Ingram's Magazine: July 2019

Ingram’s July 2019 Digital Edition

Read the digital version of Ingram's June 2019 edition here.more

What’s the Proper Role of a City Government?

Fix the business climate, and a lot of other problems will be addressed. OK, so the usual handful of voters in Kansas City has designated a new mayor. Quinton Lucas will take office on Aug. 1, and the figurehead of…more

Grading Higher Education

Regional universities are locked in a battle on multiple fronts: Demographic, financial, even cultural. How are they grading out? One of the great repositories of data on higher education in the United States is the National Center for Education Statistics…more

2019 Corporate Report 100: 11 Through 100

Below are the top companies 11 to 100 in the Ingram’s 2019 Corporate Report 100. Click here to read an overview of this year's winners. To view the top 10, click here. 11. Gianni Custom Homes (1st Year) Growth: 506.49% Average…more

Building Blocks of Growth

The 2019 Corporate Report 100 welcomes new faces to the fast-growth club . . . and recognizes some familiar players in the path from start-up to scale. Click here to view winners one through 10. Click here to view winners…more

2019 Corporate Report 100: The Top 10

Below are the top 10 companies in the Ingram's 2019 Corporate Report 100. For an overall perspective of the top 100, click here. To view winners 11-100, click here. [caption id="attachment_22316" align="alignleft" width="326"] (l-r) Aimee Clardy, Vice President-Finance; Jason Yeager,…more

Scaling the Heights

Fast growth is a two-edged sword. Some can’t cut it, but those able to wield it properly have become become pillars of regional business. More than a third of a century later, it’s almost impossible to look at the first…more