Ingram's Magazine: December 2020

Ingram’s December 2020 Digital Edition

Ingram's December 2020 Digital Edition.     more

2020 Philanthropist of the Year: John Sherman

Swinging for the Fences Long before he led the effort to keep the Royals an amenity to benefit all of Kansas City, John Sherman was focused on using philanthropy to help the truly disadvantaged level their own playing fields. Many…more

2020 Local Heroes:

DENNIS CURTIN It’s a safe bet that nobody running a small diner in Kansas City’s Northland has ever hit it big financially. So you can be sure that when Dennis Curtin saw his mother pick up the check for customers…more

2020 Corporate Champions: Business at Its Best

The World Giving Index ranks Americans as by far the most generous givers in the world. But it’s not all from the individual; American business is uniquely charitable, as well. And you’ll see that attribute o display each year with…more

2020 Philanthropy Industry Outlook

A world in turmoil. A major recovery. But an uneven application of that reprieve. That may be the most positive spin one could put on the events of 2020, which have assaulted the entire planet, the nation and the KC…more

Transitions 2020: Philanthropic Strategies

In the Hare and the Tortoise world of business ownership, there are darn few spring chickens. The average age of an entrepreneur at start-up is generally pegged at 42, so even if the venture generates strong growth within five or…more

2020 Year in Review

Three topics kept the nation transfixed in 2020:  A long, bitter general election campaign leading up to the emergence of President-elect Joe Biden by the barest of margins in a handful of swing states.  Large-scale riots, looting and violence that received…more

The Doctor Is . . . On

When the dust settles from the public-health storm of 2020, the one aspect of health care that could produce the most significant, lasting change for providers, insurers, employers and patients might well be advances in telemedicine. Across the nation—the developed…more

With Election Over, the Implications for Health Care

The global pandemic and its associated economic downturn, combined with the most visible civil rights and equality discussions since the days of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., knocked health care from the throne as voters’ most important issue. However, health…more

Employers Have Plenty to Assess with FSA Changes

Health Flexible Spending Accounts are popular with employers and employees alike. But being popular also means that Congress and the IRS like to tinker with the rules. When it passed the Affordable Care Act in 2010, Congress said that Health…more

The Holiday Fraudsters Are Here. Are You Ready?

In 2019, there were 1.4 billion cases of fraud in the U.S., with $1.5 billion stolen. As of 2017, one in every 85 purchases is a fraud attempt. When you think about the amount of transactions you carry out during…more

Tying Up a Few Loose Ends Before 2021 Arrives

This year has seen unprecedented transitions. Many small businesses had to shutter, and corporations sent their employees home to work. Lives and jobs were lost, creating voids. It's been a crazy year and sobering in many ways, but one principle…more