Ingram's Magazine: September 2015

50 Largest Law Firms

From full-service heavyweights who rank among the nation's largest law firms to bantamweights slugging it out in various legal specialties, the Kansas City region boasts an impressive array of transactional and litigation talent to support the needs of businesses and…more

20 in Their Twenties: 2015

The seeds of entrepreneurship in the Kansas City region have been planted early, as this years class of 20 in Their Twenties demonstrates. These young business owners and executives, hailing from sectors as varied as commercial realty, banking, non-profits, advertising,…more

The Best Defense . . .

Is indeed a good offense, especially when it comes to data security. It’s a lesson that some larger law firm executives have already mastered. But a lot more are at risk of getting schooled. Back when most current managing partners…more

Going Up . . .

With the EPA’s regulatory bomb on U.S. utilities that rely on coal to generate electricity, the cost of doing business here is headed up. Congressional bills that run past 1,000 pages, and the legislative processes that produce them—as with the…more

Ingram’s Hosts Missouri Economic Developmemt Assembly. Prepares to Launch 2016 edition of Destination Missouri.

Ultimately, it came down to this: What kind of state does Missouri want to be? Attendees at the Missouri Economic Development Assembly held at St. Louis Union Station on Sept. 3 addressed that from the perspectives of employers, educators, policy…more

The Case for Inequality

Perfect? No, but Capitalism’s Broader Successes Should Abruptly End Debate Over the Relative Merits of Economic Systems. I had just read an article about the “CEO-worker pay gap” when I noticed a post on Facebook with the simple message, “Call…more

Ingram’s Expands to Serve State of Missouri and Each of Its Districts

We were pleased to host the Missouri Economic Development Assembly in St. Louis on Sept. 3 for a long-overdue discussion of the state’s opportunities for business growth and challenges to the same. And we were pleased by the turnout of…more

Show Me The Value, Or I’ll Show You the Door

And ‘value’ is a many-faceted concept. How do you make a sales presentation? No, I don’t mean warm up, probe, present, overcome objections or close. I mean what’s the big picture of your sales presentation? What’s the content of your…more

Market Upheavals Are Par for the Investing Course

Don’t let the short-term disruptons take your focus off of a long-term strategy. Anyone who follows financial news outlets knows we’ve seen a jump in volatility over the past few weeks. We’ve had an unusually high number of days where…more

Run for the Hills! The Millennials Are Coming!

The nature of the work force is changing, and if your leadership development tools aren’t, as well, your company will struggle. The media spin and “expert” opinion pieces on this topic are a bit ridiculous. If you regularly read articles…more

When Assessing Air Travel, Don’t Overlook Charter

When face-to-face contact is a must, air charter presents certain advantages. Communications technology has come a long way. While e-mail and video conferencing provide additional ways to connect with prospects, clients and colleagues, I argue nothing beats a face-to-face interaction.…more