Ingram's Magazine: December 2015

The Power of Hope, in Motion

The roster of causes to serve is without limit: You can serve God. Country. Community. School. Neighbor. You can use charity and compassion to fight—against poverty, hunger, illiteracy, addiction, domestic violence or animal abuse. You can use those same tools…more

2015 Year in Review

On multiple levels, it was a milestone year. For the Kansas City region, 2015 goes into the history books as a year of change. A lot of it good, as when the Royals snagged the 2015 World Series title, and…more

Top Stories of 2015

ROYALS ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS The Kansas City Royals, in typical Royals fashion during the 2015 post-season, come back in the ninth inning and defeat the New York Mets with a 5-run 12th inning, capturing the 2015 World Series championship on…more

Health + Wellness Report 2015

Winds of Change Swirl Around Health-Care Interests The current challenges facing the U.S. health care system seem to be as varied as the 318 million Americans that system serves: individual customers with unique health and wellness issues, insurance companies adjusting…more

The Information Explosion

Rapid advances in health-related wearable tech present intriguing challenges—and huge opportunities—for understanding and treating illnesses. “I think,” says Gregg Laiben, “that we are on the cusp of something big.” Big Data is part of that. But Laiben is talking about…more

The Season of Giving—and of Opportunity

As need proliferates, we should recognize that business can help address it. The good news, in terms of U.S. philanthropy, is that Americans gave an estimated $358.38 billion to charities last year, surpassing the peak last seen before the Great…more

When Philanthropy, Entrepreneurship Meet

By identifying an unmet need, founders of Nativity House KC embrace best of both. In recent years, “entrepreneurship” has become something of a buzzword in philanthropic circles. Almost inevitably, the people who employ it are the paid administrators of established…more

Depth Of Brand = Depth of Success. How Deep Is Yours?

If you’re trying to connect with customers in the deepest, most meaningful way, focusing on what sets you apart is a good start. How deep is your brand? You can say anything you want about, but you cannot doubt…more

The Foundations of a Successful Wellness Program

Wellness plans that work are comprehensive. More than five years after passage of the Affordable Care Act, employers are under just as much pressure to address health-care insurance costs as they were when ACA became law of the land. Many…more

Corporate Champions

The Unintended Consequences of Making a Difference in KC When companies do good things, the results speak for themselves. And it’s a remarkable thing to witness: Ask any number of executives from highly philanthropic companies why they do what they…more