Ingram's Magazine: March 2018

A Realistic Formula for True Achievement

Well, have you blown all your New Year’s reolutions already? Did you actually achieve any of them yet? New Year’s resolutions are a pain. Lose 20 pounds. Eat better. Get in shape. Join the gym. Run three miles a day.…more

Individual Harassment Claim May Be Just the Beginning

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, companies are grappling with how best to respond to and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.  From TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year to the Golden Globes to Oprah, there is intense public…more

Trust is Now a Proven Organizational Measurement

Leaders across the globe have traditionally supported the idea that business success is correlated to increased levels of engagement among stakeholders. Business leaders try a variety of tactics to increase engagement, from creating incentive programs to encourage high performers to…more

Commercial Lending in a Post-Recessionary World

If you were to take an historical look at commercial lending, you would notice one constant, and that is change. The banking industry has ebbed and flowed along with the country’s economy, providing times when capital is abundant and times…more


Top 25 Brands in Kansas City

 What gives a company’s brand status as being the most visible in a market? Talk to marketing experts, and they’ll tell you: Superior product, superior service, superior follow-up. But those are just table stakes—it gets you in the game with…more

Putting all the Pieces Together

Anyone who’s been a part of one knows that when it comes to ownership and operations, success and succession, the family-owned business is a com-pletely different game. And it takes some special players to win this one. The honorees of…more

Q&A … with Peter Mallouk

The President of Leawood-Based Creative Planning recently sat down with Ingram's Jenn Bates to talk succession planning and trends in wealth management—topics he is eminently qualified to address. Creative has been Barron's top U.S. wealth advisor an impressive three times,…more

Channeling Their Energies

So ... you say technology is constantly changing the way you do business, eh? Well, if you’re truly a technophobe, you’re not working in the realm of digital marketing, where Richard Cherra of MBB+ assesses the pace of change with…more

Capital Concerns

It’s been said that the First Rule of Banking is to make loans. With corollaries, of course, about both collecting payments on those—and collecting on time. That being said, it’s worth a look inside the FDIC’s tranches of Big Data…more

Estate Planning after The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

If you have an estate plan already in place or are preparing one this year, are you aware of the impact The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017—the Act—will have on it? The law signed by President Trump on…more