Ingram's Magazine: October 2020

Ingram’s October 2020 Digital Edition

Ingram's October 2020 Digital Edition  more

Top Doctors of 2020: Defining Exceptional Care

Let’s face it: As a region, with the medical resources available to us, we are truly blessed. How so? Just this spring, the Kaiser Family Foundation ranked states by the number of hospital beds available per 1,000 residents. Kansas tied…more

20 in Their Twenties … for 2020

By some demographers’ reckoning, the cohort of Americans between 20 and 29 years old is now almost evenly divided between Millennials and Generation Z. As the latter group continues to lay the cornerstones for careers, the late-stage Millennials are kicking…more

Q&A With … Polly Thomas of CBIZ

Q: What are the biggest challenges your clients have seen in the run-up to this enrollment period?
 A: With so many employees working remotely, it’s been figuring out to how to deliver open enrollment with the same level of experience;…more

Transitions 2020: Timing Your Sale

People who deal with business sales for a living can rattle off a number of indicators that tell you the time is right to sell your enterprise—and almost none of them good. Let’s start with one positive indicator: A lucrative…more

Testing Period on Campus

Education is the pillar of any university’s mission statement, but as campus executives will tell you, it’s just one of three legs on a stool that defines their purpose. The two others are service and research. Almost from its founding…more

Beware the Influence of Politics in the Workplace

As we enter the home stretch of the 2020 election cycle, employers likely need to review the ways political discourse and behavior can bleed into the workplace and create liability and challenges concerning labor and employment law. The COVID-19 pandemic,…more