Ingram's Magazine: February 2022

Ingram’s February 2022 Digital Edition

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2022 Icons of Education

Their influence runs the gamut from pre-kindergarten through community colleges, from four-year baccalaureate campuses to medical school. Their collective works influence the direction of more than 1.5 million young minds in Missouri and Kansas. These are Ingram’s Icons of Education.…more

2022 Heroes in Healthcare

The standard definition of a hero is someone admired for demonstrating courage. But there’s more to the definition: It also applies to someone admired for noble qualities. So it’s no misuse of the term to bestow that title on the…more

Bridging the Racial Divide

It’s a simple question with no simple answers: When it comes to the American workforce, what is equity? Is it similar levels of income across all demographic groups? Is it demographically proportional numbers of people represented in all front-line positions,…more

Q&A … With Terry Rusconi

Q: Health-care facilities, in general, are losing staff. Why? A: Some of the latest studies show staff says they are leaving because they didn’t feel valued by the organization, didn’t feel valued by their managers, or didn’t feel a sense…more

The Crisis Comes Home

At the dawn of 2020, Damon Anderson and his team at Tallgrass Freight were in a pretty good place. They finished 2019 with revenues nearly half again higher than 2018, and almost seven times the 2017 performance. Anderson, like many executives,…more

It Takes a Team

The arrival of COVID-19 in March 2020 compelled area hospitals to pivot—quickly—to meet an unprecedented public health threat. The solution for many was the creation of new teams across hospital disciplines to focus on providing urgent, intensive care, as well…more

The Harder They Fall

Since Patrick Mahomes became their starting quarterback in the 2018 season, the Kansas City Chiefs have been to four consecutive AFC championship games and back-to-back Super Bowls, and they extended their reign as kings of the AFC West division to…more

The Economy’s Continued Struggles

This latter part of January was a disaster, recently the norm for both the president and vice president. As markets struggled, anything else that could have gone wrong did go wrong. The 10-year Treasury rate rose to 1.87 percent, inflation…more

Creating the Post-Pandemic Workplace

While many organizations are putting their best foot forward in “getting back to normal,’ most workers have been returning to a very different environment, bringing along a whole new set of expectations regarding work schedules. Some industries never left the…more

Identifying Unseen Risk in Supply-Chain Kinks

Thinking back to the empty shelves in grocery stores around this time two years ago might bring back some unsettling feelings. Toilet paper, facial tissues, and other paper products became a rarity. People were scrambling from store to store just…more