Ingram's Magazine: February 2021

February 2021 Digital Edition

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Heroes in Healthcare 2021

A great many people lost loved ones during the pandemic of 2020-21, and their tears are beyond count. Far more recovered after suffering the scourge of COVID-19, yet their pain is beyond measure. Caring for all during a health crisis…more

The Power of Teams

In the fight against a killer virus, regional healthcare providers pivoted their teams to become more than the sum of their parts.   If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that unparalleled commitment to patient outcomes, at a…more

Q&A with Matt McInnes

The second-generation leader of a 40-year-old company reflects on an insurance/benefits, industry awash in change, succession planning for clients, and his own move to leadership.   Q: Let’s talk a bit about the state of things in the employer insurance…more

The Fight for Jobs

As COVID-19 pandemic subsides, the scope of the damage is becoming clear, and the road back for some sectors looks more challenging than ever.   When the U.S. economy got up off the canvas after a pandemic punch in the…more

Of Counsel: Managing in a New Workplace World

Bringing the troops back to the office after the COVID-19 crisis requires forethought.   The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a transformation of the workplace and an explosion of remote work, including for employees previously not covered under employers’ telecommuting…more

Financial Adviser: Keep an Eye on the Bouncing Ball of PPP Funding

Despite change in administrations, both sides appear committed to small-business relief.   In any political regime change in Washington, the biggest issue is always uncertainty. We obviously hear a lot of speculation about the possible changes that could be coming…more

Wealth Management: A Lot of Moving Pieces on the Federal Tax Board

From individual rates to estates and capital gains, Washington is rethinking tax policy.   The change in administrations in Washington brings with it the prospect for significant revisions to U.S. tax policy. While nothing is carved into stone this early…more

Small Business Adviser: The COVID-19 Impact Is Still Asserting Itself

Employers should take note of fraudulent jobless claims, work-force training needs.   Since last fall, the number of people filing initial claims for unemployment benefits in Kansas and other states has skyrocketed, even as the regional jobless statistics have been…more

In a Nutshell: Cracks in the Economy

At the Fed’s Federal Open Market Committee meeting held recently, committee members announced that they would leave key interest rates and quantitative easing unchanged. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell later said that the economic outlook remained “highly uncertain” and would depend…more