Ingram's Magazine: December 2018

December 2018: Digital Edition

In the final issue of the year, Ingram's is proud to present its philanthropy edition, which includes the 2018 Philanthropist of the Year, Local Heroes and Corporate Champions.  Check it out online here: Ingram's Magazine December 2018 Digital Edition  more

Building Foundations – 2018 Philanthropist of the Year

To change a community, and to engage in philanthropy at its highest levels, a good many factors must come into play: Chance. Coincidence. Vision. Focus. Collaboration. Commitment. All were present, in some fashion, with the Sunderland Foundation in 2018. Bursting…more

Local Heroes 2018

Called to Action The cynics among us hold that No Good Deed Goes Unpunished. But the true good-deed-doers of the world recognize that nothing good happens until somebody gets off the couch and takes action. More than 1.5 million non-profit…more

Corporate Giants of the KC Area – 2018 Corporate Champions

When it comes to giving, these companies have demonstrated that their hearts are in the right place. Because of them, the quality of life in Kansas City is vastly improved—for everyone.                  …more

Philanthropy Industry Outlook Report

Collaboration, Relationships Drive KC Philanthropy  Kent Sunderland, serving as honorary chairman, opened the session with a quick look at how the Sunderland Foundation had quickly become one of the biggest foundations and funders in the Kansas City region, tipping his…more

Q&A With Debbie Wilkerson

Q: What is it about the donors in Kansas City that you appreciate, or that you don’t necessarily see everywhere? A: I have an opportunity to visit with colleagues all across the country at other community foundations, and we all…more

The Stars of KC Philanthropy Shine

The room was filled with generous and humble individuals on Friday, Dec. 7, when local philanthropic leaders gathered together at the Muehlebach Tower of the Kansas City Marriott Downtown to be honored for their contributions to the community. Along with…more

In Corporate Philanthropy, We All Have a Role to Play

For businesses big or small, it is important to focus on community impact—not just your bottom line. One of the best ways to create a culture of caring about others is through charitable giving. Businesses and their employees who give…more

How Charities Are Coping With the New Contribution Rules After the 2017 Tax Reforms

With the increased estate and gift-tax exemption amounts, an expanded standard deduction available to individuals for federal income tax purposes and the reduced corporate income tax rate, many charities are rightly concerned that these tax law changes may result in…more

Women Leading the Way in Business

For more than a quarter-century, the Women Executives-Kansas City recognition program has turned a spotlight on high-level executive performance in this region. This year’s 10 honorees added to the roster of success, and they were recognized Dec. 6 with an…more

2018 Year in Review

Economy Firing on All Cylinders - for Most of Year Oddly enough, a year that featured huge gains on Wall Street and record high levels of confidence among small business executives early on ended on somewhat of a down note.…more

Recognizing Medical Excellence

Not only did the Kansas City Medical Society’s annual meeting on Nov. 28 at the Overland Park Marriott serve as a who’s who of the Kansas City medical community, the gathering also provided an idyllic setting for Ingram’s to recognize…more