Ingram's Magazine: June 2017

A Smidgeon of Churn, but Plenty of Stability

Lists have a rhythm. Did you know that? Here at Ingram’s, we produce a lot of lists for the business reader: Lists of key companies in more than 60 sectors, lists of key contacts who help prime the pump of…more

Lenexa City Center Is Taking Shape With Promise of an Extraordinary Community

     Front row (l-r): Scott Anderson, Riley Drive Entertainment (Ignite and Saints); Terry O’Leary, EPC Real Estate Group; Chip Corcoran, Renaissance Infrastructure Consulting; Dennis Eskie, Eskie + Associates; Blake Schreck, Lenexa EDC; Mayor Mike Boehm, City of Lenexa; Ken Block, Block Real Estate Services and…more

Employers That Stand Apart

In the annals of workplace excellence, this is something of a milestone: 2017 marks the 10th year for Ingram’s Best Companies to Work For awards. Much has changed in American business since the first honors were bestowed in the spring…more

C&I: Finding the Right Keys

The Great Recession officially bottomed out in the second quarter of 2009, but for many businesses, the weakness of the recovery that followed inspired feelings that the journey to prosperity didn’t get started until 2011—or later. For anyone paying attention…more

Leveraging Marketing Technology for Business Success

In most organizations, the sales process requires multiple, well-timed and targe ated prospect touchpoints to achieve success. The idea that those touchpoints can be managed, executed and improved upon by marketing technology is finding its way into more and more…more

A River—and a State Line—Runs Through It

This is a time of regulatory uncertainty for both banks and businesses as we face the possibility of sweeping changes to Dodd-Frank and the tax code, increased regulation of credit unions and financial-tech firms, and changes to the structure and…more

Growth is Great, but What About Asset Protection?

There are many ways that people can lose their assets, including frivolous lawsuits and other litigation, accidents, divorce, and bad business deals. For those willing to take time for asset-protection planning, it is well worth the peace of mind and…more

You Don’t Have to ‘Close’ a Sale If You’re Asking Correctly

Seems too simple: Just ask. In most cases, to get the sale—at some point you must ask for it. “Yes, Jeffrey,” you say, “but when do you ask? What’s the perfect time to ask?”  How do I know? No one…more