair and remodeling of plumbing, gas and drain lines. New growth followed after introducing service agreements for customers, lowering the cost of marketing to gain new clients.


91. EAG Advertising & Marketing
1st Year 
Growth: 64.35%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 21.45%
Gross Revenue 2021: $4,778,820
2018: $2,907,749
Full-time employees: 16

With the leadership passing to Michelle Markham, this advertising and marketing agency focuses on the needs of small businesses, offering strategic planning, full-service outsourced marketing services and all tactics in between—brand development, graphic design, Web design and development, SEO, SEM, content creation, digital and traditional media, email marketing, social media marketing and more. 


92. Advantage PressurePro
8th Year
Growth: 61.01%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 20.34%
Gross Revenue 2021: $6,685,197
2018: $4,152,143
Full-time employees: 11

It was a dichotomous year for this family owned Harrisonville company in 2021: “In what should have been our most difficult year to date due to continued component shortages and disruption facing manufacturers around the globe, we had our most successful year yet,” says Vanessa Hargrave, COO and CMO. Its products give motorists real-time tire performance data needed to save fuel and extend tire life.


93. Lathrop GPM
2nd Year
Growth: 60.88%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 20.29%
Gross Revenue 2021: $199,994,000
2018: $124,312,000
Full-time employees: DD

Kansas City’s oldest law firm is also the oldest operating west of the Mississippi River, but its chock-full of the legal expertise companies need to compete in a 21st-century global economy: More than two dozen practice areas serving businesses, non-profits and individuals, and operating in a dozen broad business sectors, including agribusiness, education, health care, life sciences and manufacturing, among others. Following a 2020 merger, it now has 15 offices coast to coast.


94. Wilbert Funeral Services
5th Year
Growth: 60.88%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 20.29%
Gross Revenue 2021: $260,000,000
2018: $161,616,000
Full-time employees: 1,090

A national leader in production of burial vaults and other concrete products for the funeral-services sector, Wilbert Funeral Services also makes cremation urns of various materials, vaults and casket-lowering devices, mausoleum trays and embalming and accessories and chemicals. As for growth, the harsh reality is that, in a nation with a population that has grown to 330 million, there’s more demand than ever.


95. First Security Bank
1st Year
Growth: 60.86%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 20.29%
Gross Revenue 2021: $2,162,000
2018: $1,344,000
Full-time employees: 20

A 25 percent pop in deposits between 2018 and 2021, and a nearly identical $13 million increase in the size of its loan portfolio in that same period has propelled this small community bank into high-growth mode. Based in Overbrook, outside of Topeka, First Security Bank offers savings accounts, loans, debit and credit cards, insurance products, investments, mortgages, and online banking services. 


96. Reilly Homes
1st Year
Growth: 59.63%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 19.88%
Gross Revenue 2021: $25,525,000
2018: $15,990,000
Full-time employees: 3

Yet another home builder cracks the CR100 lineup, this time with Leavenworth’s Mike Reilly, who not only sells the homes as a Coldwell Banker affiliate, but builds them, too. A mighty mite with just three full-time employees, Reilly Homes boosted the number of homes built by nearly half between 2018 and 2021, operating in a space just north of the average costs for new homes, $400,000 to $700,000.


97. Multivac
1st Year
Growth: 59.36%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 19.79%
Gross Revenue 2021: $349,000,000
2018: $219,000,000
Full-time employees: 400

A food-packaging systems manufacturer based in Kansas City, Multivac is not just in high-growth mode, it’s one of the region’s 100 biggest private companies. It’s one of the world’s leading suppliers of packaging solutions for a wide variety of foods, life science and health-care products, as well as consumer and industrial goods. Its products help other manufacturers with packaging design and performance.


98. Soave Enterprises
2nd Year
Growth: 58.79%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 19.60%
Gross Revenue 2021: $509,261,000
2018: $320,704,000
Full-time employees: 254

Supply-chain problems have gripped the nation’s car makers and limited production, but the sales staff seems to have just shaken that off at Soave, parent of Aristocrat Motors and its popular lines of luxury vehicles: Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Land Rover, Jaguar, Maserati and Alfa Romeo. Sales actually increased in 2020, then accelerated with force in 2021, up more than 33 percent year over year.


99. Country Club Bank
8th Year
Growth: 58.19% Average Annual Growth Rate: 19.40%
Gross Revenue 2021: $153,569,000
2018: $97,078,000
Full-time employees: 376

When the pandemic hit and Congress authorized the Paycheck Protection Program to help employers retain staff, Country Club Bank stepped up in a big way, and as a result, its loan portfolio grew more than 30 percent between 2018 and 2021. Overall assets, meanwhile, exploded by more than 70 percent, from $1.4 billion to nearly $2.5 billion. CCB is one of the region’s 10 largest banks.


100. Bank of Blue Valley
10th Year
Growth: 57.63%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 19.21%
Gross Revenue 2021: $53,517,000
2018: $33,951,000
Full-time employees: 109

Bob Regnier left Bank of Blue Valley much as he operated it since the founding in 1989: Growing. He’d be the first to tell you the growth in recent years has come easier than those first few, but BBV is still a frequent flier on the CR100 all-time list, with this, its 11th appearance. The full-service community bank has long been a prominent fixture as a business lender and civic booster in Johnson County.