Ingram's Magazine: July 2018

July 2018: Digital Edition

The July 2018 digital edition is packed with information, including the fastest-growing companies in the Kansas City region, plus a look at the change in the 2019 mayoral campaign when a supposed favorite threw his name in the hat.  This…more

Ingram’s 2018 Corporate Report 100

More than a third of a century has passed since Kansas City’s leading business publication rolled out its assessment of the 100 fastest-growing companies in the region. A lot has changed since then, including the magazine itself, then known as…more

Innovation, KC Style

The pieces of this puzzle seem unlikely to produce a cohesive picture, but take a look anyway: Water treatment systems for individual buildings. Idle-reduction systems for over-the-road trucks. Agricultural data aggregation. Fractional warehouse services. Companion pet pharmaceuticals and pet wearables…more

Roads Less Traveled

Throughout Missouri and Kansas, universities saw a sharp increase in international enrollment figures from 2007 to 2015. From a sample of 11 top universities in both states, total international enrollment rose from roughly 9,800 in the fall of 2007 to…more

Tech Adviser: Use Technology to do the things that Don’t Scale

Absolutely every company is a tech company. The products and the services you provide are helping people solve problems or find conveniences in business and life. In a fast-moving, global economy, every businesses, from independent contractors to Fortune 100 enterprises…more

A Face in the Crowd

It happened again in the second week of July. Fully two weeks after Jason Kander—former Missouri legislator and Secretary of State, and nearly U.S. Senator—announced that he was launching a campaign to become Kansas City’s next mayor, yet another political-gab…more

Q&A: Innovation and Entrepreneurship with Dave Deppe

Q. You started UnitedLex at a time that was pretty volatile for anybody wanting to get into anything financial and you’ve made it grow. What did you see as a big problem you wanted to face or change? A. Generally,…more

Small Business Adviser: Entrepreneurial Optimism Abounds, With Caveats

Every community in America can grow jobs—with entrepreneurs pointing the way. However, we must remove barriers that obstruct a person taking an idea to an economic reality. A recent national survey of entrepreneurs, conducted for the Kauffman Foundation, shines a bright…more

Of Counsel: Defending Your Startup Against Patent Trolls

For startups, obtaining and protecting intellectual-property rights is rightly understood to be a critical step in building a successful business. But often forgotten in this discussion is what to do when your startup’s key technology is targeted with a patent…more

Financial Adviser: Fintech Changing the Capital Game for Small Business

Like every other industry, financial services have not escaped the disruptive forces of technology. Whether in commercial or investment banking, technology-driven changes have challenged old business models—even upending some of them completely. Companies that resist embracing financial technology risk losing…more