Ingram's Magazine: October 2019

Kansas City’s Top Doctors 2019

CHRISTINE BOUTWELL Saint Luke’s Health System Even though her father was a biology professor at Missouri Western and her mother was a medical technician, there was never any pressure at home to steer young Christine Boutwell into health care. “I…more

Innovation: More Than a Life of Its Own

Advances in medical technology are unfolding at a phenomenal rate—just as America’s aging population presents the health-care community with unprecedented challenges. Two immutable truths define the current state of health-care delivery in America today: There has never been, coming at…more

Boring Banking? A Thing of the Past in This Market

The standard description of a successful bank has long been one characterized as “boring”—no drama, no surprises, just fundamentally sound lending decisions that generate an ample return on investments and a healthy bottom line. Those were the days, eh? In…more

Special Report: Millennials at Work

The New School Is Older Than You Think For the better part of a decade, we’ve heard the complaints from hiring managers and seen the headlines screaming that “The Millennials Are Coming!” and lumping together one massive generation into a…more

Ingram’s October 2019 Digital Edition

This year's October edition of Ingram's magazine features, Top Docs, 20 in Their Twenties and the Banking Outlook.more

2019’s 20 in Their Twenties

THE MILLENNIAL DIFFERENCE Most people in the 20s, work-force developers say, will most likely change not just jobs, but job sectors multiple times over the course of their working lives. But if early success is an indicator, members of this…more