2019 Corporate Report 100: 11 Through 100

Below are the top companies 11 to 100 in the Ingram’s 2019 Corporate Report 100. Click here to read an overview of this year’s winners.

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11. Gianni Custom Homes (1st Year)

Growth: 506.49%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 168.83%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $8,215,030 2015: $1,354,511

Full-time employees: 2

Don’t ask Joe Gianni to show you his floor plans. If you want a Gianni home, it’s going to be your floor plan. The Overland Park company bases its business model on a belief that “your family is unique, and what may work for one family may not work for yours.” It takes design ideas from customers, lets them know what’s achievable (and at what cost) and defines what’s possible.

12. HYR Global Source (1st Year)

Growth: 356.51%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 118.84%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $5,500,453 2015: $1,204,889

Full-time employees: 62

You have to give them high marks for confidence: When Pranita and Raj Yampati incorporated their software development company in 2013, “Global” was part of the name. It serves corporate clients in a broad range of sectors, including financial services, health care and pharmaceuticals, energy, manufacturing, retail, distribution and public-sector organizations.

13. Apollo Insurance Group (3rd Year)

Growth: 348.01%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 116.00%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $3,306,885 2015: $738,133

Full-time employees: 15

Founded by Scott Eckley in 2010—the same year Americans were introduced to the Affordable Care Act—Apollo Health Insurance Advisors serves both corporate clients and individuals looking for the right risk-management tools for health care expenses. It helps employers find group plans, individuals for exchange and off-exchange coverage, and Medicare guidance for those over 65.

14. Hollyday Med Spa + Aesthetics (2nd Year)

Growth: 326.33%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 108.78%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $3,437,945  2015: $806,408

Full-time employees: 12

Founded by Holly Post in 2004, Hollyday goes well beyond what you’d expect in a traditional “spa.” The Waldo/Brookside-area spa offers some serious tech-intensive skin rejuvenation and resurfacing treatments, injectables, non-surgical facelifts and more. It also sells skin-care products from top brands, including Rhonda Allison, Obagi Medical, Elta MD, Clarisonic and Revitalash.

15. Compost Connection (1st Year)

Growth: 298.23%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 99.41%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $2,772,231   2015: $696,146

Full-time employees: 36

This Grandview company was founded in 1992, and offers homeowners a series of annual programs, priced from $89-$179, to gather organic lawn materials—grass clippings, leaves, weeds, bush trimmings, garden cuttings, small branches, straw, bundled brush, even Christmas trees. Those items are then recycled at licensed compost facilities as reusable mulch-type products and soil.

16. OTR Leasing (1st Year)

Growth: 290.55%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 96.85%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $14,800,917 2015: $3,789,808

Full-time employees: 33

Sitting smack in the middle the nation’s center for logistics and distribution, OTR Leasing and FoxPoint Trucks bills itself not as a mere vehicle-leasing operation, but as a strategic partner for owner/operators. So deals don’t stop with the lease for a late-model tractor; support continues by helping those truckers find the best prices for fuel, tires, vehicle maintenance and more.

17. Homoly Construction (4th Year)

Growth: 288.92%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 96.31%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $13,786,773 2015: $3,544,873

Full-time employees: 17

A great many general contractors took their lumps in the wake of the Great Recession, and fourth-generation home builder Andy Homoly felt the sting with his company, too. But this award-winning builder has come roaring back, leveraging both its LEED and certified green-builder’s expertise to offer custom home construction, commercial buildings, remodeling and even solar projects.

18. LotPop, Inc. (1st Year)

Growth: 273.85%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 91.28%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $1,430,443 2015: $382,623

Full-time employees: 15

On the other side of a car-buyer’s on-line search-results pages and views for specific vehicles, there are dealers who need technical support to manage those inquiries. Into that space stepped Jasen Rice, founding LotPop in 2014 to help dealers manage the Web side of their marketing and offering support for staffing and process improvement, data tracking, virtual lot walks and more.

19. Mer-Sea & Co. (2nd Year)

Growth: 271.00%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 90.33%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $5,756,379 2015: $1,552,471

Full-time employees: 20

Mer-Sea & Co. started with a small line of scented products evoking mental images of sea breezes, then expanded its line to include travel wraps and sweaters, proprietary items created for certain key accounts, and moved into nationwide sales at both wholesale and retail levels. Its retailer base includes stores like Pottery Barn, high-profile resorts and spas, boutiques shops and online sales.

20. Generator Studio (2nd Year)

Growth: 263.28%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 87.76%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $3,250,789 2015: $894,853

Full-time employees: 18

A full-service architecture and interior design firm, Generator Studio specializes in high-end residential, hospitality, not-for-profit, corporate office and sports venues. It was founded by Tom Proebstle in 2009—a time when only the boldest were expanding within the construction disciplines. Despite its size, it has worked on projects from coast to coast.

21. Gary Kerns Homebuilders (1st Year)

Growth: 249.14%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 83.05%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $12,023,000 2015: $3,443,618

Full-time employees: 13

A move in 2015 from St. Joseph to Platte City has helped spike revenue growth for Gary Kerns Homebuilders, which special-
izes in the construction of subdivisions and customized homes. The third-generation business builds homes in the Northland. Among the subdivisions where it has worked are Woodland Creek, in Kansas City, and Greyhawke at the Lake, in Smithville.

22. Tickets For Less (2nd Year)

Growth: 245.04%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 81.68%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $39,180,000 2015: $11,355,312

Full-time employees: 27

Tickets For Less might have Jayhawk roots, but the ticket re-selling company, which specializes in Kansas City-area sports and entertainment events, buys and sells for some of the biggest attractions in the country. What got its start as a way to sell extra KU basketball tickets in 2004, offers everything from Broadway theater shows, to the MLB All Star Game.

23. Garcia Architecture (2nd Year)

Growth: 244.5%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 81.5%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $4,453,704 2015: $1,292,804

Full-time employees: 19

There aren’t many types of interior-building spaces that Garcia Architecture hasn’t designed, and to say its portfolio is diverse would be a gross understatement. The Waldo firm has worked on everything from the interiors of Power & Light District restaurants to high schools to area hospitals, such as Menorah Medical Center and the Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center.

24. Firelake Construction (2nd Year)

Growth: 238.69%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 79.56%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $14,371,818 2015: $4,243,414

Full-time employees: 88

The past 12 months have brought a lot of changes to Firelake Construction, which more than doubled its staff, nearly increased its revenue by the same amount and started a joint venture with Arrowhead Contracting. Meanwhile, Firelake-Arrowhead won a $52-million construction, operations and maintenance construct with NASA in February for a facility in Cleveland.

25. Wingman Realty (1st Year) 

Growth: 237%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 79%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $1,012,822 2015: $300,543

Full-time employees: DD

Lenexa-based Wingman Realty was founded on a fighter-pilot-formation mentality: “It isn’t about the individual, it’s about the
collaborative effort for the good of all.” That philosophy has lead to significant revenue growth over the last five years, as the company connects the buyers and sellers of homes with agents that can assist customers throughout the entire metro area.

26.Technology Group Solutions (6th Year)

Growth: 234.88%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 78.29%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $142,323,752 2015: $42,500,000

Full-time employees: 60

Technology Group Solutions, based in Lenexa, shows that being woman and minority owned can really pay off. The IT firm, which services local businesses, has experienced significant growth since its founding in 2005. Since then, TGS has grown to 60 employees and opened offices in the St. Louis area and Omaha. It partners with some of the world’s largest tech corporations.

27. Prism Real Estate Services (2nd Year)

Growth: 233.93%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 77.98%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $13,242,768 2015: $3,965,746

Full-time employees: 230

With beginnings in apartment investing in 2012, Prism Real Estate Services expanded the business to include management, maintenance and accounting services for those assets. And over the years, Prism has increased its scope to provide those duties for industrial, office and retail assets that it owns and as a third-party company for other real estate investors.

28. Tallgrass Freight (2nd Year)

Growth: 231.19%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 77.06%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $10,618,000 2015: $3,206,000

Full-time employees: 12

Overall freight shipment keeps increasing, and so does business for Shawnee-based Tallgrass Freight, which is a full-service logistics company that provides less-than-truckload shipping, full-truckload shipping, and flatbed and intermodal services to small and medium businesses. Tallgrass services a local 22-county area, from Missouri’s Saline County, to Shawnee County, in Kansas.

29. Clemons Real Estate (2nd Year)

Growth: 228.91%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 76.3%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $2,491,438 2015: $757,486

Full-time employees: 25

Clemons Real Estate started in 2002 as a firm specializing in Midtown apartment investment and renovation, but its scope has widened significantly since. The multi-faceted family-owned operation is now a full-service brokerage firm, still in the apartment sector, but also other types of commercial real estate, undertaking leasing, property management and construction services.

30. High Prairie Landscape Group (1st Year)

Growth: 228.8%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 76.27%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $2,384,323 2015: $725,154

Full-time employees: 25

High Prairie Landscape Group helps quality-focused homeowners maximize the enjoyment of their landscapes and outdoor living spaces by providing distinctive designs and craftsmanship in construction practices and high-detail garden care. The company’s long-lasting building techniques and customized designs help the firm grow with a customer-focused approach.

31. Storybook Realty (1st Year)

Growth: 227.6%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 75.87%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $7,838,802 2015: $2,392,828

Full-time employees: 6

Multifamily investment firm Storybook Realty renovates houses throughout the Kansas City area and then rents them out to tenants or sells them off, which has proven to be a good strategy in this economy. Founded in 2008, the Independence-based business uses a team approach in operating and managing its affordable housing portfolio.

32. Callahan (4th Year)

Growth: 227.53%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 75.84%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $44,159,678 2015: $13,482,699

Full-time employees: 60

Lawrence-based Callahan is a branding and digital-marketing firm that helps companies drowning in data help utilize it for business advancement. Doing so, it has assisted some big-name clients, including Lee.com, Cicis Pizza and Elevate Pet Nutrition, among others. Callahan specializes in brand development, advertising and promotion, over all forms of media.

33. e2E, LLC (1st Year)

Growth: 214.24%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 71.41%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $1,382,237 2015: $439,868

Full-time employees: 18

e2E LLC serves growing companies in the Kansas City area with business-management strategies at various life stages, from entrepreneur, to enterprise. It helps owners solve challenges related to, but not exclusively, funding and banking options, budgeting and planning, accounting, payroll and taxes, hiring and HR compliance, and marketing strategy and client planning.

34. Universal Auto Plaza LLC (2nd Year)

Growth: 212.69%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 70.9%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $27,245,491 2015: $8,713,133

Full-time employees: 38

Universal Auto Plaza, in Blue Springs, has seen overall sales, volume and average transaction prices all climb over the last few years. The company prides itself on selling high-quality used vehicles at competitive prices. To that end, Universal Auto Plaza opened a new 7,500-square-foot service facility, in Grain Valley, and has added shop equipment, lifts and service employees.

35. KC Blueprint & Plan Room (2nd Year)

Growth: 202.94%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 67.65%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $1,799,001 2015: $593,839

Full-time employees: 7

KC Blueprint Co., a printing firm, says that no job is too small or too large. The company, which specializes in the construction industry, produces everything from business cards to blueprint documents, as well as posters, banners and signage. Its full-service print center has been in operation, since 2004 and is certified with several government agencies.

36. Re/Max Heritage (2nd Year)

Growth: 199.13%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 66.38%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $7,361,119 2015: $2,460,812

Full-time employees: 7

Re/Max Heritage specializes in home sales in the Blue Springs and Lee’s Summit areas and operates offices in both cities. Due to strength in the market, the firm is growing in its number of employees, average sales prices, total homes sold, total revenue and total commissions earned. Heritage’s management prides itself on VIP service.

37. Luke Draily Construction (3rd Year)

Growth: 199.05%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 66.35%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $65,520,004 2015: $21,909,506

Full-time employees: 45

Founded in 1997, Luke Draily Construction builds projects across the spectrum, including apartments and retail, as well as medical and traditional offices. Some notable projects include Whole Foods Markets, senior-living facilities for Tuterra Group, mixed-use communities for Launched Development, and several retail and entertainment complexes around the metro area.

38. eSolutions (2nd Year)

Growth: 194.87%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 64.96%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $81,385,000 2015: $27,600,000

Full-time employees: 234

eSolutions is a healthcare-technology company based in Overland Park that helps providers get paid quickly, securely and accurately. The firm’s analytics enable customers to make informed decisions with their data. Founded in 1999, eSolutions has undergone significant expansion and also operates offices in Santa Rosa, Calif.; outside of Dallas; and Memphis.

39. JR & Co. (1st Year)

Growth: 191.45%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 63.82%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $33,087,517 2015: $11,352,588

Full-time employees: 152

Roofing outfit JR & Co. does commercial roof construction, certification, and repairs and maintenance. Under its current leadership, which has been in place since 2012, the company has expanded to 16 states and has branch operations in Colorado and Florida. JR has undertaken federal contracts, disaster repair, and specializes in solar paneling, as well.

40. CrossFirst Bank (6th Year)

Growth: 189.84% Average Annual Growth Rate: 63.28%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $162,963,000 2015: $56,225,549

Full-time employees: 349

CrossFirst Bank, based in Leawood, has grown in asset size since 2015 due to organic growth in existing markets. The institution plans to do the same this year, with a focus on service and trust. CrossFirst serves businesses and their financial networks in the local area, as well as Wichita, Tulsa, Oklahoma City and the Dallas metropolitan area.

41. Prairie Elder Care (2nd Year)

Growth: 188.76%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 62.92%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $2,041,578 2015: $707,020

Full-time employees: 35

Prairie Elder Care, based in Overland Park, focuses on caring for those with dementia through small-group residential homes and a therapeutic farm. The company has grown significantly since 2015 due to doubling its facility count. Prairie Elder Care, which had two locations in October of that year, opened a third in April 2018 and a fourth in July of last year.

42. KBP Foods (6th Year)

Growth: 188.48%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 62.83%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $780,000,000 2015: $270,382,000

Full-time employees: 11,625

The fast-food business has been good to Overland Park-based KBP Foods. The Yum! Brands franchisee operates about 700
restaurants in more than 20 states under the KFC and Taco Bell banners. Last year KBP added 125 locations to its portfolio,
and management plans to increase its store count by 75 to 125 annually in or near its existing markets.

43. Rob Washam Homes (2nd Year)

Growth: 180.65%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 60.22%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $8,700,000 2015: $3,100,000

Full-time employees: 6

Rob Washam Homes, based in Blue Springs, has been building houses on both sides of the state line since 1989, when its founder started the company out of a home-framing business. It has built homes in several area communities, including Archers Landing at Sundance Ridge, in Overland Park, and Whispering Woods, in Lee’s Summit.

44. Industrial Maintenance Inc. (2nd Year)

Growth: 174.94%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 58.31%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $23,836,520 2015: $8,669,698

Full-time employees: 75

Metal fabrication and millwright company Industrial Maintenance has experienced a sizable growth jump in the last 10 years, well after its startup status. The outfit, now based in Topeka, was founded in 1986 in Lawrence. It operated for a time in Perry and has been at its current headquarters since 2017. The growth is in large part due to increased business with major client UPS.

45. Lead Bank (3rd Year)

Growth: 173.95%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 57.98%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $18,493,000 2015: $6,750,559

Full-time employees: 47

Founded as Garden City Bank in 1928, Lead Bank is now a Crossroads-based institution, also with Garden City and Lee’s Summit locations, known for servicing small businesses. It is also a financer of the new KCI Airport Single Terminal Project. Lead opened its current headquarters, which also has a leasable rooftop private-event space called The Exchange.

46. IBC Carpentry (3rd Year)

Growth: 167.89%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 55.96%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $11,847,842 2015: $4,422,613

Full-time employees: 55

Commercial carpentry subcontractor IBC Carpentry was founded just over 10 years ago. The firm has worked on several high-profile projects in the area, including Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway, Children’s Mercy Hospital and Legoland Discovery Center. The Kansas City company recently entered the traffic controls business and is adding a Lee’s Summit location.

47. DRAW Architecture + Urban Design (1st Year)

Growth: 167.5%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 55.83%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $1,973,277 2015: $737,663

Full-time employees: 16

DRAW Architecture + Urban Design works in several different disciplines on a variety of types of buildings. The firm specializes in architecture, interior design, urban design, urban planning and resource-impact analysis. That translates into civic and institutional projects, hospitality and business spaces, planning and public engagement, public art and city spaces, and mixed-use properties.

48. Leap Hospitality (2nd Year)

Growth: 166.03%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 55.34%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $4,867,259 2015: $1,829,594

Full-time employees: 4

Leap Hospitality, based in Liberty, does nearly everything needed to get a restaurant up and running save cook the food. With a specialization in interior furnishings and fixtures, the firm also works on concept, brand and menu development; business planning; new-store openings; real estate evaluation and prospecting; lease negotiation; and other facets of the business.

49. ABcreative (2nd Year)

Growth: 160.79%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 53.6%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $11,252,423 2015: $4,314,764

Full-time employees: 7

ABcreative, of De Soto, makes the traditional playground seem boring. The company, which serves Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa, builds climbing and play equipment that focuses on inclusiveness to everyone’s ability, fitness and adaptation to a locale’s natural surroundings. ABcreative also constructs outdoor shelters and its work is found in schools, parks and other areas.

50. Hepacart (5th Year)

Growth: 159.73%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 53.24%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $5,828,221 2015: $2,243,970

Full-time employees: 15

Hepacart is a manufacturer of portable spaces that are free from dust and contaminants for professionals in healthcare and other industries. The Lenexa-based company offers a variety of models containment areas, air cleaners, sterilization tools and other products that help with room isolation, patient protection and additional uses.

51. Kansas City Bier Co. (2nd Year)

Growth: 157.96%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 52.65%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $3,963,530 2015: $1,536,505

Full-time employees: 39

Kansas City Bier Co. has proven that there is room for more than one local brewery with sizable distribution. Founded in 2014,
the company has quickly made a name for itself in the area at its Waldo brewery and event space, as well as its widespread availability in stores and bars/restaurants. Its German-style beer is available in western Missouri and most of Kansas.

52. Sara Software Systems (3rd Year)

Growth: 156.61%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 52.2%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $3,779,351 2015: $1,472,776

Full-time employees: 30

Sara Software Systems is a firm that offers Oracle Business Intelligence solutions for data warehousing, IT consulting services and the integration of disparate systems, as well as mobility and training services. The industries that the Olathe-based company services include retail and commercial banking enterprises, energy, logistics, consumer goods and others.

53. Unlimited Logistics (1st Year)

Growth: 148.76%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 49.59%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $41,020,000 2015: $16,490,000

Full-time employees: 39

Unlimited Logistics, based in Stillwell, is a full-service freight logistics and transportation firm. Founded in 2008, the company’s third-party logistics work services several major industries across different modes of commerce, including truckload, dry van, refrigerated, flatbed, intermodal, less-than-truckload shipping, partial/consolidation movement and international delivery.

54. Oakes Auto (2nd Year)

Growth: 148.51%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 49.5%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $61,342,943 2015: $24,684,489

Full-time employees: 84

Oakes Auto operates two new-and-used-car dealerships, Oakes Mitsubishi, in Kansas City, Kan., and Oakes Kia, in North Kansas City. The company started as an independent dealership in 2010, in KCK, and in June 2018 purchased Olathe Mitsubishi and brought it to that location. Last December, it added the Kia brand, after buying Jack Miller Kia.

55. Crema (3rd Year)

Growth: 140.38%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 46.79%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $4,176,172 2015: $1,737,290

Full-time employees: 34

Crema is a digital-product studio that was founded about 10 years ago and concentrates on digital-product development, from strategy to design, and development of apps and other products. It can help customers launch new ventures, enhance and test existing products, and gain a stronger competitive advantage in their fields of expertise.

56. Willis Custom Homes (2nd Year)

Growth: 139.73%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 46.58%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $12,731,864 2015: $5,311,000

Full-time employees: 6

Willis Custom Homes has been around for more than a half century, and it’s still a fast-growing company. Based in Overland Park, the father-son operation mainly builds custom houses in Johnson County. Loch Lloyd, Villas of Ironwoods, Tuscany Reserve Village and Highland Villas are some of the neighborhoods where their homes are found, as well as others.

57. Navifreight (2nd Year)

Growth: 138.64%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 46.21%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $3,275,592 2015: $1,372,625

Full-time employees: 3

Lenexa-based Navifrieght is a third-party logistics shipper that moves truckloads of product across the country for commercial and government enterprises. Navifreight specializes in the industrial, retail and manufacturing industries. For the government it has worked with the Department of Defense, FEMA and the General Services Administration.

58. Stewardship Investments (2nd Year)

Growth: 138.64%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 46.21%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $3,820,000 2015: $1,600,767

Full-time employees: 18

Stewardship Investments is in the business of turning around blighted houses and apartment buildings. Founded in 2011, the real estate management and investment firm buys properties, performs a renovation and then rents them out, usually at affordable-housing costs. Stewardship Investments owns over 300 houses and 450 total units in the Kansas City metro area.

59. DEG (14th Year)

Growth: 138.38%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 46.13%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $63,832,266 2015: $26,778,000

Full-time employees: 298

Founded in 1999, DEG is a full-service digital-marketing firm based in Overland Park. The company specializes in campaigns that utilize email, social media, e-commerce, mobile devices, video content and other mediums. DEG also has partnerships with leading tech firms, such as Salesforce and Microsoft, to help provide customer solutions.

60. Charlie Hustle (1st Year)

Growth: 137.26%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 45.75%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $4,682,838 2015: $1,973,694

Full-time employees: 14

Everyone knows the “Heart KC” T-shirts worn by residents across the metro. Charlie Hustle produces those and other designs in shirts, as well as fleece crewnecks, hoodies and jogger pants. The Kansas City-based company has a flagship store in the Country Club Plaza, and its vintage-inspired garments are sold in retail stores in the Midwest and Mountain region.

61. Facility Systems, Inc. (1st Year)

Growth: 136.93%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 45.64%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $4,502,583 2015: $1,900,393

Full-time employees: 10

Facility Systems, Inc. (FSI) is a family-owned facility management consulting and design firm located in Overland Park. Founded in 1986, its core services include space planning, commercial interior design, furniture specification, AutoCAD documentation, facility management support and construction-management consulting. FSI works in the metro area and around the country.

62. Environmental Works, Inc. (1st Year)

Growth: 135.36%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 45.12%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $29,495,496 2015: $12,531,898

Full-time employees: 153

Environmental Works, Inc. is a full-service environmental-consulting, industrial-maintenance and emergency response company. The business provides turnkey solutions for clients in both the private and public sectors. It offers environmental due diligence, regulatory compliance and training services out of its nine regional offices.

63. Platinum Realty (8th Year)

Growth: 133.99%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 44.66%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $33,919,228 2015: $14,496,235

Full-time employees: 17

Platinum Realty was established in 2005 and has over 2,000 real estate brokers on its platform, which is based on saving overhead  by using a technological infrastructure and giving more fee compensation to brokers than traditional firms. The company now has offices around the region and does business in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

64. Meridian Business Services (2nd Year)

Growth: 132.69%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 44.23%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $3,267,448 2015: $1,404,181

Full-time employees: 18

Meridian Business Services is an Overland Park-based cloud-computing company that partners with NetSuite, one of the leading SaaS firms. Founded in 2003, Merdian assists with tax and advisory services, e-commerce, payroll and other functions. The company works with clients in several industries, including retail, energy, manufacturing and financial services.

65. Noble Designs (1st Year)

Growth: 130.4%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 43.47%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $1,110,118 2015: $481,815

Full-time employees: 4

What once started as founder Sara Noble’s part-time business is now a full-service interior-design firm with revenues north of $1 million. The Overland Park-based company creates the interiors of homes employing classic design mixed with modernity. Noble’s team of designers mixes wholesale furnishings with hand-picked items at local stores.

66. Sage Restoration (1st Year)

Growth: 129.47%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 43.16%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $1,028,010 2015: $448,000

Full-time employees: 8

Sage Restoration helps property owners recover from stress-causing disasters. Founded in 2010, the Overland Park-based firm specializes in water and fire restoration, mold remediation, biohazard and hoarder cleanup, odor removal, and additional challenges for both private residences and businesses throughout the Kansas City area.

67. Umzuzu (1st Year)

Growth: 128.81%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 42.94%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $2,494,000 2015: $1,090,000

Full-time employees: 6

Umzuzu is a cloud-computing-services company in that expanding sector which derives its name from the Zulu word “moment.” Founded in 2008, it links businesses with Google for Work, Dropbox for Business, RingCentral Office and other applications. The firm boasts putting hundreds of thousands of people on cloud platforms since its inception.

68. TriCentury Bank (2nd Year)

Growth: 126.17%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 42.06%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $4,901,000 2015: $2,167,000

Full-time employees: 13

With locations in De Soto and Spring Hill, TriCentury Bank got its start in the town of Simpson in 1894 as Simpson Shanks & Company Bank. The institution gained its current name after being purchased in 1998 and moved from Simpson, entering the Kansas City metro area through a 2014 acquisition that established its De Soto headquarters.

69. D&L Transport (6th Year)

Growth: 122.74%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 40.91%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $125,721,105 2015: $56,442,426

Full-time employees: 20

This full-service brokerage company specializes in full truckload and less-than-truckload shipments. It also develops technology solutions and applications for the brokerage and trucking industry, and attributes growth largely to superior service. “We are transparent and deliver on promises for our sales producers, which has helped us grow our sales channel,” says CEO Brian DeFrain.

70. Weichert, Realtors Welch & Company (1st Year)

Growth: 121.87%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 40.62%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $6,423,248 2015: $2,895,073

Full-time employees: 42

With a cohort of more than 60 agents and the experience of licensed brokers, Weichert-Realtors Graham Welch makes its CR100 debut nearly a decade after its current formation (but can trace its roots back 50 years). Its agents represent both buyers and sellers, offering guidance on market challenges, the inspection process, home-sale finances and other parts of those transactions.

71. AdamsGabbert (7th Year)

Growth: 120.38%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 40.13%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $17,300,000 2015: $7,850,116

Full-time employees: 200

People. Processes. Systems. Any of those can be a stumbling block to business growth. That’s where AdamsGabbert has found success, helping business owners and executives with the organizational challenges holding them back. Led by CEO and owner Denise Kruse, the company helps with strategic planning, business processes, recruiting and staffing, cloud services and more.

72. Prieb Homes (7th Year)

Growth: 116.30% Average Annual Growth Rate: 38.77%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $67,834,974 2015: $31,361,294

Full-time employees: 26

Owner Greg Prieb’s construction company builds single- and multifamily housing, while also immersed in development. He attributes growth to “positioning ourselves with good housing inventory in quality areas in the Johnson County area.” How? By studying the market and being able to identify areas geographically that have a high absorption rate and low supply, then obtaining land to develop.”

73. Pinnacle Construction Group (1st Year)

Growth: 114.76%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 38.25%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $17,935,179 2015: $8,351,125

Full-time employees: 4

Pinnacle Construction Group, formed in 2006, is the contracting muscle of Ken Block, managing principal at the biggest commercial realty firm in these parts, Kansas City’s Block Real Estate Services. Shawn Handy oversees Pinnacle’s work in build-to-suit, building and tenant improvements and speculative site development.

74. SRKO (1st Year)

Growth: 114.6%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 38.2%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $8,629,130 2015: $4,020,975

Full-time employees: 6

Yet another general contracting company that stared into the gaping maw of a looming recession in 2006 and fought its way to scale, SRKO specializes in new construction and remodeling, as well as construction management. It’s work portfolio includes office space, health care and retail settings, and industrial space.

75. Custom Truck One Source (1st Year)

Growth: 111.44%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 37.15%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $856,974,000 2015: $405,298,000

Full-time employees: 1,457

The company name says trucks—and they are some heavy ones—but there’s a lot more to one of the region’s biggest providers of transportation and heavy equipment. It also has cranes, digging and construction equipment, offering new and use items for both sale and rental. The firm offers parts, service, support and financing from locations across the U.S. and into Canada.

76. WellSky (1st Year)

Growth: 110.04%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 36.68%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $297,200,000 2015: $141,500,000

Full-time employees: 1,415

The tech firm serves more than 10,000 client sites around the world, including the hospital systems, blood banks and labs, home health and hospice franchises, government agencies, and human services organizations. Organic growth and acquisitions—five in 2018 alone—have driven top-line revenues. It helps clients improve collaboration for growth, and reach better outcomes through predictive insights.

77. Propio Language Services (7th Year)

Growth: 108.64%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 36.21%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $12,481,911 2015: $5,982,594

Full-time employees: 14

Founded in 1998 by Joseph Fackrell, this translation-services firm offers interpreting and translation services in more than 200 languages for over 2,000 clients. It leverages the work of a diverse and experienced staff by contracting with more than 4,000 interpreters. People and technology, company executives say, have been the primary agents of growth.

78. Goppert Financial Bank (1st Year)

Growth: 106.94%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 35.65%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $7,092,000 2015: $3,427,000

Full-time employees: 42

A community bank operating based in Lathrop, Goppert Financial has $180 million in assets, but isn’t afraid to mix it up with the big boys when it comes to service: in addition to the givens (personal and commercial checking and savings accounts, CDs/IRAs and debit cards), it offers credit insurance, on-line banking and bill pay, international wire services and more.

79. Chelsoft Solutions (3rd Year)

Growth: 106.73%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 35.58%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $6,873,498 2015: $3,324,909

Full-time employees: 70

Chelsoft Solutions broke into the Top 10 of CR100 in 2016, but didn’t stand still. A global professional IT services company, it has found added success through new products and services, says President Kiran Chelluri, accompanied by “fast-paced execution, rigorous effort and performance improvement.” Aggressive goals, Chelluri says, have been effective growth drivers.

80. MMGY Global (1st Year)

Growth: 104.25%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 34.75%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $56,953,345 2015: $27,884,556

Full-time employees: 264

As global wealth rises, marketing communications and technology company MMGY Global has ridden a wave of increased travel and tourism. It’s now the world’s largest integrated marketing company specializing in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries. CEO Clayton Reid says big-brand visibility, global demand and new data platforms unique to travel have boosted revenues.

81. Lifestyle Publications (3rd Year)

Growth: 102.71%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 34.24%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $16,703,106 2015: $8,239,975

Full-time employees: 32

Print journalism is dying? Not on your life. The founders of Lifestyle Publications found out soon after launching in 2009 that there’s still a healthy appetite for intensely local, good-looking publications done well. From humble beginnings focused on Leawood, the company’s licensed publications are now thriving, covering more than 70 communities in half of the states.

82.WYSIWYG Marketing (1st Year)

Growth: 101.58%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 33.86%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $1,564,226 2015: $776,000

Full-time employees: 25

In the argot of media design, it stands for What You See Is What You Get, and that’s an apt descriptor for this all-encompassing firm offering services that include traditional and mobile web design, email and social media marketing, e-commerce solutions and more. It has an especially robust portfolio in B2B and industrial spaces.

83. GlynnDevins (5th Year)

Growth: 100.64%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 33.55%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $42,127,246 2015: $20,996,277

Full-time employees: 121

One might think that demand alone in a greying nation would render obsolete the need for retirement-community marketing services. One would be wrong. Competition for residents is more intense than ever. This 32-year-old firm uses research-based brand development, targeted digital advertising programs and metrics-based campaign schemes to help senior facilities tell their stories.

84. Staco Electric (1st Year)

Growth: 98.23%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 32.74%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $30,978,103 2015: $15,627,126

Full-time employees: 172

A commercial electrical contractor specializing in data center, tenant finish, health-care and voice/data settings, Staco has won several bids for larger jobs, driving growth in recent years. Maintaining long-lasting client relationships and building new ones, says president Vanessa Linscott, have also been keys. She tips her hat to electricians and techs in the field for helping with new leads.

85. U.S. Engineering (1st Year)

Growth: 98.18%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 32.73%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $436,000,000 2015: $220,000,000

Full-time employees: 1,200

With a base of $220 million in 2015, you could expect U.S. Engineering to be too big to nearly double in size in just three years. Not so: The Kansas City mechanical-engineering company excelled during the construction sector’s revival, almost scratching 100 percent growth. It’s one of the oldest enterprises on this list (founded in 1893), has three regional locations, and an office in Denver.

86. OCCU-TEC (5th Year)

Growth: 98.11%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 32.7%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $4,645,934 2015: $2,345,080

Full-time employees: 23

This Riverside company specializes in energy, environmental and safety solutions. Expanded service lines and opening new offices have added to its client roster, and a robust economy doesn’t hurt. The firm places a high value in managing its own carbon footprint, its ethics, workplace diversity, community involvement, health and safety and the economic impact of its business decisions.

87. Dickinson Financial Corp. (2nd Year)

Growth: 96.99%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 32.33%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $206,131,000 2015: $104,641,000

Full-time employees: 829

With nearly $2.2 billion in assets between its two banking operations—Academy Bank and Armed Forces Bank—Dickinson Financial has been an engine of lending in recent years. From 2015-2018, its portfolio of net loans and leases surged nearly 65 percent. Meanwhile, deposits were surging by more than a third, helping the company climb within a few points of doubling revenues.

88. Side by Side Stuff (2nd Year)

Growth: 94.72% Average Annual Growth Rate: 31.57%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $19,771,177 2015: $10,153,606

Full-time employees: 31

Side by Side Stuff is an on-line retailer of after-market parts and accessories for off-road vehicles. Since 2016, when it debuted in the CR100 Top 10, it has nearly doubled its top line. The company’s product line addresses the needs for owners of nearly two dozen off-road vehicles, including the biggest names in the game, such as Arctic Cat, Honda, John Deere, Kawasaki and Polaris.

89. Bank of the Prairie (1st Year)

Growth: 93.92%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 31.31%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $7,553,000 2015: $3,894,806

Full-time employees: 26

Strong growth in its loan portfolio over the three-year period and a surge of more than 50 percent in total deposits propelled
Bank of the Prairie—with a little over two dozen employees—to post numbers that would be the envy of the biggest banks in the Kansas City region. The Olathe bank also saw a bump of more than 47 percent in its total assets over that span.

90. PM Contracting (6th Year)

Growth: 93.12%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 31.04%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $30,178,903 2015: $15,627,126

Full-time employees: 45

Originally launched as a pipe-fitting concern, PM Contracting has expanded its service line over the years, acquiring companies in related fields and now able to maintain virtually any HVAC system with preventive maintenance or emergency service. Recent growth, President Paul Pfannenstiel says, has come as it shifted from large jobs to securing smaller, but more numerous, projects.

91. Pivot International (4th Year)

Growth: 92.86%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 30.95%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $83,098,198 2015: $43,086,319

Full-time employees: 646

The recipe for success at Pivot International is simple, says president/CEO Mark Dohnalek: It is “a by-product of our continued investments in both people and capabilities, and our consistent marketing approach.” The Lenexa company specializes in product development, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing for technologies and industries at companies around the planet.

92. CityWide Electrical (1st Year)

Growth: 92.79%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 30.93%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $15,865,000 2015: $8,229,000

Full-time employees: 41

Founded in 2000 and now operating from a new base in Shawnee, this electrical contractor offers start-to-finish solutions in most every construction venue: commercial, industrial, residential, data/communications and design-build. Jeff Stoneburner is president of the company, which attributes its success to high levels of service and professionalism.

93. MSP Consulting (1st Year)

Growth: 92.69%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 30.9%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $3,160,650 2015: $1,640,283

Full-time employees: 13

Credit-card processing is the bane of many a small business, so MSP Consulting was formed in 2003 to be a strategic partner for
that challenge with its advisory services in high-performance merchant payment services. It offers management consulting, payment systems technology, credit-card processing, mobile payments and accounting for startups as well as Fortune 500 companies.

94. Stanley Bank (1st Year)

Growth: 90.26%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 30.09%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $5,880,000 2015: $3,090,449

Full-time employees: 9

A great many things have changed in that corner of Johnson County since Stanley Bank was chartered in 1905, but the community bank chugs along. Its assets rose nearly $10 million from 2015-18, almost identical to the 13.3 percent increase in loan volume. But higher-performing loans raised interest income by almost 73.9 percent, driving much of the overall revenue growth.

95. UTXL (1st Year)

Growth: 89.72%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 29.91%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $76,319,872 2015: $40,228,473

Full-time employees: 33

Mark Hogan and Paul Schultz spent years in the transportation/trucking sector before founding UTXL in 1997. The Northland truckload-shipping specialists provide full and less-than-truckload shipping options, multi-stop coordination and expedited delivery. Its aligns with more than 1,500 contract carriers that operate over 50,000 trucks in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

96. Lutz Plumbing (1st Year)

Growth: 89.11%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 29.7%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $1,910,000 2015: $1,010,000

Full-time employees: 11

Four generations deep in family ownership, Lutz Plumbing started in Missouri nearly a century ago, in 1920, but has been a fixture in Shawnee for decades, and serves the Kansas City area, from Spring Hill in Johnson County to Lawson in the Northland. It offers commercial and residential plumbing systems, drain and sewer cleaning and maintenance, water heaters and water-treatment systems.

97. Team Drive-Away (5th Year)

Growth: 87.04%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 29.01%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $44,132,066 2015: $23,595,532

Full-time employees: 66

Headquartered in Olathe, Team Drive-Away is part of the logistics infrastructure in this region—a commercial vehicle logistics provider specializing in Class 8 truck drive-away delivery. Operating in the lower 48 states and Canada, Team Drive-Away works with more than 350 CDL drivers and also offers freight and oilfield-transport services.

98. Keller Williams KC North (3rd Year)

Growth: 85.22%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 28.41%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $29,060,937 2015: $15,689,584

Full-time employees: 7

The median listing price for a home in Kansas City, according to Zillow.com, is $208,000. Given that, Keller Williams Kansas City North is hitting the sweet spot for home sales, which averaged $209,696 last year for the 4,952 properties it sold. The aggregate $1.04 billion in sales value for 2018 was up more than $129 million from just a year earlier for the region’s fourth-largest realty firm.

99. Pioneer Music (1st Year)

Growth: 83.89%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 27.96%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $22,432,042 2015: $12,198,693

Full-time employees: 35

One of the oldest continuing operations on this year’s list, Pioneer Music (founded in 1869) remains family owned and operated. Under President Dan Haight, this Lenexa-based company is a wholesale business-to-business provider of consumer electronic products, including residential audio and video, automation, network distribution, surveillance and installation accessories.

100. The Purple Guys (2nd Year)

Growth: 83.64%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 27.88%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $6,824,100 2015: $3,716,055

Full-time employees: 41

Stress-Free IT Support Services. That’s what Jon Schram’s team at The Purple Guys seeks to provide small- and mid-size clients who are most at the mercy of outsourced information technology support. A focus on keeping clients profitable, the company says, along with a key strategic acquisition and expansion into the St. Louis market, have driven growth for the firm founded in 2001.