Ingram's Magazine: June 2021

June 2021 Digital Edition

Ingram’s June 2021 Digital Edition    more

Ingram’s Corporate Report 100: 100 Fastest-Growing Companies 2021

In a year of unprecedented challenges, these businesses blazed new trails for growth. Look for bigger numbers in 2022. Throughout its first 35 years, Ingram’s Corporate Report 100 has largely been a story of entrepreneurship. Yes, large companies still crack this…more

Corporate Report 100: Top Ten of 2021

No. 1: Sethmar Transportation Growth: 1,645.34% | Average Annual Growth Rate: 548.45% Gross Revenue:     2020: $29,670,807 | 2017: $1,700,000 Full-time employees: 31 Pictured (l-r): Sean Tully, Ben Galati, Ben Bolan, Matt Bolan, Brady Hissong   Celebrating 20 years in business,…more

New Directions

Thriving new business sectors emerge from a vibrant startup ecosystem in  the Kansas City region.   Inflection points that can change the economic profile of an entire metropolitan area—real inflection points—are rare, but potentially transformational. And there’s a chance, emerging…more

You Win the Tech Battle With Small Skirmishes

Few words are more hyped than “technology.”  What’s your tech strategy? What’s your innovation strategy? Are you digital first? Executives across Kansas City are bombarded with these questions every day. Frankly, much of it is nonsensical consultant speak. Let’s unpack…more

Financial Adviser: Fraud Is Becoming Endimic Amid Pandemic

The U.S. employment picture continues to brighten with more than 1.25 million jobs added to the economy in March and April. March accounted for the bulk of that, 900,000 jobs, and that was the fastest pace of hiring since last…more

Q&A with Mike Valentine

A decade after moving Netsmart to the Kansas City area, its chief executive reflects on the challenges of revising the business model, scaling up, and the advantages of being in K.C.   Q: This issue explores fast-growth companies, not all…more

There Are Fast Growth Firms, and Then There Are EHGOs

Growth at the highest possible level will never come from someone else’s game plan.   There are literally thousands of books that have been written about starting, managing, improving, preserving and growing businesses, in all types of organizations. Truly insightful…more

Small Business Adviser: No Overnight Success—and No Shortcuts, Either

Truly understanding your company’s value proposition, and pivoting quickly when it falters, is the key to sustained growth. Growing your business is challenging, and it’s not for the faint of heart. It means wearing different hats, from accounting and corporate…more

In a Nutshell: First Inflation, then Higher Interest Rates

Inflation exploded higher during April. Base effects added to the year-over-year figures had only a little to do with the unexpected inflation jump from March to April of this year. Instead, blame a combination of government stimulus, reflation, bottlenecks and…more