Women Leading the Way in Business

For more than a quarter-century, the Women Executives-Kansas City recognition program has turned a spotlight on high-level executive performance in this region. This year’s 10 honorees added to the roster of success, and they were recognized Dec. 6 with an awards luncheon at Lidia’s in the Freighthouse district.

With Ingram’s Jack Cashill serving as emcee, the six honorees able to attend—Nancy Creasy of Blue KC, Kimberly Wilkerson of Haas & Wilkerson Insurance, Rosalee McNamara of Lathrop Gage, Lisa Krigsten of Dentons, Jeannette Cox of Oddo Development and Lisa Garney of LMG Construction—shared some of their inspirations in business, a few lighter observations about how their careers have unfolded, and some general guidance on what it takes to succeed in business as a woman in today’s executive environment. Refreshingly, that largely mirrors what it takes for a man to succeed: Knowing your stuff, working very hard and smart,
not backing down because of who you are, nurturing relationships and understanding the power of collaboration.

If Corporate America is ever going to truly live the language of gender neutrality it speaks, it will be through the works of executives with this level of leadership and business acumen.