Ingram's Magazine: January 2016

Missouri: Value-Added, From Border to Border

From across the expanse of the Show-Me State, Ingram’s is pleased to introduce you to 50 accomplished business people with unique interests beyond their careers. Five years ago, Ingram’s set out to identify some of the key leadership figures in…more

2016 Economic Forecast

Market jitters that accompanied the new year are to be expected, experts say, but the prospects for moderate growth are still with us for 2016. The pieces are laid out on the economic chessboard for 2016—rising interest rates, slow growth…more

Construction & Development Report

A new year promises plenty of activity in regional construction and development, with some even bigger plans envisioned in the years to come. The Kansas City area suffers no shortage of developmental visionaries, and if their plans were to become…more

Milestones: Corporate Anniversaries

As a third-generation family business owner, Hans Peter knows the numbers well: Startup businesses fail in the first year at a rate of better than one in five, he tells employees at 120-year-old Phenix Label, in Olathe. Three out of…more

Top 25 Brands in Missouri

Some are national names that most everyone in America will recognize, but might not be known—even to the locals—as companies based in Missouri. Some are names well-known to residents of this two-state region, but perhaps not as fully appreciated across…more

A Fool and His Money . . .

Thanks, Stan. Don’t let the door hit you. It’s hard to write about the Rams’ upcoming move to Los Angeles without feeling deep sorrow for what fans are experiencing—or a surge of anger at the costs inflicted on them over…more

Out of Touch or Out of Their Minds? Both, Actually

Top execs need a sales reality check. In a survey conducted by a big benefits management company, 365 CEOs and sales management executives were asked: “What are the three key factors that separate high performing sales professionals from moderate to…more

The Missing Front End of ‘The Big Short’

Hollywood? Telling only a part of the story? What are the odds of that? To give credit where it is due, Hollywood has managed to make a film about the collapse of the international financial system that is halfway enlightening…more

Back to the Basics: The Challenge of Managing Risk

With rates lagging and markets gyrating, it’s wise to reflect on what works with investing. There is no question that most of us spend our lives dealing with, and trying to control or eliminate, risk. Risk as a noun is…more

Spending Bill May Contain Some Tax-Break Gems

Savings possible for individuals, businesses. When President Obama signed a $1.1 trillion funding bill in December, it ensured that operations of the federal government would run until Sept. 30 of this year. While the budget hawks decried certain aspects of…more