Ingram's Magazine: February 2016

Education & The Workforce

From demographic changes to distance learning, regional universities are feeling the effects of sweeping change on a declining pool of eligible students. They are not, however, taking those changes lying down. It’s a projection that must inspire night sweats for…more

The Black Book | Executive Profile

Park University turns to a leader with a background in both business and distributed learning Park University’s new president comes to Kansas City after a five-year stint at Webster University in St. Louis, and before that, nine years at the…more

Health Care Special Report

From countless sources of inspiration, a call to serve is common cause for those who have made health care their vocation and avocation. For some, the call to a health-care career started with the impressions left by a mother coming…more

Executive Health Series

A graying work force implies an executive population with its own bone and joint health issues—and the task of managing similar conditions with their employees. Throughout its days of youth and into what’s now popularly referred to as the Silver…more

Health + Wellness Report 2016

Company-Paid Health Insurance: A New Kind of Corporate Challenge Are double-digit increases in employer-paid health-insurance premiums simply a fact of business life? If you answered “yes” to that question, you might want to consider what corporate benefits administrators, insurance brokers and…more

Diversity Directions

Ferguson and MU changed the conversation about race in Missouri, creating opportunities for business to re-examine diversity efforts. Two incidents rooted in the challenging subject of race relations—the Ferguson riots in 2014 and the student protests on the MU campus…more

A Region on the Move

Transportation in the Kansas City region is going places. The question is, where, how far, and what will it cost us? In many ways, Kansas City indeed is a metropolitan area on the move. In various parts that’s because: • We…more

Maybe Creditors Should Hire a ‘Bawlerout’

The history of personal debt in the U.S. suggests we’ve not strayed far from our roots: Americans always look for more. From what I read, and from what I have experienced personally, people who owe money today act as though…more

Workplace Wellness: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

... and other misadventures in regulation Workplace wellness programs remain on the rise. More employers than ever are using the programs to identify, evaluate and treat health risks posed by employees, and in some cases to incentivize lifestyle changes to…more

A Goal is a Dream With a Plan. And Other Fairy Tales.

Do, or do not—there is no ‘try.’ My mother never went to Europe. She talked about it, dreamed about it—even opened a travel agency at age 55. Never got there. She died 15 years later, having never achieved the goal.…more

The Issue of Leadership is Not an Academic Question

We’re proud to introduce Ingram’s Leadership Academy, with an eye to the region’s most pressing business needs. I studied business, journalism and education while at Mizzou and at the time I may have enjoyed education coursework the most. I considered…more


2016 Icons of Education Luncheon

What makes an Icon of Education? Not longevity alone, though some of this year’s honorees have been at the practice since 1968. No, it’s more than that: It’s part passion, part call to serve, part intellectual curiosity and part executive…more

2016 Icons of Education

Masters of EducationBefore they enter a regional work force more than 1 million strong, young people from across the two-state region—indeed, from across America and around the world—make their way through the educational systems in Kansas and Missouri, from K-12…more