Ingram's Magazine: January 2021

January 2021 Digital Edition

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The Recovery Train Is Still on the Tracks

I’m sure many of us are glad to see the calendar pages turn. While 2020 experienced an unprecedented economic event, in many other ways, it was just average. In the year past, the economy witnessed one of the swiftest cycles…more

Ingram’s 2021 Executive of the Year: Bob Page

It’s 1996, and Bob Page’s first day on the job as chief financial officer at the University of Kansas Hospital. Right off the bat comes a brief moment of temporal displacement: Sitting in the executive offices of the hospital in…more

A Whole New World

Ingram's 2021 Historical Perspectives Series: Commercial Real Estate Everything you thought you knew about the history of commercial real estate in Kansas City? Put it on a shelf: That history is being rewritten right now. Various megatrends for years had…more

Construction Executives Poised to Move Ahead

The past year has brought considerable tumult to the nation’s economy, but somewhat surprisingly, the construction and design sector in this region seems to fare somewhat better than in other parts of the country. A survey by the Association of…more

2021 Corporate Milestones

Competition has always been the fire under the crucible of American business—innovate, improve and grow . . . or die. Sometimes, though, things outside a leader’s control can pose an existential threat. As we saw in 2020. Government mandates to…more

Kansas City’s Biggest Business Deals of 2020

What’s a Big Deal? It could be a business transaction with billions of dollars on the line. It could be a 10-figure development project that will change the face of an entire city. It could be a new-to-market asset that…more

Q& With . . . Ernie Goss

What does a new year—and a new presidential administration—portend for business? One of the most prominent regional economists in the Midwest looks into his crystal ball. Q: What’s your expectation of overall regional economic performance in 2021? A: Less than…more