Ingram's Magazine: April 2020

The 22nd 40 Under Forty Class Is Thrown Into Fray

Over the comparatively short working careers of this year’s 40 Under Forty, the nation has seen its share of threats: mass terrorism, financial calamity, wholesale destruction of personal wealth and entire business sectors. In each case, we’ve risen from the…more

Ingram’s April 2020 Digital Edition

        Ingram's 2020 Leadership Edition, including 40 Under Forty, also features the 2020 Healthcare and Insurance Industry Outlook Report, guest commentary on managing around the COVID-19 pandemic, health-trends updates, our continuing Transitions series on business succession and…more

Ingram’s 2020 Health Care and Insurance Industry Outlook

In late March, a sign appeared in front of our AdventHealth Shawnee Mission’s medical Center in Merriam. It read, simply, “Heroes work here.” It was not, says the health system’s CEO, Sam Huenergardt, an exaggeration.  “We’re fighting a war against…more

In the Belly of the Beast

Years of mission trips around the world have exposed Dr. Gary Morsch to health-care delivery that would be considered abysmal by American standards. The standards, though, have been rewritten by the COVID-19 crisis. By the halfway point of a two-week…more

When a Killer Comes Calling

As the nation completed a fourth week of its self-imposed recession, the battle to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic produced some positive reports from the front lines. The University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation has…more

Transitions 2020: Locking Up Key Talent

Business owners looking to sell, often after a lifetime’s work, may think they’ve paved the way for a buyer’s due diligence by tidying up their books, preparing all the regulation compliance and tax documentation, tightening up receivables and getting the…more


Corraling an Unprecedented, Multi-Faceted Threat

Managing risks has never been more vital to a company’s prospects for success. It’s possible that the concept of managing risk—legal, operational, even physical risk to your employees—has never in our working lifetimes presented itself on more fronts, with more…more

Let’s Beat This Thing

If your business is among those still operating at full steam two weeks into the COVID-19 pandemic and economic shut-down, congratulations: You are an exception to the new normal. For most businesses, and especially the small ones, the threat of…more

Navigating a Pandemic

The gyrations in U.S. equities markets in March were truly unprecedented, spooked by a supply-and-demand conundrum. In a capitalist economy, everything is a function of supply and demand. Markets react very negatively to a significant disruption of either. After 9/11,…more