Ingram's Magazine: May 2015


Two more major projects coming on board to help fill the construction pipeline. The construction sector simply doesn’t get many months like this: Within a 10-day span in early May, more than $1.1 billion in new construction was announced—involving just…more

Construction Trades Industry Outlook

Construction Sector Firing on Nearly All Cylinders A generally upbeat tone marked Ingram’s 2015 Construction Trades Industry Outlook assembly on May 15 at the Builders’ Association’s Education and Training Center in North Kansas City. More than 25 executives from the…more

Better Than the Rest

Eight years into the process of identifying the Best Companies to Work For, we’ve found the common threads to employment nirvana: Leadership with vision. Employees energized, motivated and liberated to act on that vision. Clear goals—specific, measurable and realistic. All…more

‘How Do I …’

Straight from the experts’ mouths, guidance on getting things done. Running a successful business in many cases comes down to applying the correct dosages of common sense at precisely the right time. There are occasions, though, when workplace situations call…more

A Night to Celebrate Achievement in Action

They made it into 40 Under Forty this year based on what they’ve done with their careers and their efforts to support the region’s non-profit and civic sectors. This year’s class, the 17th installment, convened in the Sprint Plaza at…more

‘We Signed a Lease. Now We Have to Sign WHAT!?’

Tenant responsibilities—and obligations—can go well beyond the terms of a lease. After a commercial tenant signs a lease, he may think the paperwork is over and can get back to business. This article describes two other common documents that tenants…more

The ‘Sell in May, Walk Away’ Strategy—Does It Work?

Critics may liken it to market timing, but history suggests there’s more at work here. Every year about this time, people are looking towards summer break. However, the summer break I’m writing about here is a break from the stock…more

‘I Can’t Find the Buyer Any More!’ Well, Here’s Why …

Take some responsibility and change the outcome by taking action. Jeffrey, I have some sales situations I can’t get past, and maybe you can help. I’m an insurance agent. I read your stuff—OK, I’m a fan. I’ve been getting blown…more

Opportunities Exist In Changing Construction Scene

It’s been an interesting decade for the region’s contractors, but the recovery is here. Across the construction sector, in Kansas City and nationwide, the past decade has been a time of profound change. Ten years ago, we were riding the…more

The BOOM! is Back

Years in the making, a full-scale revival of the construction sector seems to be upon us—at long last. Back in 2000, Ingram’s launched the Industry Outlook concept, a series of annual roundtable discussions involving top executives from key business sectors…more

How to Educate a Kid on $10 a Day

You can’t assess public-school finance without an honest look at the numbers. The teachers at Padre Pio Academy in Shawnee watch the hysteria about Kansas public school budgets, I imagine, much the way Gary Butler watches the hold-out of Pittsburgh…more