Ingram's Magazine: June 2019

Cool Stuff Made in Kansas

Believe it or not, plenty of things are made in Kansas that weren’t grown on a farm. We take a look at some of the products made across the state, from airplanes to wheelchairs, many of them surprising. 1. Cessna,…more

Innovation from the Ground Up

On a national level, Kansas doesn’t usually get first mention in many conversations describing innovations in business. That talk is saved for the nation’s usual-suspect “tech hubs,” like Silicon Valley, New York, Boston, Seattle and a few others. But there…more

Superstars of Development

They’re moving a lot of dirt in Kansas, and not just on the farm. Thanks in large part to the influence of STAR bonds, major projects across the state are helping communities redefine significant elements of their business communities. Not…more

The Pipeline Runneth Over

One need not go far back into history to find a time when the word “fantastic” was missing in action in the vocabulary of construction-industry executives. Well, it’s back in vogue. “Overall, the work pipeline really is fantastic,” says Paul…more

50 Kansans You Should Know: Blossoms in the Sunflower State

Nominate a Kansan making an impact in the business community! In a vast expanse of 82,249 square miles, the state of Kansas has room to be many things—a diverse region showcasing strengths in agribusiness, manufacturing, financial services, health care, research…more

Ingram’s June 2019 Digital Edition

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