Ingram's Magazine: December 2021

Ingram’s Magazine: December 2021 Digital Edition

Ingram's December 2021 Philanthropy Edition - Digital Editionmore

Keepers of Kansas City’s Spirit of Giving

Back again after safety protocols prevented large group gatherings a year ago, Ingram’s Philanthropist of the Year Awards Luncheon saluted Marlys and Mick Haverty on Dec. 13 in the Greg Graves Auditorium at Burns & McDonnell. Also on hand for…more

Philanthropy Industry Outlook Assembly

A Time of Change for Non-Profits, Foundations and Donors How is the health of philanthropy in Kansas City, today, nearly two years into the greatest challenge to non-profits in nearly a century? That was the theme of an informative discussion…more

Charity Begins at Home

Neither Mick nor Marlys Haverty were acquainted with affluence when they grew up. Understanding what true need looks like has made them giants of philanthropy in the Kansas City region and beyond. Some philanthropists prefer a rifle approach to their…more

Corporate Champions 2021: Filling the Giving Gap at the Corporate Level

Mark 12:41-44, the tale of the widow making a charitable offering of all she had—two copper coins—instructs us in the relative value of giving from one’s poverty, as opposed to gifts made from one’s wealth.  It’s certainly a message to…more

Local Heroes 2021: Profiles in Philanthropy

Danny Davies has volunteered for Alphapointe for years, and there’s a deep satisfaction in that. Nothing, though, reinforces the meaning he finds in that contribution of time quite like his encounter with a young girl who once approached him during…more

2021 Year in Review

Arm Pains, Supply Chains and Canadian Trains If ever there was proof that we're affected here in Kansas City by events far from our state borders, 2021 saw plenty of it. Three story lines, in particular, stood out for the…more

Home-Grown Generosity

A decade of broad change in the regional philanthropic sector produces a re-alignment of key players as Kansas City’s non-profit and foundation world continues to exert its influence.   In 2020, a year that began with a Kansas City Super…more

Wealth Management: Philanthropy Trends in the U.S. and Kansas City

The spirit of our philanthropy is alive and well.   According to Giving USA, charitable giving in the U.S. reached a record $471.44 billion in 2020, up 5.1 percent from the previous year. The ongoing challenges brought on by COVID-19…more

Financial Adviser: Is Your Portfolio Primed for Success in the New Year?

If you want to position yourself for success in 2022, it's time to assess your portfolio now. As we near the conclusion of another prosperous year in the equity markets, it’s important to take some time to tend to your…more