Ingram's Magazine: March 2019

Ingram’s March 2019 Digital Edition

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50 Missourians You Should Know 2019

Nominate a Missourian who impacts the state's business community! Across nearly 70,000 square miles, more than 6 million people call Missouri home. Deeply diverse in culture, even harkening back to the Old South in some parts, they comprise a fascinating…more

Missouri Manufacturing: So Cool, You Didn’t Know It Was Made Here

Like most other states, there are a handful of people and things that define Missouri in the American consciousness. They include Anheuser-Busch, The Gateway Arch, the Ozarks, Harry S. Truman, barbecue, professional sports teams, Mark Twain, and the notion of…more

Banking in Kansas City: Capital Concerns

Various small-business associations conduct annual surveys to assess the biggest shared concerns of their members, and almost universally in recent years, the list has been topped by “access to capital.” And that may be, for the smallest among them. For…more

Q&A … With Dan Friederich

Q: With a year under our belts to really digest the implications of the December 2017 tax reforms, have there been any significant revelations in there that have come to be more fully understood throughout 2018? A. The IRS spent 2018 clarifying…more

The Rise of Robo-Advisors, and Why You Should Care

Artificial intelligence is helping transform the fast-evolving financial sector. Through use of advanced data analytics and algorithms, investment analysis and portfolio construction is becoming increasingly efficient for the creation of optimal portfolios, allowing investment managers to scale their business and…more

S Corp vs. C Corp: Questions to Ask Before You Switch

Tax reform reduced the highest corporate federal income tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent and provided a new 20 percent deduction on partnership and S corporation income, leading many pass-through entities to reevaluate their structure to achieve greater…more

Legal Profession Makes Its Appeal

Here’s something to ponder when you’re assessing your business needs for legal services: In 1975, the U.S. population was 216 million people. Today, that figure stands at 325.7 million. That means an additional populace of nearly 110 million people generating…more

Logistics Update: Road Warriors of Trucking

Talk to almost anyone in the trucking/transportation space, and you’ll almost always get The Challenge. It goes like this: Look around the room, and point to something that got there without ever being on a truck.For those inside the industry,…more

The Safety and Risk Challenge in Trucking

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations set safety and operation standards for companies and individuals operat-ing trucks, vans, buses, and other commercial motor vehicles involved in interstate commerce. It is critical to remember that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) are minimum standards,…more

What Are You Learning New Every Day?

When I was 20, I knew everything. By the time I reached 21, I realized how stupid I actually was. Somewhere between the ages of 20 and 21 (personal enlightenment), I rededicated myself to education, personal development, and professional development.…more