Ingram's Magazine: May 2018

May 2018: Digital Edition

May is the season for graduations, state championships and summer vacations and we want to make sure you have all your trusted content from Ingram's Magazine at your fingertips.  The Digital Edition brings that content to life by giving our…more

50 Kansans You Should Know: 2018

The differences could not be more stark: Hailing from the ranks of bankers, concert promoters, farmers, scientists, real-estate developers, wealth managers, ranchers, state troopers, entrepreneurs, dog breeders, insurance executives, policy wonks, weightlifters, accountants and race car drivers—we’re just getting started…more

More With Less

The evidence of both good news and bad news of public-sector employment trends over the past decade: • Exhibit A: If you’re a limited-government libertarian, you might take some solace in knowing that the nation’s armies of federal, state, county…more

Home Delivery

If you’re trying to pinpoint the biggest changes going on in new home construction in the Kansas City market, you have to start by getting the perspective right.  Is it from the builder’s point of view, where costs for materials…more

A Change of Space Is Still Within Easy Reach for Many

With interest rates and construction costs on the rise, the question of whether to construct, remodel or expand your business workspace is a difficult decision for many CEOs as they calculate the ROI of this investment in a market with…more

Putting Cool to Work

Something profound is unfolding at workplaces across the country and around the world. And for good reason: Older Millennials have been voting with their resumes for the past decade, elevating workplace design considerations on their own hierarchy of career needs,…more

Workplace Transformers

As of March 2018, more than 126 million Americans were in the labor force—and more than 75 million of them had no college degree. But whether they are in construction, manufacturing, logistics, transportation or even service industries and retail work,…more

Beyond Robots: Managing Technology Disruption

Disruptive technology is the hot topic these days; established businesses are vying against start-ups in a race to develop the next iPhone, 3-D printer or Uber service. Employees are increasingly concerned about being replaced by a next-gen robot or IBM’s…more

Looking at Retirement During Volatile Times

As we work with clients facing retirement, a frequent concern for many is how they will maintain their standard of  living. Many successful business owners and high-earning executives are fortunate enough that they need not watch their current spending too…more